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Charlies Inside Corner: Fanning the summer breeze
Charlie's Inside Corner

DEFLATEGATE is back in the news this week as the Golden Boy, Tom Brady, made his appeal to the other Golden Boy, Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the National Football League. Most of the media has already convicted Brady and, based on the information WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN, Brady seems to have been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. We don’t always get ALL of the information.  Remember though, the NFL hierarchy has not had a good year and they might have reached a little too far in hopes of showing that they  MUST enforce the integrity of the game!

This is all about legacy, Brady’s and Goodell’s.  All public figures seem to be concerned about their legacy today. Usually that legacy IS NOT what one tries to create. Say the name Bill Clinton and most don’t think of the fact that he did a pretty good job, cooperating with congress on cutting taxes and reducing welfare. Instead, he is best known for the Monica Lewinsky affair, along with others.
My guess is that Brady will come out of this still being considered one of the all-time greats, especially by Patriot fans and a cheating bum by NY Jets fans and some others. Roger Goodell?  Just another commissioner who lost control and has tried desperately to regain that control, that trust. It’s hard to play King of the Mountain!

Barton County Community College has hired Dennan Morrow as Men’s assistant basketball coach.  Morrow, a former standout basketball player at Larned High School and BCCC has most recently been a graduate assistant at Kansas State. It is a good fit for both Morrow and Barton County as Morrow is familiar with the school and the athletes of this area as well as Kansas Junior College basketball.
Barton’s hiring of Morrow came at an opportune time as he was set to take an offer from Kilgore, Texas Community College. He will be a great addition for Cougar basketball.

Get ready for WUSHU!  No it is not some new mascot for Wichita State University. Wushu made the short list of eight sports that are being considered for inclusion in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In case your “Wu” hasn’t met your “shu”, Wushu is in the martial arts field, developed in China after 1949. The word wushu is Chinese for “martial arts”.
Sumo wrestling did not make the cut so all of you out there who were excited about watching a bunch of fat guys, wrestling dressed only in diapers, are going to be disappointed.  What the heck, we still have Bruce Jenner and the Kardashians!

Yes, it is a little early for this but Big 12 football pre-season stuff is out and , as expected, Rozel’s Gary Patterson is expected to have a powerhouse at TCU. Some folks think they are good enough to go undefeated but there are two road trips that look ominous: Stillwater and Norman, Oklahoma. Bob Stoops at Oklahoma has underperformed for a couple of years so I look for some renewed vigor in the Sooner program this year.

Kansas, as expected, is looking forward to basketball season but Kansas State, once again, isn’t getting much love as they lost a lot of playmakers. The Cats do return most of their offensive line and coaches always say “games are won in the trenches”. You would think, by now, they would stop doubting Bill Snyder!
I watched a little of the U.S. Open from Chambers Bay in the state of Washington last weekend. Another scintillating win for Jordan Spieth was overshadowed by the criticism of the golf course. Too tough for the pros? I don’t know but it did look like it was being played somewhere like……………………….oh, say Kalvesta , Kansas! I take that back, things are more green in Kalvesta than they were at Chambers Bay!

Best post-game remark by a football coach following a loss comes from former Texas Tech coach Spike Dykes who said “Oh, we played about like three tons of buzzard puke this afternoon!”