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Ellinwood No. 1 doubles wins Great Bend title
ellinwood doubles

Ellinwood’s No. 1 doubles team Nathan Ringwald/Giovanni Battistoni captured first place with an 8-5 victory over Garden City’s Charles Stillian/Abraham Hernandez at Saturday’s Great Bend Tennis Invitational.

Ringwald/Battistoni defeated Dodge City’s Bryce Moore/Conner Stukenholtz, 8-4 in the semifinals. Great Bend’s Bryce Hopkins/Isaiah Smith upset Ringwald/Battistoni 8-6 in pool play.

Hoisington’s No. 2 doubles Hunter Morris/Ryan Woydziak downed Garden City’s John Tran/Joshua Negron, 8-6 for first place. Morris/Woydziak edged Scott City’s Dylan Duff/Sage Stockein, 8-6 in the semifinals.

Great Bend’s No. 1 singles Brendyn Schroeder placed fifth. No. 2 singles Jordan Manning placed sixth with an 8-7 (10-8) loss to Ellinwood’s Cold Ringwald.   

Great Bend Black’s No. 1 doubles Bryce Hopkins/Isaiah Smith, GB Black def. Alex Sandoval/Shiv Karshan, GB Red, 8-6. Great Bend’s No. 2 doubles Carlos Jacobo/Caden Bieker placed fourth.

“I can see improvement from our first meet to this one,” said Great Bend coach Chris Manning. “We had a chance in almost every match. It was nice to see fans out supporting the Panthers on what turned out to be a perfect day.”  

Dodge City’s No. 1 singles Erik Martinez defeated Garden City’s Logan Morren, 8-0 for first place. Martinez also beat Morren 8-6 in pool play.

Garden City’s No. 2 singles Colin Kleysteuber defeated Dodge City’s Chris Velez, 8-4 for first place. Kleysteuber also edged Velez 8-7 (7-4) in pool play.

Garden City (62) won the team title followed by Dodge City (51) and Hoisington (42).


1—Garden City 62

2—Dodge City 51

3—Hoisington 42

4—Ellinwood 41

5—Liberal 30

6—Great Bend Red 27

7—Scott City 18

8—Great Bend Black 8


1—Erik Martinez, DC def. Logan Morren, GC, 8-0

3—Evan Foltz, Hoisington def. Evan Ringwald, Ellinwood, 8-1

5—Brendyn Schroeder, GB Red def. Avry Noll, SC, 8-7 (7-5)

7—Jack Maxwell, Liberal def. Malachi Wasson, GB Black, 8-0

SEMIFINALS—Martinez def. Ringwald, 8-1; Morren def. Foltz, 8-7 (7-5); Schroeder def. Wassopn, 8-0; Noll def. Maxwell, 8-5

FIRST ROUND—Martinez def. Morren, 8-6; Foltz def. Ringwald, 8-3; Schroeder def. Maxwell, 8-4; Noll def. Wasson, 8-0; SECOND ROUND—Martinez def. Noll, 8-2; Morren def. Wasson, 8-0; Foltz def. Maxwell, 8-0; Ringwald def. Schroeder, 8-6; THIRD ROUND—Martinez def. Wasson, 8-0; Morren def. Noll, 8-1; Foltz def. Schroeder, 8-2; Ringwald def. Maxwell, 8-6   


1—Colin Kleysteuber, GC def. Chris Velez, DC, 8-4

3—Braden Mooney, Hoisington def. Ivan Armendariz, Liberal, 8-2 

5—Cole Ringwald, Ellinwood def. Jordan Manning, GB Red, 8-7 (10-8)

7—Houston Frank, SC def. Remy Martin, GB Black, 8-0

SEMIFINALS—Kleysteuber def. Armendariz, 8-4; Valez def. Mooney, 8-4; Ringwald def. Frank, 8-6; Manning def. Martin, 8-5     

FIRST ROUND—Kleysteuber def. Velez, 8-7 (7-4); Mooney def. Ringwald, 8-2; Armendariz def. Manning, 8-4; Frank def. Martin, 8-2; SECOND ROUND—Kleysteuber def, Martin, 8-0; Mooney def. Armendariz, 8-1; Velez def. Frank, 8-2; Manning def. Ringwald, 8-7 (11-9); THIRD ROUND—Kleysteuber def. Frank, 8-2; Mooney def. Manning, 8-1; Velez def. Martin, 8-0; Armendariz def. Ringwald, 8-5


1—Nathan Ringwald/Giovanni Battistoni, Ellinwood def. Charles Stillian/Abraham Hernandez, GC, 8-5

3—Cristobal Sanchez/Hudson Brown, Liberal def. Bryce Moore/Conner Stukenholtz, DC, 8-4

5—Bryce Hopkins/Isaiah Smith, GB Black def. Alex Sandoval/Shiv Karshan, GB Red, 8-6

7—Mason Haxton/Chris Maier, Hoisington def. Peyton Samms/Dante Franco, SC, 8-5

SEMIFINALS—Ringwald/Battistoni def. Moore/Stukenholtz, 8-6; Stillian/Hernandez def. Sanchez/Brown, 8-3; Sandoval/Karshan def. def. Samms/Franco, 8-4; Hopkins/Smith def. Haxton/Maier, 8-6

FIRST ROUND—Stillian/Hernandez def. Moore/Stukenholtz, 8-2; Ringwald/Battistoni def. Haxton/Maier, 8-3; Sanchez/Brown def. Hopkins/Smith, 8-2; Samms/Franco def. Hopkins/Smith, 8-4; SECOND ROUND—Stillian/Hernandez def. Hopkins/Smith, 8-2; Hopkins/Smith def. Ringwald/Battistoni, 8-6; Moore/Stukenholtz def. Samms/Franco, 8-3; Sanchez/Brown def. Haxton/Maier, 8-7 (7-5); THIRD ROUND—Stillian/Hernandez def. Samms/Franco, 8-4; Ringwald/Battistoni def. Sanchez/Brown, 8-2; Moore/Stukenholtz def. Hopkins/Smith, 8-0; Haxton/Maier def. Sandoval/Karshan, 8-3


1—Hunter Morris/Ryan Woydziak, Hoisington def. John Tran/Joshua Negron, GC, 8-6

3—Dylan Duff/Sage Stockein, SC def. Carlos Jacobo/Caden Bieker, GB Red, 8-6

5—Ben Gemmo/Aron Ponce, DC def. Dammion Davis/ Daniel Nguyen, Liberal, 8-4

SEMIFINALS—Morris/Woydziak def. Duff/Stockein, 8-7 (7-2); Tran/Negron def. Jacobo/Bieker, 8-5; Gemmo/Ponce def. Daniel Hammeke/Grant Klepper, Ellinwood, 8-0

FIRST ROUND—Morris/Woydziak def. Hammeke/Klepper, 8-1; Tran/Negron def. Gemmo/Ponce, 8-6; Jacobo/Bieker def. Davis/Nguyen, 8-2; SECOND ROUND—Morris/Woydziak def. Davis/Nguyen, 8-0; Duff/Stockein def. Gemmo/Ponce, 8-4; Jacobo/Bieker def. Hammeke/Klepper, 8-1; THIRD ROUND—Morris/Woydziak def. Jacobo/Bieker, 8-6; Tran/Negron def. Duff/Stockein, 8-7 (7-5); Davis/Nguyen def. def. Hammeke/Klepper, 8-1