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Voter info is available online
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Dear editor,

Have you all been receiving phone calls, texts and emails encouraging you to vote? 

To help know how the candidates stand on concerns our state faces, the League of Women Voters of Kansas is promoting the website: The site provides this information to help educate voters across the state about candidates’ position on the issues. 

The site is easy to use:

1 - Go to the website and enter your address on the first page. 

2 - The second page has links to register to vote, to verify your registration status, notes the early voting location and times (our courthouse), and where your polling place is located. At the top of this page, click on the green link that says ‘Get personalized information on candidates and issues.’   

3 - On the third page click on ‘Go to my races’ which is in blue.

4 - The fourth and last page shows The Voter Guide. It lists the nine races that are running in our area. These include: US House of Representatives (District 1), Commissioner of Insurance, Secretary of State, Governor/Lt. Governor, State Treasurer, Attorney General, KS House of Representatives (District 112), District Court Judge (District 20, Division 1), and Member, State Board of Education (District 5). Click on each race where biographical information is noted and responses from the candidates on various questions are reported. The number of questions range from three to seven. The responses the candidates give can influence on how you vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018. Hotlines are listed to call if you have problems voting.

A healthy democracy needs informed voters like you. Learn about your candidates!

Janice Walker

Rebecca Dudrey, President

Great Bend League of Women Voters