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We're excited
New hotel is good news
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Judging from the feedback on so-called social media, area residents are interested in plans for an 80-room Holiday Inn Express on 10th St. Our story received more than five dozen “likes” and about a dozen sarcastic wisecracks after it was posted Saturday.
Most Barton County residents won’t need to stay in a local motel, but most of us know someone who has. We also know there are times when every room is filled. So, what can possibly be the downside to having another high quality choice?
Maybe the majority of people who clicked “like” but chose not to comment were thinking, “Oh good. A new business. It’s good to see developers are interested in Great Bend.” Some may have thought, “Neat! I wonder what restaurant will go in next to it?” (We don’t know yet, but there are plans for a restaurant.)
Unfortunately, most who bothered to write an opinion decided to complain about the state of the city, or the things we don’t have. Why is there no Jaguar dealership in town? Why can’t we get something really cool, like a store that sells Giorgio Armani suits and pays its clerks and even its janitors $50 an hour?
These sour pusses may also believe the cabal of People Who Secretly Run This Town are keeping good things from happening. But the truth is, good things are happening, no thanks to posers and posters.