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Great Bend girls earn first-place medals
Great bend Bre Ridgeway1
Great Bend’s Breanna Ridgeway puts a hold on Altamont’s Abbie Jones Friday. Ridgeway pinned Jones in a battle of state champs. - photo by Jim Misunas, Great Bend Tribune

Two Panther champions lead title

Great Bend’s state-ranked No. 1 Breckyn Elliott (101) and No. 2 Breanna Ridgeway (126) captured first place in Saturday’s Great Bend Invitational to lead the No. 3 ranked 5A Panthers to 120 points and the team title over runner-up Emporia (90).
Elliott pinned Oakley’s Citori Bosserman (1:54) and Ridgeway pinned Emporia’s Madelynn Griffin (1;07) to earn first place.
Salina Central’s Kate Jennings (120) pinned Daizy Gomez (2:00) and Newton’s Jaymie Murry (155B) pinned Panther Kim Escobedo (0:41) in title matches.
Panther Jaydon Davis (132) placed third over McPherson’s Arriana Gross (3:00). Lyons’ Caitlin Harley (191) pinned Panther Dakota Baldwin (0:41) for third place.
Larned’s No. 2 ranked state champion Ava Mull swept four matches and pinned Valley Center’s Ryleigh Kurtz (1:31) in the title match.
Hoisington’s No. 3 ranked returning state qualifier Tally Wikum (138) pinned Dodge City’s Valeria Hernandez (2:00) for first place. Cardinal Emily Lovett (120) defeated Holcomb’s Adriana Barajas 7-2 for third place.

"Wikum wrestled very solid matches on the day as did our other girls," said Hoisington coach Dan Schmidt. "The team wrestled outstandingly as three of the four Cards brought home medals in a very tough tournament. We were very pleased with their performances."

Hoisington’s Sheena Gocela (101) placed fourth in 1:51 against Emporia’s Evelin Geronimo. Valley Center’s Grace Immons (155) defeated Stafford’s Katelyn McCloskey 4-2 for third place.

BOYS JV — Great Bend enjoyed three champions in Emanuel Prieto (106) over Andover Central’s Justin Cluff (0:36); Cadin Spore (113) with a 6-2 win over Newton’s Joey Theissen; and Robby Gutierrez (120) over Buher’s Jayce Spencer, Buhler (2:00).

Panther Kaiden Hoffman (120) placed third with a 10-6 win over McPherson’s Colton Rausch, and Jorge Aguilara (145) earned third place with a 6-0 win over Dodge City’s Mike Sandoval.
Hoisington’s Ian Smith (160) placed runner-up with a 5-0 loss to Junction City’s Leon Boykin. Placing fourth were Karter Wolf (132) with a loss to Junction City’ s Jose Rivera-Negron, and Jameson Smith (113) with a 2-0 loss to Dodge City’s Dylan Wainscott.

"The boys had a solid showing with the team members that they brought," Schmidt said. "Six members all wrestled very well." 

The Cardinals compete in Friday's Hoisington Tournament at the Activity Center for boys and girls wrestling at the high school.


