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Ellinwood, Macksville qualify cross country teams
erin hammeke2
Ellinwood Eagle Erin Hammeke captures the 2A state cross country championship at Wamego Country Club.. - photo by Photo by Jim Misunas, Great Bend Tribune

2A ELLINWOOD — The Ellinwood Eagle girls featured regional runner-up Erin Hammeke (19:45.87) as the team qualified at the Johnson City cross country regional for the 2A state championship at Victoria.

Stanton County’s Chesney Peterson (19:13.02) earned medalist honors to lead the Trojans to a first-place 20-point total. Ellinwood (52) placed runner-up.

Other Ellinwood runners were sixth-place medalist Ashtin Klepper (22:22.11); 14th place Hannah Wingert (24:41.64); 17th place Brooklin Morgan (25:36.4); 19th place Allison Ricker (25:42.64) and 23rd place Gracie Schlessiger (27:14.19).

Ellinwood’s fourth-place medalist Asher Miller (18:25.51) snared an individual state berth (18:25.51). Other Eagle runners were 15th Chase Gibson (20:11.86); 20th Cole Ringwald (20:44.37); 27th Alex Cowing (21:07.13); 33rd Sam Brauer (21:29.35) and 42nd Logan Sturtz (24:11.09).

1A HUTCHINSON REGIONAL — Macksville’s regional runner-up Madison Butler (21:19.0) captured an individual state berth at Victoria. Other Macksville runners for A 1A state qualifier were Abigail Ibarra, 15th, 24:22.9; Joselin Garcia, 22nd, 25:05.5; Melanie Vargas, 35th, 27:43.5; and Anna Suiter, 36th, 27:53.5.

“The girls were able to run where we needed them in order to qualify the team for the state meet,” said Macksville coach Mike Hullman. “Madison Butler led the first mile and a half before she was overtaken.

She still beat a couple of girls that had beaten her in a previous meet. Told the girls where they needed to be and they took the challenge and got it done for the trip to state. They were all close to their season Pr’s with Joselin Garcia and Melanie Vargas setting new ones.”

Macksville’s boys competing were Jesse Nava, 26th, 20:15.9; James Lee, 36th, 20:54.4 and Kyler Evans, 37th, 21:00.6.

St. John captured a team berth keyed by Dylan Reed, 13th, 19:15.5; Uriel Calleros, 14th, 19:17.4; Nick Huston, 29th, 20:25.7; and Edwin Fernandez, 39th, 21:11.2.

3A HOISINGTON — Hoisington’s trio of runners — runner-up Ian Doss (18:00.28); third place Karter Wolf (18:04.18) and sixth place Gabriel Hipp (18:41.86) earned state berths at the 3A Norton cross country regional.

Hoisington’s girls competing were Sheena Gocela, 22nd, 24:29.28; Kendall Mason, 23rd, 24:35.91; Jayla Wyant, 25th, 24:54.0 and Kassy Petersilie, 31st, 25:59.06.

1A CENTRAL PLAINS — Central Plains qualified a trio of runners at the Leonardville regional for 1A state cross country at Victoria. Eighth-place Hunter Green (19:06.72) and ninth place Peyton Ryan (19:20.6) qualified in the boys regional. Ninthplace medalist Hannah Redetzke (22:05.58) qualified in the 1A girls rergional.

Oiler Ethan Hurley (22:52.71) placed 63rd and Brian Whiterock (24:39.54) placed 78th.

Oiler JoAnna Donecker (24:34.19) placed 25th and Monica Short (24:45.12) finished 28th.

1A OTIS-BISON — Cougars Peytan Butler (19:32.12) placed 19th and Jayce Kohls (19:48.78) finished 23rd and Michael bahr (25:32.5) placed 64th at the Tribune 1A regional.

3A LARNED — Larned’s Aylice Clawson (28:10.9) placed 42nd at the 3A Lakin regional.

Larned’s boys competing were Gabriel Thomson, 55th, 23:00.0; Dylan Roberds, 56th, 24:02.52; Maverick Munden; 57th, 24:40.21; Blake Crandall, 58th, 26:25.71; Jameson Smith, 59th, 27:23.18.