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At the Mike: Some summer ramblings
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At the Mike

Here are a few ramblings as summer reaches the midway point.

Independence Day is behind us. Wheat harvest is also in the review mirror. Both, I believe, were successful in the Barton County area.

With summer reaching the halfway mark, I have some random thoughts from At the Mike.

I know I have said this before and even argued with some on it but is there really a need for the MLB All-Star Game to have home field in the World Series riding on it. What is wrong with just giving the players a break and letting them enjoy the festivities with nothing to play for.

I am a nostalgic kind of guy but does anyone really long for the days of Pete Rose barreling over Ray Fosse. Folks say the players don’t care if they win or lose. Well, have you watched the NBA All-Star game lately? The NFL Pro Bowl? Do you really think those players care?

Why must baseball force the game to mean something?

The Kansas Jayhawks, I mean Team USA, had to make a quick fix on their jerseys at the World University Games in South Korea. After playing its opening game with KANSAS across its chest it was decided the team needed to have USA instead.

FIBA, the ruling party of international basketball, told them they had to make the change. And now they have. A local seamstress in South Korea made the adjustments. However, it does still say KU on the shorts and on the back.

It only makes since, after all, they are representing the United States. The team is trying to win the first title for the USA since 2005. Recent World University Games teams had featured all-start teams. USA basketball is hoping the familiarity will help the team perform better.

They are off to a great start, winning their group and heading into the medal round as a top seed. The medal round will consist of eight teams and get underway Saturday.

The 42nd annual Kansas Shrine Bowl is coming to the area. The game will be played on the campus of Fort Hays State University on July 29.

A couple local players will represent the West team in the contest: Layne Bieberle of Central Plains and Seth Owen of Hoisington. A little further out Sheldon Schmidt of La Crosse will play for the West as well.

Wimbledon wraps up play this weekend, and well, hardly anybody is paying attention. Perhaps it is the lack of quality US men in pro tennis anymore but it seems to be a forgotten sport.

I am old enough to remember the glory days of Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg going head-to-head seemingly at every major. Those days may never come back. Much like boxing and horse racing the sport seems to no longer be among the major events anymore.

Finally, how about the women’s US World Cup team. Seemed like the team couldn’t score all the way to the finals winning with shutout after shutout.

Then in the finals a 4-0 lead just 16 minutes in and it was over – the first Cup title since 1999 – a span of four World Cups.

The bad part about the big win was there was no Brandi Chastain moment at the end.

Have a great week!