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Wasteful spending doesn’t help kids
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To the editor:

Well here we are again. It is Wednesday morning and I just received my paper. Well I see that the school is spending more of your money on lighting and a sound system for (the Great Bend High School auditorium). They say that they don’t have enough money to keep the kids safe but they have enough for recreation. It seems that they have their priorities severely mixed up.

The safety of the kids should be priority No. 1. But like I have always said, they think that if they can convince you that it is all about safety for your kids, you are more likely to give them more money to waste.

If they spent the money on security and then asked for money for playthings you might not be so quick to give it to them. They don’t give a hoot about the kids, just what they want. The wasteful spending is totally out of control.

Only you, the voters can change that. The lighting may need updated but what is more important – the safety of the kids or lighting updates? That is a question that I do not have to even think about. Wake up to the fact that they are using your kids to get what they want. You the voter and only you can change that.

Bernard Levings

Great Bend