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Vote out the incompetence in federal government
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To the editor:

I have a business background, at one time holding the position of  the corporate controller of an Italian subsidiary owned by a Fortune 500 company. Over the last few years, I have done a lot of research and writing regarding the problems in our federal government. Through these processes, I have come to the conclusion that most people in our government have a severe knowledge deficit regarding finance, economics and preferred business practices. And make no mistake about it, the United States government is big, big business.

Three years ago, before the pandemic, I predicted in a book I was writing that we were headed for a major inflation if we did not get our national debt and reckless spending under control. Not only did we not get them under control, we spent billions on stimulus packages; made ourselves once again oil dependent; opened the southern border; mandated ourselves into a severe supply shortage; passed a $1 billion-plus spending package and are contemplating giving each illegal alien almost a half a million dollars; and another $3 billion plus spending package. It is amazing that the Biden administration seems surprised that we are in an inflation that any first-year economics student could have predicted. I’m sure the economic advisers in our government advised Congress of the danger of runaway inflation if their policies were carried out, but for some reason, they chose to ignore it.

There are many socialists and communists in our government posing as liberals. We must get them out of office. Certainly, the conservatives are not perfect and are probably just as corrupt as the liberals, but they are not trying to drive our country into economic ruin; socialism or communism. Although, controlling corruption in our government is a priority, it is secondary to our eminent economic decline and must be dealt with at another time. Term limits would probably help.

We are a different country now than we were 60 years ago when I was a young man. There is a degree of anger and restlessness; a sense of futility and divisiveness in our country today that I have never before encountered. It seems as if we have lost any unity of purpose and as a result, have trouble even recognizing and certainly resolving many major problems that potentially threaten our way of life. In my opinion, portions of our country have gone insane; for example, wokeness, the promotion of Critical Race Theory, the Equality Act, the gender fiasco, the Afghanistan debacle, and the senseless, out of control spending. We must elect leaders who will put some common sense back into our government. Hopefully, we will begin to do that in November, 2022.

Don McCullough