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Biting my tongue
Charlie's Inside Corner
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Biting my tongue
I’ve been biting my tongue so much that I have scars all over it. It makes working the sunflower seeds difficult!
The latest cause of this biting is the Kansas City Chiefs but, let’s be honest here, it could be, and frequently is, any team in the National Football League. The management of the teams in the NFL say one thing but do another. The latest is from Chiefs’ chairman Clark Hunt, who had this to say before the recent NFL draft: “You want to have as many high-character guys as you can in your locker room.” Now he’s not the first NFL owner to state those kind of platitudes. Nor will he be the last. Trouble is, it’s simply not true. They say one thing and do another. If Pinocchio were on an NFL payroll his nose would be really, really long!
Take a look at the Chiefs draft picks. They spent a third-round pick on a cornerback who missed an entire season for violating Notre Dame’s honor code. They used a fourth-rounder on a wide receiver suspended four times at Florida for drugs and other violations. In the fifth round came a speedy wide receiver that was booted out of Oklahoma State after pleading guilty to punching and choking his pregnant girlfriend. In the sixth, a linebacker out of Virginia Tech who was once charged with larceny and suspended for bumping an official.
Again, Clark Hunt: “I think we’re very fortunate to have a truly outstanding locker room in regard to high-character.”  Pinocchio, wherefore art thou?
See, I don’t have a problem with taking talent over character. They all do it. I just don’t like it when they tell me that character comes first. It doesn’t. Speed does. Size does. Strength does. Talent does. Money does and that’s what this is all about. Corral the most talent and you get more wins. Get more wins and you get more money. Get more money and you can afford more talent, shaky character and all!
So the next time you see an NFL owner state that they are seriously checking into the background of a high draft pick because “character matters,” think of Pinocchio. Then bite your tongue. Mine’s getting too many scars!
Speaking of the NFL draft, the Denver Broncos probably got the “steal” of the draft when they traded up and got Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch with the 26th pick. The quarterback-hungry Broncos just might have found their new franchise quarterback. The pompous NCAA has weighed in on the “bathroom bills” controversy going on in state governments around the country, adopting policies that might prevent some universities from hosting NCAA sporting events in those states. The NCAA should get back to regulating their own mess and keep their nose out of the business of the states and local governments. Goodness, they’ve got enough unsolved problems of their own! Speaking of pompous, ESPN has stepped in it again by firing commentator and former major league pitcher Curt Schilling for his comments about the supposed “bathroom bills.” ESPN has a long history of dismissing employees for making what they claim are “politically incorrect” statements. ESPN doesn’t understand how out of touch they are with most of America! Topeka freshman Zach Harvey, a 6-4 combo guard of Topeka Hayden, has received a scholarship offer from Bill Self’s Kansas Jayhawks. He is the third underclassman to receive a scholarship offer from KU as previously offers were made to a freshman and a sophomore at Bishop Miege High School in Kansas City. Here comes the Kiddy Korps! I’m supposed to respect my elders but it is getting harder and harder for me to find one now!
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