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Dodge City soccer overpowers Panthers, 6-1
spt_hg_(7) Dodge City's goalie blocks Mayra Ramirez shot..jpg
Dodge City's goalie Rachel Garcia (0) blocks an attempt by Great Bend Panther Mayra Ramirez (7) Monday night. Dodge City won 6-1. - photo by Hugo Gonzalez

Great Bend’s trio of Western Athletic Conference soccer showdowns started on a sour note on an 84-degree day.

Dodge City’s Mattyson Scheck converted three goals as the Red Demons rolled past the Panthers 6-1 in Monday’s WAC soccer game at Cavanaugh Field. The Red Demons outscored the Panthers 4-0 in the second half after a competitive first half.

Scheck started the scoring on a goal (33:31) assisted by Alisia Astorga Solis, who won the ball at midfield. Great Bend’s stylish Yulisa Valdez squared the score (31:49) as the Panthers played the Red Demons even for much of the first half. Dodge City’s Avery Donaldson (21:59) gave the Red Demons a 2-1 halftime lead. Dodge City’s defense kept Panther Mayra Ramirez in check and one time defender Mia Ochoa blocked her path at midfield with a physical stop.

But the Red Demons’ physical style and the teamwork of Astrorga Solis and Scheck overpowered the shorter Panthers in the next 10 minutes. Astorga Solis (38:30), Scheck (35:49) and Astorga Solis (31:38) converted a trio of goals on

 long-ranging shots. Marissa Montoya fed a perfect high pass to Astorga Solis, who beat Panther goalie Casandra Enriquez after she attempted to block the shot. Donaldson set up Scheck with a high bouncing pass for the fourth goal. 

Donaldson and Astorga Solis ricocheted shots off the goalpost until Scheck (3:29) added the final goal.

Great Bend (1-5, 0-4 WAC) continues a three-game WAC journey against Hays High (5-1-1, 1-0-1 WAC) Tuesday at home. The Panthers travel to Liberal (3-4-1, 2-1-1 WAC) Thursday. Dodge City (3-6, 1-2 WAC) earned its first league victory after losing a pair of one-run games.

DC 2 4 – 6

GB 1 0 – 1

FIRST HALF—DC—Mattyson Scheck, 33:31; GB—Yulisa Valdez, 31:49; DC—Avery Donaldson, 21:59

SECOND HALF—DC—Alisia Astorga Solis, 38:30; DC—Scheck, 35:49; DC—Astrorga Solis, 31:38; DC—Scheck, 3:29


Garden City 2-0 4-1-1

Liberal 2-1-1 3-4-1

Hays High 1-0-1 4-1-1

Dodge City 1-2 3-6

Great Bend 0-4 1-5


Liberal 1, Great Bend 0

Garden City 1, Wichita Trinity 1, tie


Dodge City 6, Great Bend 1

Garden City 3, Liberal 0

GARDEN CITY (2-0, 4-1-1)—Goddard Tournament (W Andover 2-1; W Goddard 3-0; L Goddard Eisenhower 0-4); 4-2—at Guymon, Okla.; W *Great Bend 5-1; TIE Wichita Trinity 1, Garden City 1; W *Liberal 3-0; 4-9—at Hays-TMP; 4-11—*Dodge City; 4-15—*Hays High; 4-16—*at Great Bend; 4-23—*at Dodge City; 4-29—*at Hays High; 5-2—Hays-TMP; 5-7—*at Liberal; 5-10—Wichita South

HAYS HIGH (1-0-1, 5-1-1)—W Hays-TMP 7-1; McPherson Tournament (W Salina South 3-1; L Maize South 1-2, W Andover Central 1-0); L *Dodge City 0-1; TIE*Liberal 0-0; W Junction City 5-0; 4-9—*at Great Bend; 4-15—*at Garden City; 4-18—*at Liberal; 4-22—*Great Bend; 4-25—at Hays-TMP; 4-29—*Garden City; 5-2—*Dodge City; 5-7—Nickerson; 5-9—at Wichita Trinity

LIBERAL (2-1-1, 3-4-1)—W *Dodge City 1-0; W Wichita Classical 1-0; Goddard Tournament (L Wichita East 0-2; L Wichita Northwest 1-2; L Wichita Heights 1-2) W *Great Bend 1-0; TIE *Hays High 0-0; L Garden City 0-3; 4-11—*Great Bend; 4-16—Hays-TMP; 4-18—*Hays High; 4-29/5-4—Wichita North Tournament; 5-7—*Garden City; 5-9—*at Dodge City

DODGE CITY (1-2, 3-6)—L *Liberal 0-1; L SM South 0-4; L Blue Valley SW 0-8; Wichita South Titan (W Winfield 5-2; L Salina Central 0-1; L Hutchinson 2-5); L *Hays High 0-1; W Hays-TMP 3-1; W *Great Bend 6-1;  4-11—at Garden City; 4-16—at Wichita Trinity; 4-23—Garden City; 4-25—*Great Bend; 4-30—Wichita South; 5-2—*at Hays High; 5-9—*Liberal

GREAT BEND (0-4, 1-5)—L Wichita Trinity 2-4; W Hays-TMP 4-0; L *Liberal 0-1; L *Garden City 1-5; L *Dodge City 1-6; 4-9—*Hays High; 4-11—*at Liberal; 4-16—Garden City4-18—at Nickerson; 4-22—*at Hays High; 4-25—*at Dodge City; 4-29—Hays-TMP; 5-6—Manhattan; 5-7—at Wichita Southeast; 5-9—Junction City