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Five Larned wrestlers win titles
Logan Erway slams his Hoisinginto opponent to the mat and gets the pin..jpg
Larned's Logan Erway (160) takes command against Hoisington's Levi Shuey, pinning him in 41 seconds.

LARNED — Five Larned Indians captured first place at the Larned Wrestling Invitational. The Indians scored 140 points to finish second behind Hoisington (161). 

Larned’s first-place champions were Dillon Hook (10-3, 113), Gatlin Hoch, (12-2, 120), Samajay Alboyd (11-2, 138), Braydon Lemuz, (10-1, 145) and Eva Mull (152-170) in the girls division.

Runner-up finishes were earned by Logan Erway (8-5, 160) and Ethan Flock (4-1, 170).

STAFFORD — Stafford’s Laithen Shockley (8-1, 220) captured first place and Guillermo Marever  (2-5, 145) and Logan Serviss (16-4, 285) earned runner-up finishes for the Trojans. Shocklee defeated Hugoton’s David Cruz 4-3 in the championship match. Lakin’s No. 2 state-ranked Hadley Panzer pinned Serviss in 5:03 in the championship match.


TEAM SCORES—1—Hoisington 161; 2—Larned 140; 3—Hugoton 138; 4—Lakin 113; 5—Stafford 70; 6—Hays-Thomas More Prep 48 


106—Austin Armstrong, Larned (6-5), 3rd; Armstrong def. Tarpley, Lakin, 14-2; Yarbrough, Hugoton def. Armstrong, 12-10, OT; Boxberger, Hoisington def. Armstrong, 0:46

113—Dillon Hook, Larned (10-3), 1st; Hook def. Brozek, Stafford, 1:35; Hook def. Marioni, Hugoton, 1:08; Hook def. Rubio, Hoisington, 2:43

120—Gatlin Hoch, Larned (12-2), 1st; Hoch def. Pearson, Hugoton, 2:38; Hoch def. Hipp, Hoisington, 1:53; Hoch def. Doss, Hoisington, 0:30; Hoch def. Hudsonpillar, TMP, 2:56

126—Corbin Weers, Larned (4-10), 5th; Beam, Lakin def. Weers, 3:54; Burrows, Hugoton def. Weers, 4:39; Pfeifer, TMP def. Weers, 3:21; Foltz, Hoisington def. Weers, 5:25; Weers def. Vahling, TMP, 0:54

138—Samajay Alboyd, Larned (11-2), 1st; Alboyd def. Davis, Hoisington, 3:48; Alboyd def. Enfield, Stafford, 1:29; Alboyd def. Lovelady, Lakin, 8-3

145—Braydon Lemuz, Larned (10-1), 1st; Lemuz def. Baldyga, Hoisington, 1:28; Lemuz def. Kraft, Hugoton, 1:21; Lemuz def. Marever, Stafford, 1:04

152—Kristopher Nolde, Larned (6-3), 4th; Nolde def. Gottschalk, TMP, 0:16; Mendoza, Hugoton def. Nolde, 6-4; Schmeidler, TMP def. Nolde, 2-0; Urban def. Nolde, forfeit

160—Logan Erway, Larned (8-5), 2nd; Erway def. Wilborn, Hoisington, 1:08; Erway def. Shuey, Hoisington, 0:41; Cozaihr, Hugoton def. Erway, 5-4

170—Ethan Flock 4-1 placed 2nd; Christiansen, Lakin def. Flock, 1:53; Flock def. Heimann, TMP, 1:22; Flock def. Maravilla, Hugoton, 1:24; Flock def. Long, Hoisington, 1:54; Flock def. Pfortmiller, Larned, 4:41

170—Nathaniel Pfortmiller, Larned (0-5); Long, Hoisington def. Pfortmiller, 5:03; Christiansen, Lakin def. Pfortmiller, 0:46; Heimann, TMP def. Pfortmiller, 2:00; Maravilla, Hugoton def. Pfortmiller, 1:39; Flock, Larned def. Pfortmiller, 4:41

182—Jarett Seeman, Larned (0-3); Garcia, Hugoton def. Jarett Seeman, 0:51; Ball, Hoisington def. Jarett Seeman, 1:00; Stahlecker, Larned def.  Seeman, 0:40

182—Bryce Stahlecker, Larned (1-2), 3rd;  Ball, Hoisington def. Stahlecker, 0:24; Garcia, Hugoton def. Stahlecker, 1:53; Stahlecker def.  Seeman, 0:40

195—Josh Kramer, Larned (5-6), 4th; Kramer def. Cruz, Hugoton, 1:16; Martin, Hugoton def. Kramer, 4:21; Pedigo, Hoisington def. Kramer, 3:20; Aller, Lakin def.  Kramer, injury


152-170—Eva Mull, Larned (2-0), 1st; Mull def. McCloskey, Stafford, 0:30; Mull def. Sanders, Hoisington 2:55


113—Cayden Brozek, Stafford (2-9), 3rd; Hook, Larned def. Brozek, 1:35; Rubio, Hoisington def. Brozek, 1:24; Brozek def. Marioni, Hugoton, 2:45

138—Bryson Enfield, Stafford, (3-6), 3rd; Lovelady, Lakin def. Enfield, 1:03; Alboyd, Larned def. Enfield, 1:29; Enfield def. Davis, Hoisington, 8-3

145—Guillermo Marever, Stafford (2-5), 2nd; Marever def. Kraft, Hugoton, 3-2; Marever def. Baldyga, Hoisington, 5:54; Lemuz, Larned def. Marever, 1:04

220—Salem Lowe, Stafford (8-9), 4th; Lowe def. Hawks, Hugoton, 1:40; Shocklee, Stafford def. Lowe, 1:42; Cruz, Hugoton def. Lowe, 3:26; 3rd place—Boxberger, Hoisington def. Lowe, 3-0

220—Laithen Shocklee, Stafford (8-1), 1st; Shocklee def. Hawks, Hugoton, 3:14; Shocklee def. Lowe Stafford, 1:42; Shocklee def. Boxberger, Hoisington, 1:21; 1st place—Shocklee def. Cruz, Hugoton, 4-3

285—Logan Serviss, Stafford (16-4), 2nd; Serviss def. Rubio, Hugoton, 2:02; Serviss def. Lagree, TMP, 0:53; Serviss def. Philbern, Hoisington, 0:50; Serviss def. Coreno, Hugoton, injury; 1st place—Panzer, Lakin def. Serviss, 5:03


106-113—Daisy Rayburn, Stafford; Lovett, Hoisington def. Rayburn, 3:20; Ortiz, Lakin def. Rayburn, 0:51

120-138—Makaila Enfield, Stafford (3-5), Kindscher, Hoisington def. Enfield, 3:50; Enfield def. Rosas, Hugoton, 3:38

152-170—Maddison McCloskey, Stafford (4-4); Mull, Larned def. McCloskey, 0:30; Sanders, Hoisington def. McCloskey, 0:44