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Voting has never been more important
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To the editor:

The League of Women Voters has always believed in the importance of voting but given the situation that the world finds itself in today, all citizens exercising their right to vote has never been more important. All of us must be informed voters and choose the best people to lead us, those who will make the best decisions to protect us, keep us safe, and keep us prosperous.

This year all registered voters in Barton County will be given the opportunity to vote by mail in both the primary and general elections. To receive this information by mail, you must be registered to vote. If you are not registered and would like to be, you can register electronically from your home. If you go to the Barton County website, you need to click on Departments, Elections, and Registrations. If you choose the LWV of Kansas website, click on Elections and Voting, and then Registering to Vote. People will still be given the right to vote in person on Election Day or before. They may also choose to register to vote by going to the County Clerk’s office or registering at other sites.

All citizens need to study the candidates, the candidates’ positions on issues, and their records. This will allow the voters to make informed choices when they decide which candidates deserve their support. Finally all citizens should exercise their RIGHT TO VOTE!

Rose Kelly, LWV of Great Bend Voter Service Chairman