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Vote no for the school bond
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Dear editor,

How much is enough? Vote no for the school bond. 

Does anyone ever stop and ask if this is a wise financial choice for the city and its property owners instead of simply framing this as a vote “for the children”? In the USD 428 school budget it shows we are already spending $19,111 per student, which is well above the average in Kansas of $11,671 and even the national average of $12,526. Yet, we are asked to give more for a 20-year loan? The city of Great Bend continues to decline in population as well as in enrollment for the school district. But instead of easing our tax liability, they continually ask for more, even with less available taxpayers. Thus, increasing the burden on fewer people. 

Sometimes the answer is not more money. Unless I’m missing something, I’m not seeing results that would indicate the extra $7,000 a year we spend per pupil is keeping people in town or showing better results than the rest of the state. 

I would simply like to see the $60 million we currently spend to be put to better use. If we can’t educate 2,850 students and maintain our current properties for $60 million per year, I fear for the future. 

Before you hit back at me, I already understand the difference between the budget, capitol outlay funds, and bonds ... but money is money. We keep demanding more and I suppose I would just like to understand how much is enough. How much does it cost to educate a child the way you want and are you willing to continue to force others to pay for it? 

State & National per pupil spending:

USD 428 spending:

Josh Blankenship

Great Bend