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Ellinwood girls, St. John boys wins cross country titles
Ellinwood girls place first, second
st john boys.jpg
St. John Tigers champions Mason Osborne, Uriel Calleros, Cashe McVey, Wrangler Walker, Trey Fisher, A.J. Miller and Hunter Hanson. - photo by Courtesy photo Dick Smith

STAFFORD COUNTY – The Ellinwood girls (34 points) and St. John boys (40 points) dominated the competition to sweep first place at Thursday’s Stafford Invitational cross country meet. The wind gusted past 25 mph with 90 degree temperatures at the Stafford Country Club course.

Ellinwood medalist Ashtin Klepper (21:24.66) was followed by teammate Erin Hammeke (21:33.88) and ninth-place medalist Sarah Hammeke (23:28.5). Eagle Gracie Schlessiger (25:15.59) finished 22nd and Courtney Cook (26:01.66) placed 30th to help the Eagles.

Larned’s Cierra Nord (22:29.28) earned fourth medalist honors and Central Plains Oiler Hannah Redetzke (22:58.44) placed as fifth medalist.

St. John’s runner-up Mason Osborne (18:12.31) led the Tigers to first place (40 points)

Other Tigers who counted in the team score were fourth-place medalist A.J. Miller (18:28.03); eighth-place medalist Wrangler Walker (18:47.91) and 14th-place Trey Fisher (19:07.72).

Ellinwood’s Jonathan Whisnant (18:29.06) placed fifth and Larned Indian Brayden Lothman (18:33.06) finished sixth.


Stafford Country Club

BOYS TEAM SCORES—1—St. John 40; 2—Pratt Skyline 71; 3—Ellsworth 75; 4—Andale 118; 5—Sterling 122; 6—Otis-Bison 152; 7—Haven 153; 8—Macksville 176; 9—Pretty Prairie 229


1—Max Dutton, Sterling, 17:56.84;

2—Mason Osborne, SJ, 18:12.31;

3—Jackson Wallace, Skyline, 18:13.34;

4—A.J. Miller, SJ, 18:28.03;

5—Jonathan Whisnant, Ellinwood, 18:29.06;

6—Brayden Lothman, Larned, 18:33.06;

7—Noah Erichsen, Ellsworth, 18:38.31;

8—Wrangler Walker, SJ, 18:47.91;

9—Zach Winter, Andale, 18:53.00;

10—Josiah Bolton, Ellsworth, 18:56.12

ST. JOHN—14—Trey Fisher, 19:07.72; 20—Uriel Calleros, 19:17.78; 22—Cashe McVey, 19:35.66; 23—Hunter Hanson, 19:38.75

MACKSVILLE—27—Jacob Suiter, 20:04.75; 31—Andrew Cross, 20:28.94; 41—Gabe Wolff, 20:55.94; 64—Trey Britton, 23:00.75; 72—Grant Frink, 25:41.59

OTIS-BISON—38—Jayce Kohls, 20:44.78; 40—Grantley Sinn, 20:49.88; 44—Will Rues, 21:10.47; 68—Ethan Schneider, 23:38.91

CENTRAL PLAINS—13—Cole Lamatsch, 19:06.44; 26—Jacob Oberle, 20:02.47

LARNED—24—Ethan Haas, 19:49.5; 42—Ian Orth, 20:59.88

ELLINWOOD—29—Peter Joslin, 20:21.72; 52—Kaden Baird, 21:52.22

GIRLS TEAM SCORES—1—Ellinwood 34; 2—Ellsworth 69; 3—Pratt Skyline 83; 4—Andale 95; 5—Haven 98; 6—Macksville 116; 7—Otis-Bison 150


1—Ashtin Klepper, Ellinwood, 21:24.66;

2—Erin Hammeke, Ellinwood, 21:33.88;

3—Abigail White, Pretty Prairie, 22;19.34;

4—Cierra Nord, Larned, 22:29.28;

5—Hannah Redetzke, Central Plains, 22:58.44;

6—Heidi Roberts, Skyline, 23:08.75;

7—Hayley Roberts, Skyline, 23:08.97;

8—Hailey Shaffer, Kiowa Co. 23:13.25;

9—Sarah Hammeke, Ellinwood, 23:28.5;

10—Joni Schroeder, Ellsworth, 23:30.47

ELLINWOOD—22—Gracie Schlessiger, 25:15.59; 30—Courtney Cook, 26:01.66; 53—Lauren Petz, 28:25.88; 55—Alicia Mitchell 28:57.38

ST. JOHN—25—Jackie Rios, 25:32.69; 42—Paige Doran, 27:28.12; 46—Jaden Reed, 27:50.34

MACKSVILLE—11—Itzel Garcia, 23:37.0; 29—Lydia Mendez, 25:54.69; 54—Caren Holguin, 28:46.97; 56—Kaylee Hottovy, 29:11.69; 65—Christine Garza, 31:44.62

CENTRAL PLAINS—19—Monica Short, 24:53.12

LARNED—13—MaKayla Leiker, 24:15.5; 27—Brooke Butler, 25:48.56

OTIS-BISON—35—Ashtyn Butler, 27:37.94; 49—Danielle Wagner, 28:13.06; 57—Sheridan Ewy, 29:15.84; 63—Calli Riley, 31:24.94; 66—Amanda Sizemore, 32:09.31


mason osborne.JPG
St. John's Mason Osborne - photo by Courtesy photo Dick Smith
st john cashe mcvey 22.jpg
St. John's Cashe McVey - photo by Courtesy Photo by Dick Smith
larned cierra nord 192.jpg
Larned's Cierra Nord - photo by Courtesy photo Dick Smith
st john jackie rios9.jpg
St. John's Jackie Rios - photo by Courtesy photo Dick Smith
otis sheridan ewy.jpg
mason osborne2.jpg
St. John's Mason Osborne - photo by Courtesy Photo by Dick Smith