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Vote for moving Kansas forward
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Dear editor,

I’m a 19-year-old student at Wichita State University, a graduate of Wichita East High School, and a twelve-year resident of this state. I have loved growing up in Kansas. My family moved here in 2006 for the low cost of living and to be closer to my father’s parents. I cannot say this enough, I love this state. However, many millennials like me are shirking the state for greener pastures.

Kansas officials at all levels, from our county commissions, to Governor Brownback, and to our Congressional delegation have failed this state. Broken tax policy has led to a stagnant economy, a broken society, and an exodus of young professionals. This failure comes from one issue and one issue only, the failure to invest in our communities. 

There is a correlation between the progress of a society and the progress of that society’s culture. Recent administrations have done nothing to fix our schools, our hospitals, our roads, our theaters, our arts programs, our music programs, our entertainment, and so much more. Young people don’t want to live in a state with our reputation for boring towns and fake cities. Tax benefits and corporate welfare only goes so far. These companies will come in, exploit our workforce, drain the states resources, and move on to another state. The only way to attract businesses, young professionals, and lasting local growth is to invest in the totality of our communities. Build new roads, build new schools, expand health care, support the arts, support the theater, support local entertainment, support anything and everything we can; that’s the only way to get this state moving forward. 

Reject the GOP status quo and vote for fresh blood this November. 

Justin Gordon