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Charlies Inside Corner: Political endorsements
Charlie's Inside Corner

I see that Dennis Rodman has endorsed Donald Trump for President. Fitting? Kiss of death for Trump?  Never one for the ordinary, Rodman-who maintains a friendship with the maverick North Korean leader Kim Jon Ung-and Trump do have a lot in common, even, perhaps, their politics. Both “shoot from the lip”, both have wild and unruly hair and both have been at the top of their professions. I’m not sure how “The Donald” would look with lip, tongue and nose piercings!

All of this got me to wondering about other possible political endorsements that might come from people in the world of sports so buckle up, here we go!

One of the most obvious would be Tom Brady’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton. They both have trouble with the truth and they both employ the strategy of deny, deny, deny, hoping any problem will just go away. Both Brady and Hillary have a lot of trouble with lost emails and phone records. The major deal-maker though is that both of them are in trouble for hot air. Brady for letting it out of footballs and Hillary for spreading it in front of microphones!

Our next endorsement comes from funny man-football coach-television football analyst Lou Holtz. His pick would just have to be former congressman Ron Paul. Gosh, they even look alike! Ron Paul has railed against the political system for decades, matched in intensity and duration by the inspirational quotes of Holtz.  Both of them have been good for our country. Could we sign them both up for another term?

Another no-brainer would be the endorsement of Bill Clinton by Pete Rose. Pete, who has been banned from major league baseball for gambling activity says, “I didn’t have sex with that bookie!” Clinton meanwhile is still searching for what the definition of “is” “is”.  Meanwhile both are making a fortune traveling the country benefitting from their misdeeds.

Kansas State football coach Bill Snyder could endorse a whole host of folks from the political arena. Pat Roberts comes to mind as does John Kerry, John McCain and others. Snyder is an absolute genius at  talking, saying a lot of words and when he finishes you wonder, “what the heck did he say?” a true master wordsmith who says a lot but tells you nothing. Come to think of it, perhaps Snyder himself should hit the political circuit when he hangs up the coaching hat!

Satchel Paige would of course endorse Barrack Obama. The disputes about where Obama was born-Kenya?, Hawaii?- fit right in with old Satch. Historians have never been able to tie down exactly where or when Paige was born but one thing they do agree on is that Paige was probably one of the best pitchers of all time but didn’t get his due in the major leagues until late in his career due to segregation. Joe DiMaggio said Satchel was the “best and fastest pitcher I ever faced.”

David Beaty is the new Kansas football coach. As a guy facing impending disaster I am sure he would turn to Winston Churchill to endorse politically. As Churchill and England faced almost sure defeat in World War II, the Jayhawks face a bleak football season. A couple of Churchill quotes will serve Beaty well: “ Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Then there is one of Churchill’s most famous statements that would serve Kansas football and all of us well: “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!”