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Vote for Donna Zimmerman
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To the editor: 

As the county commissioner for District 5 for the past 18 years, I know what it takes to get the job done. Since I have decided not to run, I am lending my support to Donna Zimmerman because she will get the job done. 

Donna was the Barton County clerk for more than 26 years. She served the citizens admirably in that capacity and will continue to do so as commissioner. As the county clerk, she attended every county commission meeting and has witnessed first-hand what the job entails. That working knowledge will serve the commission well during the next few difficult years. Her understanding of the budget and budget constraints are second to none. She is pro growth and understands what it takes to make it happen. 

Donna has a proven track record and will listen to all sides of an issue before deciding on what will serve the taxpayers of Barton County best. You have seen her perform a great job as the county clerk and she will bring that experience and thoughtfulness to the county commission. 

Please vote for Donna Zimmerman. She has proven she can get the job done. 

Jennifer Schartz

Barton County Commissioner

Great Bend