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Ellinwood tennis earns Kingman medals
Taryn Robl
Ellinwood's Taryn Robl plays at the net.

KINGMAN — Ellinwood’s No. 2 singles Madisyn Schlochtermier finished runner-up and No. 1 singles Wittney Hammeke and No. 2 doubles Taryn Robl-Monica Hammeke both placed third at the Kingman Tennis Invitational.  

Kingman’s Audrey Birkenbaugh defeated Schlochtermier 6-2 for first place after Schlochtermier won three matches to reach the championship match. Hammeke defeated Chaparral’s Frida Mancilla 6-2 for third place.

Robl-Hammeke defeated Chaparral’s Brieley Koehler-Emily Allen, 6-3 for third place.

Conway Springs scored 34 points for first place ahead of Kingman (21) and Ellinwood (20). 


TEAM SCORES—1—Conway Springs 34; 2—Kingman 21; 3—Ellinwood 20; 4—Wichita Classical 17; 4—Chaparral 17; 6—South Barber 6; 7—Haven 4; 8—Douglass 1


1—Hannah Pierce, K def. Molly Bender, CS, 6-2

3—Wittney Hammeke, E def. Frida Mancilla, Chap, 6-2

5—Sierra Green, Haven def. Molly Schatzman, WC, 6-1

Bender def. Hammeke, 6-0; Hammeke def. Green, 6-0


1—Audrey Birkenbaugh, K def. Madisyn Schloctermeier, E, 6-2 

3—Allyson Lange, CS def. Clare Pollock, SB, 6-2

5—Ruby Black, WC def. Natalie Graves, Chap, 6-2 

7—Kinley Jacques, Haven def. Christy Loughry, D, 7-5

Schloctermeier def. Black, 6-1; Schloctermeier def. Loughry, 6-4 Schloctermeier def. Pollock, 6-2 


1—Nicole Campbell-Lucy Boyles, CS def, Ali Jargo-Clara Haslam, WC, 6-3

3—Taryn Robl-Monica Hammeke, E def. Brieley Koehler-Emily Allen, Chap, 6-3

5—Amy Yoder-Carlee Arnold, Haven def. Harley Goetz-Carolyn Thompson, K, 6-2

Ellinwood def. Douglas, 6-1; Ellinwood def. Haven, 6-0; Conway Springs def. Ellinwood


1—Mallory Gillespie-Annette Bernsten, CS def. Grace Brannnon-Brailey Koehler, Chap, 6-1

3—Kaylee Shandy-Kiley Jargo, WC def. Kydrenn Hightree-Chloe Fisher, Chap, 6-1

5—Avery Greieve-Lynzee Wilbur, SB def. Melissa Lehrmann-Amy Black, D, 6-4