First positive case of COVID-19 confirmed in Barton County
The Barton County Health Department reported the first confirmed positive case of coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) in Barton County. Testing was confirmed on Monday, March 30 at 11 a.m.
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No. 3 Great Bend earns 11 state wrestling qualifiers
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Panther golf places seventh at Hays.


VALLEY CENTER — Great Bend's No. 2 state-ranked George Weber (30-4, 138) captured his regional division to lead 11 Panther state qualifiers for the 5A state wrestling championship.

George Weber (30-4, 138) downed Wichita Carroll's No. 3 ranked Matt Gottschalk 14-0 in the championship match.

Great Bend's No. 1 state-ranked Gage Fritz (41-2, 145) and No. 5 Drew Liles (35-4, 126) both lost hard-fought regional title matches.

Valley Center's No.4 ranked Alyeus Craig pinned Liles in 3:25. Arkansas City's No.4 ranked Trig Tennant edged Fritz 6-5 for his second loss of the season..

Defending 5A state champion Goddard (244.5) placed first with four champions followed by Maize High (216) and Great Bend (159).

Other Panthers qualifying are fifth-place Kadin Spragis (36-12, 106), sixth-place Avery Wolf (23-15, 113), fourth-place Wyatt Weber (31-14, 120), sixth-place Carsyn Schooler (30-6, 132), seventh-place Owen Ridgeway (21,-15, 152), sixth-place Alex Randolph (36-7, 160), eighth-place Eli Witte (15-13, 182) and sixth-place Kevin Alan Miramontes (26-20, 285). 


CURRENT TEAM SCORES—1—Goddard 244.5; 2—Maize High 216; 3—Great Bend 159; 4—Arkansas City 146; 5—Wichita-Kapaun Mt. Carmel 119.5, 6—Newton 116.5; 8—McPherson 103; 8—Salina Central 94; 9—Valley Center 89.5, 10—Wichita Carroll 87; 11—Emporia 70; 14—Andover High 67; 13—Maize South 64; 14—Wichita Northwest 54; 15—Salina South 48; 16—Hays High 38; 17—Andover Central 35; 18—Goddard Eisenhower 6


106–SQ No. 5 Kadin Spragis, GB (36-12), fifth; Spragis pinned Rosensteil, GE, 1:33; Shabazz, Maize def. Spragis, 13-3; Spragis pinned Newcomb, AC, 2:09; Spragis def. Root, Andover, 10-2; DeMoss, Maize South def. Spragis, 11-1; 5TH–Spragis def. Phimvongsa, SC, 9-3

113–SQ Avery Wolf, GB (23-15), sixth; Wolf def. Hainline, Emporia, 4-3; Stokes, Newton pinned Wolf, 1:33; Ramirez, Andover def. Wolf, 4-2; Dickey, Ark City pinned Wolf, 2:37

120–SQ No. 5 Wyatt Weber, GB (31-14), fourth; Weber pinned McElwain, WC, 1:29; Weber def. Pappan, AC, 8-6; Henschel, G pinned Weber, 1:09; Weber pinned Hogan, SC, 4:02; 3RD–Patterson, Maize def. Weber, 3-2

126–SQ No. 5 Drew Liles, GB (35-4), second; Liles pinned Schaefer, E, 1:52, Emporia; Liles def. Huneycutt, G, 10-0; Liles def. Adam, SC, 5-3; 1ST–Alyeus Craig, VC pinned Liles, 3:25 

132–SQ No. 6 Carsyn Schooler, GB (30-6), sixth; Schooler pinned Chastain, AC, 5:17; Maki, Andover def. Schooler, 11-3; Schooler pinned Pacha, WC, 4:04; Schooler def. Zwigart, SS, 21-5; Hughbanks, Maize def. schooler, 6-2; 5TH–Walter, KMC def. Schooler, injury

138–SQ No. 2 George Weber, GB (30-4), first; Weber pinned Holmgren, GI, 0:48; Weber pinned Bahm, AC, 2:45; Weber def. Kirk, VC, 2-0; 1ST–Weber def. Matt Gottschalk, Carroll, 14-0

145–SQ No. 1 Gage Fritz, GB (41-2), second; Fritz def. Bowyer, VC, 17-2; Fritz def. Padgett, Maize, 13-5; 1ST–Trig Tennant, Arkansas City def. Fritz, 6-5

152–SQ Owen Ridgeway, GB (21-15), seventh; Ridgeway pinned Riley, KMC, 3:55; Copeland, SS pinned Ridgeway, 5:13; Ridgeway def. Schurle, VC, 14-3; Husband, Carroll pinned Ridgeway, 2:30; 7TH–Ridgeway def. Forsythe, Maize South, 9-5

160–SQ No. 4 Alex Randolph, GB (36-7), sixth; Randolph pinned Whetstone, AC, 1:30; Randolph pinned Chard, SC, 3:29; Wheeler, Maize pinned Randolph, 0:53; Trail, Carroll def. Randolph, 17-7; 5TH–Moler, VC def. Randolph, 11-2

170–Scott Heilman, GB (26-10); Heilman pinned Morford, Winfield, 1:28; Craine, G def. Heilman, 3:18; Clarke, Mc pinned Heilman, 0:46

182–SQ Eli Witte, GB (15-13), eighth; Witte def. Trujullo, E, 3-1; Dopps, G pinned Witte, 0:34; Witte pinned Banning, VC, 4:54; Frisch, KMC def. Witte, 3-1; 7TH–Ross, WNW def. Witte, 10-9

220–Ever Chavez, GB (15-14); Chavez def. Redcorn, KMC, 10-5; Haas, Maize pinned Chaves, 1:19; Arrendondo, Carroll pinned Chavez, 3:23

285–SQ Kevin Alan Miramontes, GB (26-20), sixth; Miramontes def. Yuza, GE, injury; Miramontes pinned Gomez, Newton, 5:43; Dawson, G pinned Miramontes, 3:36; Cell, SC pinned Miramontes, 3:14; 5TH–Ritter, Maize def. Miramontes, 1-0