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Cardinals' Ball named Most Valuable wrestler
Joshua Ball pins Larned's Stahlecker.jpg
Hoisington's Joshua Ball (182) wrestles against Larned's Bryce Stahlecker. Ball pinned Stahlecker in 24 seconds.

Cardinals capture Ellsworth championship

ELLSWORTH – Logan Philbern (10-1, 220) and Joshua Ball (14-0, 182) earned first-place medals for team champion Hoisington at the Ellsworth Tournament. Philbern beat Chaparral’s Eli Gates 6-0 for first place. Ball pinned Hill City’s Jayce Hamel (4:43) for first place.

"Congratulations to Joshua Ball being named outstanding wrestler of the Ellsworth Tournament," said Hoisington coach Dan Schmidt. 

Hoisington scored 169 points to beat Hill City (136) for the championship for the fourth consecutive year.

Hoisington’s runners-ups were Easton Redetzke (7-7, 113), Deryk Yott (5-4, 132); Evan Foltz (10-3, 138) and Cole Steinert (9-1, 170). Southeast of Saline’s Matthew Rodriguez defeated Steinert 8-3 for first place.

Schmidt said there was concern how the Cardinals would perform with five practices over the past three weeks.

"To perform at the level we did this past weekend was special," Schmidt said. "Our seniors made it four in a row championships at the Ellworth Tournament, with the help of quality teammates. The thing that was impressive for the start to the new year is that they beat a very quality field of teams including No. 2 ranked Hill City, without varsity wrestlers at 106, 113, and 126 pounds. Many wrestlers played football in the state championship game giving them a handful of practices before Christmas break," Schmidt said. "That left many with 21/2 weeks of  practice." 

ELLSWORTH TEAM SCORES—1—Hoisington 169; 2—Hill City 136; 3—Chaparral 115; 4—Russell 81; 5—Hesston 79; 6—Ellsworth 72; 7—Lyons 68; 8—Garden Plain 64; 9—SE Saline 62; 10—Osborne 40; 11—Kingman 38; 12—Lincoln  32; 13—Ell-Saline  22; 14—Cheney 12


113—Easton Redetzke, H (7-7) 2nd; Atkins, Hill City def. Redetzke 4-2; Redetzke pinned Clark, Hesston, 0:34; Redetzke pinned Bandy, Chaparral,  3:06; Redetzke pinned Hook, Lyons, 1:45

120—Grant Doan, H (1-3), 4th; Doan pinned Pence, Kingman, 0:57; Green, Chaparral pinned Doan, 2:17; Christensen, SE Saline pinned Doan, 3:20; 3rd Place--Nuss, Russell pinned Doan, 1:57

132—Deryk Yott, H (5-4), 2nd; Yott pinned Urbanek, Ellsworth, 1:09; Yott def. Swingle, Kingman, 6-1; Yott def. Ney, Russell, 9-0; Hockman, Hill City def. Yott, 13-4; Yott pinned Diaz, Chaparral, 1:17

138—Evan Foltz, H (10-3), 2nd; Foltz pinned Mortiz, Chaparral, 0:46; Foltz pinned Reed, Hesston, 0:54; Windholz, Russell pinned Foltz, 3:28

145—Quentin Boxberger, H (10-4), 3rd; Boxberger pinned Edwards, Hill City, 3:30; Boxberger pinned Widler, Osborne, 4:20; Boxberger pinned Hartman, Lyons, 1:55; Andalon, Ellsworth def. Boxberger, 10-4;3rd Place—Boxberger def. Schreiner, Kingman, injury

152—Ian Smith, H (5-3), 4th; Ord, Chaparral pinned Smith, 3:02; Smith pinned Elliott (Hesston, 5:01;Smith pinned Goforth (Lyons, 0:20; Smith pinned Leis, Kingman, 2:30; 3rd Place—Strobel, Russell pinned Smith, 4:19

160—Hunter Morris, H (11-4), 3rd; Morris pinned Work, Ell-Saline, 0:50; Morris pinned Scobee, Lyons, 0:33; Morris pinned Taylor, Hesston, 1:28; Nickelson, Hill City def. Morris, 3-1; 3rd Place—Morris def. Vopat, Ellsworth, 8-4

170—Cole Steinert, H (9-1), 2nd; Steinert pinned Hernandez, Lincoln, 1:27; Steinert pinned Daerr, GP, 3:41; Steinert pinned Whitmer, Russell, 1:50; Steinert def. Planasky, Chaparral, 11-2; 1st Place--Matthew Rodriguez, SE Saline def. Steinert, 8-3

182—Joshua Ball, H (14-0), 1st; Ball pinned Kaser, Osborne, 0:47; Ball pinned Weller, SE, 0:13; Ball pinned Adelhardt, GP 1:44; Ball pinned Pando, Lyons, 0:42; 1st Place—Ball pinned Jayce Hamel, Hill City, 4:43

195—Caleb Birzer, H (0-7); McGuffey, Cheney pinned Birzer, 0:33; Romero, Ellsworth pinned Birzer, 0:18; Ashbaugh, Hill City pinned Birzer 2:37; O`Halloran, Hesston pinned Birzer,  0:21

220—Logan Philbern, H (10-1), 1st; Philbern pinned Anderson, Ellsworth, 0:15; Philbern pinned Gates, Chaparral, 1:33; Philbern pinned Martinez, Lyons, 1:29; 1st Place—Philbern def. Eli Gates, Chaparral, 6-0

285—Noah Deines, H (3-3), 6th; Deines pinned Laymon, Lyons, 5:17; Whitsitt, Hesston pinned Deines, 2:20; Walt (Hill City pinned Deines, 0:36; 5th Place—Jackson, SE pinned Deines, 3:15