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Great Bend girls earn two titles at McPherson
Camdyn Post Great Bend Hight SChool over Blancaelizabeth Floresklemick .jpg
Great Bend's Camdyn Post Great Bend High School pins Blancaelizabeth Floresklemick of Manhattan. - photo by Hugo Gonzalez

MCPHERSON — Great Bend's Kaylea McMullen (125) and Daizy Gomez (130) captured titles at the McPherson Kretzer Wrestling Tournament. 

In championship matches, McMullen pinned Junction City's Twitty (2:33) and Gomez pinned Newton's Jaeann James (0:26).

Great Bend's Marissa Esparza (155) and Kirra Stevens (170) placed runner-up. In championship matches, McPherson's Hunter Wilson beat Esparza 11-2 and Kapaun-Mt. Carmel's Chinyereugo Okafor pinned Stevens (0:30).



100—Trinatty Aumiller, GB (4-1), 3RD; Elliott, Abilene pinned Aumiller, 1:21; Aumiller pinned Montemeyor, KMC, 0:34; Aumiller def. Wesley, SV, 8-1; Aumiller pinned Will, Ell-Saline, 1:39; 3RD—Aumiller pinned Kayle Baldwin, GB, 1:23; Alvarado, JC pinned Baldwin, 0:43; Baldwin def. Hennes, Newton, 9-0; Baldwin pinned Wilson, Mc, 2:07

105—Camdyn Post, GB (3-1), 3RD; Post pinned Pubil, Hutchinson, 2:11; Treaster, Newton pinned Post; Post pinned Riedel, SV, 2:42; 3RD—Post pinned Taylor Pubil, Hutchinson, 3:37

110—Keira Leyva, GB (2-2), 4TH;  James, SC pinned Leyva, 0:32; Leyva def. Riedel, SE, 10-2; Leyva def. Barringer, KMC, injury; 3RD—James, SC pinned Leyva, 0:31

120—Braelyn Turner, GB (2-2); Turner pinned Willis-Dirks, Hillsboro, 0:22; Owens, JC pinned Turner, 1:39; Turner pinned Robertson, Abilene, 0:42; McMullin, Newton pinned Turner

125—Kaylea McMullen, GB (4-0), 1ST; McMullen pinned Halbmaier (McPherson, 0:28; McMullen pinned Jarvis, Wichita-Heights, 1:20; McMullen pinned Applegate, Buhler; 1ST—McMullen pinned Twitty, JC, 2:33; Aly Feil, GB (1-2); Jarvis, Wichita-Heights def. Feil, DQ;  Feil def. Halbmaier, Mc, forfeit; Kreutzer, Nickerson pinned Feil, 0:20

130—Daizy Gomez, GB (4-0), 1ST; Gomez pinned Anderson, SV, 2:29; Gomez pinned Crile, KMC, 0:23; Gomez pinned Filippi, Wichita Heights; 1ST—Gomez pinned James, Newton, 0:26

140—Shaterah Newton, GB (0-2); French, SV pinned Newton, 0:31; Hare, KMC def. Newton, 9-6; Kaydence Demel, GB (0-2);  Johnson, KMC pinned Demel, 1:12; Southern, Newton pinned Demel

145—Josephine Blevins (0-2); Wilson, Mc pinned Blevins, 2:48; Adams, SE pinned Blevins, 1:37

155—Marissa Esparza, GB (2-1), 2ND; Esparza pinned Brown, JC, 1:15; Esparza pinned Rylee Schnoebelen, GB;  1ST—Hunter Wilson, Mc def. Esparza, 11-2; Danica Cline, GB (2-2), 4TH; Cline pinned Robinson, Newton, 1:20; Wilson, Mc pinned Cline, Cline pinned Brown, JC, 2:51; 3RD—Taylia Johnson, Wichita-Heights pinned Cline, 0:37; Rylee Schnoebelen, GB (3-2), 5TH; Schnoebelen pinned Pena, Mc, 0:33; Schnoebelen pinned Durant, Hutchinson, 1:01; Johnson, Wichita-Heights pinned Schnoebelen, 0:56;  5TH—Schnoebelen def. Brown, JC, forfeit

170—Kirra Stevens, GB (2-1), 2ND; Stevens pinned Clark, JC, 1:43; Stevens pinned Suchy, GB; 1ST—Chinyereugo Okafor, KMC pinned Stevens, 0:30; Lea Nokes, GB (3-2), 4TH; Waite, SC pinned Nokes, 5:13;  Nokes pinned Gonzales, Mc, 1:34; Nokes pinned Clark, JC; Nokes def. Waite, SC, 13-3 3RD—Kate Griffin, SV def. Nokes, 4-2; Haley Suchy, GB (1-3), 6TH; Suchy pinned Gonzales, Mc, 1:09; Griffin, SV pinned Suchy, 2:55; 5TH—Waite, SC pinned Suchy, 1:32; A`Tejia Thomas, GB (1-2); Okafor, KMC pinned Thomas, 0:38; Thomas pinned Bornholdt, Hutchinson; Griffin, SV pinned Thomas, 4:18