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Four Panthers win wrestling titles
450 Kaden Spragis
Great Bend Panther Kaden Spragis controls a match. - photo by Hugo Gonzalez

Four Panthers earn four gold medals

WICHITA – Great Bend Panthers Kaden Spragis (120), Wyatt Weber (138), Jace Schartz (145) and Vaiden Wenrich (160) earned gold medals at the Miller Wrestling Invitational.

In championship matches, Spragis defeated Campus’ Dylan Sheler, 12-4; Weber pinned Olathe Northwest’s Noah Conover (2:17); Schartz pinned Seaman’s Colin Best (1:28) and Wenrich beat Olathe Northwest’s Max Keller 5-2.

Great Bend runner-ups were Avery Wolf (126) and Robby Gutierrez (132). Kapaun’s Bubba Wright pinned Wolf (1:11) and Olathe East’s Jacob Bradley defeated Gutierrez 15-5.



113—Emanuel Prieto, GB, 3RD; Whitney, OE pinned Prieto, 3:47; Prieto pinned Vorarath, SS,  1:53; Prieto pinned Willis, Campus, 15-0; Shields, WN def. Prieto, 5-2; 3RD—Prieto def. Bailey, Campus, 9-0

120—Kaden Spragis, GB, 1ST; Spragis def. Gutierrez, WN, 13-3; Spragis pinned Hadley, KMC, 1:05; Spragis def. McMurray, SS, 12-1; Spragis pinned Kruse, Seaman, 0:52; 1ST—Spragis def. Sheler, Campus, 12-4
126—Avery Wolf, GB, 2ND; Avery Wolf pinned John Szot, GB, 1:44;Wolf pinned Martinez, SS, 0:39; Wolf pinned Harris, Campus, 1:08; Wolf pinned Sanchez, Campus, 0:53; 1ST—Wright, KMC pinned Wolf, 1:59; Szot, GB, 3RD; Szot pinned Bennett, Seaman, 0:18; Szot pinned Armenta, WN, 0:27; Wright, KMC pinned Szot, 1:11; 3RD—Szot pinned Sanchez, 0:37

132—Robby Gutierrez, GB, 2ND; Gutierrez pinned Ruda, KMC, 3:34; Gutierrez pinned Little, Seaman, 0:53; Bradley, OE pinned Gutierrez, 1:30; 1ST—Bradley, OE def. Gutierrez, 15-5; Cooper Liles, GB, 3RD; Bradley pinned Liles, 4:23; Liles pinned McDonald, SS, 0:57); Liles pinned Kingsby, ONW, 2:00; Ruda pinned Liles, 2:53; 3RD—Liles pinned Ruda, 2:42

138—Wyatt Weber, GB, 1ST; Weber pinned Esparaza, WN, 1:52; Weber pinned Anderson, Seaman, 1:58; Weber pinned Arguelles, KMC, 0:28; Weber def. Bragg, OE, forfeit; 1ST—Weber pinned Conover, ONW, 2:17

145—Jace Schartz, GB, 1ST; Schartz def. Poort, Campus, 6-2; Schartz pinned Otarighobe, KMC, 1:56; Schartz pinned Klein, KMC; Jace Schartz pinned Brannick, Seaman, 0:54; 1ST—Schartz pinned Best. Seaman, 1:28

152—Skyler McMullen, 3RD; Carlson, OE pinned McMullen, 1:03; McMullen pinned Fajardo, WN, 0:28; McMullen pinned Vorarath, SS, 3:59; Turner, KMC def. McMullen, 11-5; 3RD—McMullen pinned Collins, ONW, 4:44

160—Vaiden Wenrich, GB, 1ST; Wenrich pinned Schuster, OE, 1:36; Wenrich pinned Alvarado, WN, 1:33; Wenrich def. Hurla, Seaman, 6-5; 1ST—Wenrich def. Keller, ONW, 5-2

170—Aidan Davidson, GB, 4TH; Elias, KMC, pinned Davidson, 3:14; Sharp, ONW pinned Davidson, 1:06; Davidson def. Gann, KC, 9-3; Davidson pinned Soto, WN, 1:04; 3RD-Mentzer, Seaman pinned Davidson, 0:58

182—Matthew  Johnson, GB, 4TH: Fury, KMC pinned Johnson, 1:18; Johnson pinned Dechant, ONW, 2:34; Reno, Seaman pinned Johnson, 4:20; Johnson pinned Garnes, WN, 3:04; 3RD—Williams, Campus def. Johnson, 12-4

195—Brody Schnoebelen, GB, 4TH; Thomas, Seaman pinned Schnoebelen, 0:59; Schnoebelen pinned Chavez, North, 0:13; Fletcher, SS def. Schnoebelen, 14-7; 3RD—Fletcher, SS def. Schnoebelen, 1-0



145—Michael Montoya, GB; Perez, Buhler def. Montoya, 4-0; Perez pinned Montoya 1:42

126—Jonathan Lira, GB; Mollendor, Colby pinned Lira, 2:52; Eckhardt, Goodland pinned Lira, 2:25

160—Nathan Campbell, GB; Guzman, Goodland pinned Campbell 1:30; Gonzales, Hutchinson pinned Campbell, 0:33

160—Mario Enriquez, GB; Enriquez pinned Anderson, Hutchinson, 4:52;
Mullins, SC def. Enriquez, 5-4;Gonzales, Hutchinson def. Enriquez, 9-1

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