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Vote yes on tax to support law enforcement
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To the editor:

We have a very important decision to make when it is time to vote. We have a police force that very much needs our support. Our local politicians tell us that a tax is needed to do the right thing for our underfunded law enforcement. Well so be it.

Then we must submit to a tax increase but it won’t be all that bad because they tell us that it will grandfather in 20 years. Well OK then but what does that really mean?

Does that mean that it will grow a long white beard, get old, or just have additional little taxes? Because it sure as heck is not going away. When was the last time you can remember that a tax was ever reduced? 

I very clearly remember being asked to vote for a tax increase to help fund a highway project. I voted for it. 

Well, we never got the highway but we got the tax. That was over 40 years ago. That tax also grandfathered. It got old but it never went away. 

Also they use the chance to get a little extra for their little pet projects. They tack it on so it will get a free ride with the important agenda. Well, our law enforcement needs and deserves our support so I will vote yes and encourage you to do likewise. 

But I also encourage you to consider your vote for or against the politicians that blow smoke up your keister when they want something. If my memory serves me correctly, we voted for money for turf and voted it down. They got the turf anyway. That money could and should have been used to fund our police but instead was used for their pet project and now we need a tax to do what is right. 

It is time that politicians were held accountable. It is time for them to serve the taxpayers and not themselves. But for now do what is right. Vote yes for our police.

Bernard Levings

Great Bend