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GBHS swimmers win at Manhattan
spt deh gbhs swim meet photo
A Great Bend High School swimmer leaves the blocks at the start of a race during the teams home meet last week. Great Bend won again at the Manhattan Quadrangular Wednesday. - photo by RUSS EDEM Great Bend Tribune

MANHATTAN – The Great Bend High School Panther boys’ swim squad topped a field of five teams as it claimed a victory at the Manhattan Quadrangular meet Wednesday.

“We had some amazing races today and some exciting time improvement from almost every person on the team,” head coach Steve Beaumont said. “We were excited to not only swim at a really nice facility at KSU, but also excited about the opportunity to race against some 6A schools. It has been a few years since we came away from Manhattan with a win.” 

The team had its best outing of the season by fa, Beaumont said. “Our relays were really on top of their game today and posted season best times in both the 200 and 400 freestyle relays. 

So many great individual swims today. I really cant single out any one person. This was just a great “team” win. I’m really proud of how our guys competed today. We are getting better every meet - and that is our goal.” 

The next meet will be  Tuesday, Jan. 19, at the Hays Center for Health Improvement. The start time is 4 p.m. 

The results were:

Team scores: 

Great Bend - 365

Manhattan - 294

Olathe North 292

Olathe South 250

Junction City 114

Great Bend High School results:

Men  Open 200 Medley

 2, A ‘GBHS’ (Phane Pedigo, Antoine Flipo, Phillip Otten, Ryan Romine), 

 1:56.02. 5, B ‘GBHS’ (Cole Pierce, Malachi Williams, Brady Daniel, Aron 

 Vainer), 2:03.28. 9, D ‘GBHS’ (Elijah Hutchinson, Robert Frizzell, Logan 

 O’Neil, Cal Kaiser), 2:46.92. 0, C ‘GBHS’ (Wyatt Rugan, Garrett Roddey, 

 Chandler Miller, Jordan Popp), 2:19.79. 

Men  Open 200 Free

 3, Cole Pierce, GBHS, 2:07.61Y. 5, Jordan Boone, GBHS, 2:17.48Y. 9, Malachi 

 Williams, GBHS, 2:38.18Y. 13, Logan O’Neil, GBHS, 2:49.35Y. 14, Cal Kaiser, 

 GBHS, 3:10.89Y. 

Men  Open 200 IM

 2, Josh Schridde, GBHS, 2:25.63Y. 4, Connor Furrey, GBHS, 2:30.55Y. 0, Phane 

 Pedigo, GBHS, 2:33.22Y. 

Men  Open 50 Free

 2, Dawson Clark, GBHS, 24.85Y. 5, Ryan Romine, GBHS, 25.82Y. 6, Corey 

 Harbaugh, GBHS, 25.90Y. 10, Aron Vainer, GBHS, 26.63Y. 14, Max Jerke, GBHS, 

 27.35Y. 21, Wyatt Rugan, GBHS, 29.47Y. 30, Eduardo Prado, GBHS, 31.53Y. 31, 

 Elijah Hutchinson, GBHS, 31.63Y. 39, Robert Frizzell, GBHS, 38.57Y. 41, 

 Matthew Hapes, GBHS, 40.66Y. 

Men  Open 100 Fly

 1, Dawson Clark, GBHS, 1:00.08Y. 5, Brady Daniel, GBHS, 1:06.31Y. 9, Phillip 

 Otten, GBHS, 1:15.48Y. 

Men  Open 100 Free

 2, Josh Schridde, GBHS, 53.58Y. 6, Corey Harbaugh, GBHS, 57.13Y. 9, Ryan 

 Romine, GBHS, 58.75Y. 10, Jordan Boone, GBHS, 58.77Y. 13, Max Jerke, GBHS, 

 1:02.32Y. 20, Antoine Flipo, GBHS, 1:06.54Y. 22, Garrett Roddey, GBHS, 

 1:07.91Y. 30, Eduardo Prado, GBHS, 1:13.02Y. 31, Jordan Popp, GBHS, 1:14.19Y. 

 34, Logan O’Neil, GBHS, 1:16.96Y. 39, Matthew Hapes, GBHS, 1:27.85Y. 40, 

 Robert Frizzell, GBHS, 1:28.02Y.


Men  Open 500 Free

 1, Cole Pierce, GBHS, 5:38.03Y. 3, Connor Furrey, GBHS, 6:01.87Y. 7, Chandler 

 Miller, GBHS, 6:57.04Y. 9, Elijah Hutchinson, GBHS, 7:26.12Y. 

Men  Open 200 Free

 1, A ‘GBHS’ (Corey Harbaugh, Dawson Clark, Ryan Romine, Josh Schridde), 

 1:39.17. 7, B ‘GBHS’ (Phane Pedigo, Jordan Boone, Chandler Miller, Aron 

 Vainer), 1:48.34. 10, C ‘GBHS’ (Max Jerke, Malachi Williams, Antoine Flipo, 

 Wyatt Rugan), 1:54.96. 18, D ‘GBHS’ (Cal Kaiser, Matthew Hapes, Robert 

 Frizzell, Eduardo Prado), 2:26.18. 

Men  Open 100 Back

 3, Phane Pedigo, GBHS, 1:07.43Y. 4, Brady Daniel, GBHS, 1:07.68Y. 6, Phillip 

 Otten, GBHS, 1:19.34Y. 

Men  Open 100 Breast

 4, Antoine Flipo, GBHS, 1:14.43Y. 9, Malachi Williams, GBHS, 1:22.72Y. 13, 

 Garrett Roddey, GBHS, 1:28.84Y. 15, Jordan Popp, GBHS, 1:30.33Y. 20, Cal 

 Kaiser, GBHS, 1:43.16Y. 


Men  Open 400 Free

 1, A ‘GBHS’ (Dawson Clark, Corey Harbaugh, Connor Furrey, Josh Schridde), 

 3:42.34. 5, B ‘GBHS’ (Cole Pierce, Jordan Boone, Phillip Otten, Brady Daniel), 

 4:03.54. 7, C ‘GBHS’ (Aron Vainer, Chandler Miller, Max Jerke, Garrett 

 Roddey), 4:23.81. 12, D ‘GBHS’ (Elijah Hutchinson, Eduardo Prado, Logan 

 O’Neil, Wyatt Rugan), 4:53.07.