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They chose to break DUI law
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Here’s a guy who should have a statue erected.
Kansas City, Kan. cop Kenneth Garrett made the Associated Press wire this past week for an incredible accomplishment.
It’s been estimated that over the past 20 years, Officer Garrett has make about 10,000 DUI arrests.
That’s right.
He made more than 400 just last year alone.
According to the AP report, it’s almost like Garrett is a DUI magnet. “Three drunken drivers have collided with Garrett’s patrol car, one on purpose. He also arrested the drivers of two large RVs that crashed while racing around a parking lot at Kansas Speedway.”
His accomplishment is easy to explain — he works at it.
“As the police department’s DUI coordinator and only full-time DUI enforcement officer, Garrett varies his methods for finding drunken drivers. Sometimes he’ll park and run radar at certain locations, while other times he drives around looking for signs of impaired driving, such as drivers who are weaving, making wide turns, straddling lane dividers or driving at night without headlights.”
It should go without stating, we need more officers like Garrett.
We need more DUI arrests and convictions, until drivers across Kansas get it through their heads that we will not tolerate people drinking and driving — at all.
Too many people are getting hurt and killed, too many families are being traumatized — and ONE is too many.
This is a crime of choice. Someone chose to ingest alcohol. They chose to get into a car. They chose to put in the key, to turn the starter, to engage the gears, to pull into traffic. They make all of these choices.
They should pay the price.
Thanks to officers like Kenneth Garrett, some of them do.
We just need more DUI convictions to go along with his.
— Chuck Smith