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Bat Cats overpower Islanders, 14-3
Bat Cat Peyton Roberson hit a 2-run homer to finish a 14-3 victory over the Kingman Islanders Monday. - photo by JIM MISUNAS Great Bend Tribune

Bat Cats’ bats rout Islanders


Of course, Great Bend Bat Cat Armani Raygoza stayed red hot with three hits and two RBIs at Al Burns Memorial Field.

Teammate Peyton Roberson wrote the final script with a game-ending 2-run homer in Monday’s 14-3 victory over the Kingman Islanders. The Bat Cats (10-2) remain one game ahead of the Kansas Cannons (8-2) while the Islanders (2-9) sink to last place. The Bat Cats travel to Kingman Tuesday and return home Wednesday.

Bat Cats lefthanded pitcher Kyle Winkler (2-0) threw seven solid innings. Shortstop Jake Tatom and second baseman Matthew Mendez were spectacular with inning-ending double plays in the first and sixth innings.

After Robby Bolin and Tatom drove in third-inning runs, the Bat Cats broke the game open with a 7-run fifth inning.

After Raygoza singled home Nolan Bushko, Jackson Webster was hit by an 0-2 pitch by Kingman pitcher Bradley O’Neill. Grant Nottleman forced home a run with a walk. Mendez delivered a 2-run single. Nottlemann and Mendez scored on errors. Kreutzer scored on Bolin’s groundout for a 9-1 lead.

Raygoza scored on Jackson Webster’s sixth-inning sacrifice fly and Tatom scored on a Mendez single for an 11-1 lead.

Larned graduate Logan Erway prevented a run-rule victory with a 2-run homer that scored Brenden McBeth for an 11-3 score.

But the Bat Cats ended the game when Raygoza doubled home Bushko and Roberson’s roundtripped scored Raygoza for a 14-3 final.

Kingman 000 000 2 – 3 7 5

GB Bat Cats 002 072 3 – 14 13 1

O’Neill, Russell (5) and Van Der Walt. Winkler and Nottemann. W—Winkler, 2-0. 2B—GB—Bushko, Raygoza. HR—GB—Roberson; K—Erway.


Great Bend Bat Cats 10-2

Kansas Cannons 8-2 

Derby Twins 6-6 

Haysville Aviators 4-4 

Hutchinson Monarchs 4-6

Newton Rebels 2-6

Kingman Islanders 2-10

6-22—Bat Cats at Cannons Twins at Aviators; Rebels at Monarchs

6-21—Islanders at Bat Cats; Rebels at Aviators; Monarchs at Cannons

6-20—Bat Cats at Islanders; Rebels at Aviators; Cannons at Monarchs

6-19—Bat Cats 14, Islanders 3; Cannons 20, Monarchs 0; Aviators at Rebels; Twins at Heat; Twins at Wellington

6-17—Monarchs 8, Twins 4

6-17—Bat Cats 15, Twins 2; Islanders 5, Rebels 3; Aviators 8, Monarchs 7

6-16—Bat Cats 7, Twins 4; Rebels 12, Islanders 7; Monarchs 5, Aviators 2; Cannons at Larks

6-15—Twins 10, Bat Cats 3; Islanders 9, Rebels 3; Aviators 4, Monarchs 1

6-14—Cannons 10, Islanders 5

6-13—Bat Cats 9, Rebels 6; Twins 7, Monarchs 6; Cannons 5, Islanders 1

6-12—Cannons 7, Islanders 6; Monarchs 12, Twins 9; Bat Cats 5, Rebels 2

6-11—Bat Cats 5-6, Monarchs 6-0; Rebels 5, Cannons 1

6-10—Aviators 14, Islanders 6; Cannons 6, Twins 4; Rebels 8, Curve 3

6-9—Cannons 14, Twins 7

6-8—Bat Cats 8, Monarchs 7; Twins 6, Cannons 2; Aviators 7, Islanders 6

6-7—Bat Cats 11, Aviators 4; Cannons 5, Rebels 2; Twins 12-7, Islanders 8-1

6-6—Bat Cats 4-13, Aviators 1-2; Twins 7, Islanders 3; Cannons 3, Rebels 2; 

6-3—Islanders 10, Bat Cats 9; Cannons 6, Aviators 3