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At the Mike: Nov. 23
Parade is set and the best meal of the year
Mike - At the Mike

The annual Holiday Parade it set for downtown Great Bend this Saturday. I was happy to see Randy and Sandy Smith as the grand marshals of the parade. I’ve known Randy for several years as he used to work at the college.
Randy is neat guy. It’s good to see him get the recognition for all the ‘work’ he has put in during the Christmas season over the years. Other than my father, one of my favorite Santas.
Speaking of Christmas, I did give in. Our Christmas tree was up before Thanksgiving this year. Stocking have been hung with care. Decorations have been put up around the house. Just not my Christmas Village yet. It was pushed back to the weekend. I think because it’s my favorite, it goes last.
I am holding out on the outside decorations, though. I will get those up after the Thanksgiving weekend. I still have some say around the house. At least I like to think I do.

Prep thoughts
One more weekend and the fall sports will be over. State championship football games are all that remain. So, why not give picking the winners a go?
In Eight-Man II I have been looking for anyone but Hanover to win all year. Central Christian, Pike Valley, Otis-Bison. Hanover is the favorite for sure, but what the heck I will go with Hodgeman County just for fun.
Eight-Man I should be a good battle. I felt like Spearville was the team to beat. Since Hoxie beat them, that makes Hoxie my pick to beat Burlingame. When it doubt, pick the team from the West right?
Class 2-1A is a no doubter. If Smith Center loses to St. Mary’s Colgan, I will actually cheer for Missouri in one basketball game this year. I have liked Marysville since about the middle of the season in 3A. I will pick them to beat Sabetha.
In 4A II I am going to go with Holcomb to make it two titles in three years. I used to school Coach Kent Teeter on the basketball court but he can coach a little football. His team beats Frontenac. The most obvious pick of obvious picks is Bishop Miege over Andale at 4A I. In fact, if they lose I will cheer for Missouri all season.
In 5A I will go with Dusty Trail and his Bishop Carroll team to beat St. Thomas Aquinas. It is Dusty’s first year at the helm of the Eagles. He grew up about 20 miles from Glen Elder, so I consider him as being from ‘near God’s Country.’ He won a state title while quarterbacking Osborne High School in 1983 at 3A. Derby should beat Blue Valley North for the 6A title.

Athlete/Coach update
There is one match left in the regular season for former Barton volleyball coach Ray Bechard and his Kansas Jayhawks. The regular will come to an end Saturday with Senior Day for KU at the Horejsi Center.
Sunday will be ‘Selection Sunday’ for the NCAA volleyball tournament and can be viewed on ESPNU at 8 pm. My best guess, and let me tell you it is a complete guess, is that Kansas will probably get about a three or four seed this year.
The Jayhawks are currently ranked 12th in the nation. Also from the Big 12 is Texas at No. 3, Baylor at 14 and Iowa State at 15. Pretty good regular season for the conference. Hopefully that carries into the post-season.

And Finally
Come Sunday I will be a turkey. I will be mashed potatoes. That is, if you are what you eat. Three different times over the Thanksgiving holiday I will sit down for a Thanksgiving dinner. It has been that way for several years.
We usually have a dinner here on Wednesday evening. It was just Crystal, Katelyn and myself for several years. We started inviting Donovan over a few years ago and this year we’ve added to the mix. Three more of Katelyn’s friends, Madison, Molli, and Jaci joined us.
That is meal one with Turkey, potatoes, stuffing and the works. Substitute banana cream pie for pumpkin pie, however.
Thanksgiving Day it’s off to Pratt. Fortunately over the years, this hasn’t always been a traditional Thanksgiving meal. It has been chili and chicken noodle soup, roast beef, or other things. It has been the traditional meal, just not every year.
Then to God’s Country Saturday. In Glen Elder the turkey is fried in a big deep fryer. Yum, yum. Of course, there will definitely be pumpkin pie there. The stuffing is homemade with bread crumbs and chicken stock, etc. Not out of a box like I make it.
My brother usually smokes some meat and brings it as well.
So fortunately, there are enough differences between the meals that it isn’t quite the same at any destination.
And fortunately, it is one of my favorite meals all year-round.
So, eat up and enjoy your Thanksgiving meal and/or meals. Give thanks, be thankful and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Mike Marzolf is a guest columnist for the Great Bend Tribune and his views don’t necessarily reflect those of the paper. He can be reached at