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GBMS runners place first at Hutchinson
GBMS runner
Great Bend runner Tavon Stoup paces himself.

HUTCHINSON — The Great Bend Middle School 8th-grade girls and boys placed first and the 7th-grade boys and girls placed fifth in the Prairie Hills Cross Country Meet at Evergy’s Prairie Ridge Park.

Great Bend’s top eeighth-grade finishers were fifth Sienna Smith (15:57.09); and ninth Addyson Bruce (16:33.3); fourth Tavon Stroup (13:10.5); and eighth Brantley Vsetecka (13:42.6).

Omar Razo (10:04.3) placed fourth and Teegan Guerra (10:39.7) placed fourth in the 7th grade.


GBMS 7TH GIRLS—4—Teegan Guerra, 10:39.7; 19—Teah King, 12:54.4; 32—Jimena Montes, 13:58.1; 24—Camryn Moos, 13:17.4; 26—Greidys Moreno, 13:27.0

GBMS 7TH BOYS—18—4—Omar Razo, 10:04.3; 18—Juan Arias, 10:41.8; 23—Dustin Fugitt, 10:52.2; 37—David Fry, 11:31.1; 39—Jackson Young, 11:33.9; 40—Eli Somers, 11:34.1; 57—Alan Carrillo, 13:35.8; 63—Dayton Howard, 14:09.1; 64—Gabe Herrman, 14:17.8

GBMS 8TH GIRLS—5—Sienna Smith, 15:57.0; 9—Addyson Bruce, 16:33.3; 15—Aliya Johnson, 17:10.0; 22—Kaylea McMullen, 18:10.7; 27—Josephine Blevins, 19:19.0

GBMS 8TH BOYS—4—Tavon Stroup, 13:10.5; 8—Brantley Vsetecka, 13:42.6; 11—Ismael Ramirez, 13:48.1; 16—Ethan Somers, 13:54.7; 34—John Landers, 15:37.2; 35—Joshua Manning, 15:38.2; 56—Brodie Bainbridge, 18:57.5