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Time to keep your hands to yourselves
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The Casey Anthony defense team made the news this week — stop the presses! — and not in the usually positive manner of arguing that their client did not kill her own child.
This time they were in the news because they claim they are being threatened.
Not that anyone with any interest in law and order could condone them being threatened, but is it possible, given the outcome of this court case, that anyone is surprised these people are less than popular?
Of course, no one would suggest that there is anything other than absolute honesty coming out of the defense team.
Just because one of its members has already been photographed publicly “flipping off” the press, doesn’t mean that these people are anything less than completely respectable.
Just because they have much more to gain by being controversial, than by just getting their job done doesn’t mean they are unreliable.
Just because there would be no public interest in them, now that the trial is over, unless they could continue some level of controversy, doesn’t mean that their objectivity about such issues is called into question.
Nevertheless, it would seem that they would have expected there to be a backlash from the public, who do not make the subtle distinctions that the law apparently does in this matter.
All the public has observed is that a beautiful 2-year-old child is dead and that her mother is still believed by many to have been responsible. Call it what you want.
Everyone of a responsible nature, everyone who holds our laws sacred, must agree that no matter what we may think about these people, they deserve to be safe in our society.
After all, part of the issue here is that we are concerned that children may not even be safe around their own parents in certain instances, so we surely don’t want this defense team believing they are less than safe in their own gated community.
Face it, America, Anthony walked.
The court said she is not guilty of murder.
She’s free to make what ever deals she can in her celebrity status and the law can’t touch her.
Neither should anyone else.
Let it drop.
— Chuck Smith