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Voting? Forget about it
Casting a ballot not worth the time
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It is said that we the people have the power to shape our government. The ideals of democracy are enshrined in our Constitution, and it is these principles that have guided our great nation.
We are told that every voice counts. We are told that if we want to change the status quo, we have to make ourselves heard.
To do so, to make our wants rise above the din of complacency, we must vote. This simple act gives us the right to more than just gripe and puts the seat of leadership in our hands.
Well, so they say.
Seriously? Have you seen Congress? Our Legislature? Are they listening?
It is clear that our votes have not meant a thing in the halls of power. Sure, we throw one group of bums out, but another crop takes their place.
Spanking in schools? Limiting the right to change political parties?
These are clear examples of just how ineffectual participating in an election really is.
What’s more is that the election today is merely for city council and other local-level officials. Who really cares?
After all, we still see taxes and property valuations rising.
Oh, by the way, April Fools!
Get out there and vote.

Dale Hogg