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Central Plains Oilers win Trego tennis title

WAKEENEY — Central Plains’ two-time 3-1A state runner-up Emily Ryan (21-0) stayed unbeaten by winning two matches at Saturday’s Trego Tennis Invitational. A scheduled championship match against Victoria’s Brooklyn Kuhn was canceled due to inclement weather.

Ryan has lost five games in 21 matches. The Oilers scored 33 points to place first ahead of WaKeeney-Trego (27). Ryan won 8-0 games over Trego’s Gracie Hickson and Phillipsburg’s Caroline Brungardt. 

Central Plains No. 1 doubles Bryanna Hammeke-Kyla Metro (19-3) beat Hoisington’s Brooke Steinert-Kelsi Dalton last week in a championship match at Claflin. But weather canceled the scheduled championship match. Each team won three matches to reach the finals. 

Central Plains Oilers Zoe-Potter Jennah Jeffrey (19-5) placed third with a 5-2 victory over Norton’s Shelby Harting-Dylan Hawks. Hammeke-Metro beat their teammates 8-4 in the semifinal round.



1—Central Plains 33

2—Wakeeney-Trego 27

2—Norton 21

4—Victoria 20.5

5—Phillipsburg 18

6—Hoisington 16.5

7—Tribune Greeley County 14 

8—Osborne 6


1—Emily Ryan, CP vs. Brooklyn Kuhn, Victoria, canceled

3—Lauren Crotinger, Greeley Co. def. Caroline Brungardt, Phillipsburg, 8-0

5—Shyann Railsback, Norton def. Gracie Hickson, WT, 8-4

7—Blair Wolters, Osborne def. Corinne Cole, Phillipsburg, 8-4

9—Kennedy Yeager, Norton def. Audrie Harms, Hoisington, 8-6

11—Tessa Fry, Hoisington def, Scarlett Nowlan, Victoria, 8-4

Ryan def. Hickson, 8-0; Ryan def. Brungardt, 8-0; Kuhn def. Harms, 8-0; Harms def. Cole, 8-1; Harms def. Nowlin, 8-1; Hickson def. Fry, 8-1; Yeager def. Fry, 8-1; Cole def. Armstrong, 8-2; Yeager def. Armstrong, 8-0 


1—Bryanna Hammeke-Kyla Metro, CP vs. Brooke Steinert-Kelsi Dalton, Hoisington, canceled

3—Zoe Potter-Jennah Jeffrey, CP def. Shelby Harting-Dylan Hawks, Norton, 5-2 

5—Kalli Moore-Megan Stapel, Phillipsburg def. Hannah Kinderknecht-Tillie Malinowsky, WT, 6-5

7—Hammerschmidt-Sweat, Victoria def. Dinkel-Russell, Phillipsburg, 8-4

9—Shaelyn Cleland-Skylar Wittman, WT def. Kyra Nolan-Karlyn Woelk, Greeley Co. 8-5

11—Nowlin-Gross, Victoria def. Knobbe-Walk, Greeley Co. 8-4

Hammeke-Metro def. Nowlin-Gross, 8-0; Hammeke-Metro def. Kinderknecht-Malinowsky, 8-0; Hammeke-Metro def. Potter-Jeffrey, 8-4; Steinert-Dalton def. Rylie Cox-Trinity Holloway, Osborne, 8-2; Steinert-Dalton def. Moore-Stapel, 8-6; Steinert-Dalton def. Harting-Hawks, 8-6; Potter-Jeffrey def. Nolan-Woelk, 8-1; Potter-Jeffrey def. Dinkel-Russell, 8-1; Kinderknecht-Malinowsky def. Samantha Colson-Isabelle Gonzales, Hoisington, 8-0; Nowlin-Gross def. Colson-Gonzales, 8-0