GIRLS TEAM SCORES—1—Great Bend 120; 2—Emporia 90; 3—McPherson 86; 4—Dodge City 69; 5—Hoisington 59; Valley Center 59; 7—Salina-Central 56; 8—Lakin 52; 9—Ellis 46; 10—Junction City 42; 11—Oakley 38; 12—Nickerson 37; 13—Andover Central 36; 14—Douglass 34; 15—Larned 31; 16—Goddard 30; 17—Buhler 22; 18—Stafford 17; 19—Lyons  16; 20—Ell-Saline 13; Holcomb 13; 22—Newton 12; 23—Smith Center 3; Stockton 3; 25—Flinthills 2
101—Breckyn Elliott, GB, 1st; Elliott pinned Hedrick, Newton, 0:58; Elliott pinned Martens, Mc, 0:26; Elliott pinned Priest, Ellis; 1st place—Elliott pinned Bosserman, Oakley, 1:54
101— Karley Stukey, GB; Geronimo, Emporia pinned Stukey; Santiago, Emporia pinned Stukey
109—Caitlyn White, GB; Lesher, JC pinned White, 3:00; White def. Heifner Ellis, 7-5; Obregon, Emporia def.  White, forfeit
120—Daizy Gomez, GB, 2nd; Gomez pinned Vesser, Mc; Gomez pinned Barajas, Holcomb 2:00 1st place—Jennings, SC pinned Gomez  2:00
126—Breanna Ridgeway, GB, 1st; Ridgeway pinned Burford, AC, 0:30; Ridgeway pinned Duran, Emporia;  Ridgeway pinned Dong, SC; 1st place—Ridgeway pinned Griffin, Emporia, 1:07
126—Katie Kuhlman, GB; Kuhlman pinned Abreau, DC, 1:08; Griffin, Emporia pinned Kuhlman; Kuhlman  pinned Rivera, Emporia, 2:00; Kuhlman pinned Burford, AC, 2:00; Dong, SC pinned Kuhlman,  1:50
132—Jaydon Davis, GB, 3rd; Davis pinned Young, Mc; Bolton, Emporia pinned Davis; Davis def. Tanaka, JC, 4-3 3rd place—Davis pinned Gross, Mc, 3:00
138—Lexi Deines, GB, Deines pinned Hernandez, DC, 1:36; Wikum, HH def. Deines, 1-0; Blackwood, VC def. Deines, 7-1
138— Sierra Ferguson, GB; Ferguson pinned Graves, ES, 1:02 Garcia, DC pinned Ferguson, 1:59; Ferguson pinned Reimler, ES, 0:45; Blackwood, VC pinned Ferguson, 0:57
155—Jasalyn Vanaman, GB; Vanaman pinned Whitt, Douglass, 1:48; Giddings, Mc pinned Vanaman, 1:16;  Vanaman pinned Monroe, Nickerson, 0:22; McCloskey, Stafford pinned Vanaman, 1:05
155 B—Kim Escobedo, GB, 2nd; Murry, Newton pinned Escobedo, 0:41; Escobedo def. Rush, Mc, 4-1;
Escobedo pinned Logan, Nickerson, 0:53
170—Alyssa Hinderliter, GB; Hinderliter pinned Long, Stockton, 1:45; Kurtz, VC pinned Hinderliter, 0:36;   Hinderliter pinned Oliveras, DC, 2:07; Hastings, AC pinned Hinderliter,1:06
170—Adleigh Humberg, GB; Fundenberger, Lyons pinned Humberg, 1:19; Caldera, ES pinned Humberg, 1:10
191—Dakota Baldwin, GB, 4th; Baldwin pinned Eagle, JC, 2:03; Sholander, Douglass pinned Baldwin, 0:33;  Baldwin pinned Mooney, Flinthills, 1:30; 3rd place—Harley, Lyons pinned Baldwin, 0:41
132—Reese Watkins, L, 1-2; Bolton, Emporia pinned Watkins, 2:09; Watkins pinned Young, Mc, 2:00; Gross, Mc pinned Watkins, 2:19
170—Ava Mull, L, 4-0, 1st; Mull pinned Caldera, ES, 1:17; Mull pinned Fundenberger, Lyons, 0:07; Mull pinned Turpin Emporia, 1:08; 1st place—Mull pinned Ryleigh Kurtz, VC,1:31
101—Sheena Gocela, HH, 4-2, 4th; Gocela def. Baker, Mc, 13-6; Bosserman, Oakley pinned Gocela, 2:37; Gocela pinned Hedrick, Newton; Gocela pinned Santiago, Emporia, 2:00; Gocela pinned Priest, Ellis, 2:02; 3rd place—Geronimo, Emporia pinned Gocela, 1:51
120—Lovett, HH, 3-1, 3rd; Lovett pinned Cunningham Ellis, 0:47; Jennings SC def. Lovett, 6-1; Lovett pinned Vesser Mc; 3rd place—Lovett def. Barajas, Holcomb, 7-2
138—Tally Wikum, HH, 4-0, 1st; Wikum pinned Reimler, ES, 1:52; Wikum pinned Carder, Nickerson, 1:17; Wikum def. Deines, GB, 1-0; 1st place—Wikum pinned Valeria Hernandez, DC, 2:00
143—Lyrica Orosco, HH, 1-2;
Boa, Emporia pinned Orosco, 0:16; Orosco pinned Perez, DC, 0:22; Haag, Ellis pinned Orosco,  0:53
155—Katelyn McCloskey, S, 4-2, 4th; McCloskey pinned Hernandez, DC, 0:04; Timmons, VC pinned McCloskey, 1:43; McCloskey pinned Gunter, Stafford, 1:06; McCloskey pinned Vanaman, GB, 1:05; McCloskey pinned Edwards, Newton, 1:07; 3rd place—Timmons, VC def. McCloskey, 4-2
155—Morgan Gunter, S, 1-2; Tschohl, AC pinned Gunter, 1:28; Gunter pinned  Aislynn Bailey, JC, 1:50; McCloskey, Stafford pinned Gunter, 1:06

106—Emanuel Prieto, GB, 1st; Prieto pinned Russell, Emporia; Prieto pinned Almanza, Lyons; Prieto pinned Cluff, AC, 0:36; Prieto pinned Catache, Newton, 0:51; Prieto pinned Hodges, ES
113—Cadin Spore, GB, 1st; Spore pinned Wainscott, DC; Spore pinned Smith, Larned, 17-2; Spore pinned Teter, Buhler, 0:53; Spore def. Theissen, Newton, 6-2
120—Robby Gutierrez, GB, 1st; Gutierrez pinned Rausch, Mc; 1st Place—Gutierrez pinned Spencer, Buhler 2:00
120—Kaiden Hoffman, GB, 3rd; Hoffman pinned Peterman, Lyons, 1:35; Spencer, Buhler pinned Hoffman, 10-7; Hoffman pinned Garcia, Emporia; 3rd Place—Hoffman def. Rausch, Mc, 10-6
138—Ramiro Rocha, GB; Thomas, Pratt pinned Rocha, 0:27; Hipp, HH pinned Rocha
145—Jorge Aguilara, GB, 3rd; Aguilara pinned Llanas, Stafford, 9-3; Sandoval, DC pinned Aguilara, 2:31;Aguilara pinned Bellus, JC; Aguilara def. Osborn, AC, 9-2; 3rd place—Aguilara def. Sandoval, DC, 6-0
145—Mario Arias, GB; Osborn, AC pinned Arias, 3:00; Arias pinned Llanas, Stafford; Arguijo, JC pinned Arias  3:00
152—Mario Enriquez, GB; Enriquez pinned Bockman, JC, 3:00; Enriquez pinned Wagner, Mc, 6-1 Teeter, Buhler def. Enriquez, 6-0; Baker, JC def. Enriquez, 4-1
160—Xavier Ehster, GB; Kelly, Nickerson pinned Ehster, 0:17; Metzger, Stafford pinned Ehster, 1:27
285—Luis DeSantiago, GB; DeSantiago pinned Ortiz, Stafford, 0:08; Hagemann, Emporia def. DeSantiago,  8-1; Grosse, Newton pinned DeSantiago, 3:19
132—Karter Wolf, HH, 2-2, 4th; Farley, Mc pinned Wolf; Wolf pinned Flener, SC, 1:38; Wolf pinned Harold, Mc, 2:00; 3rd place—Rivera-Negron, JC pinned  Wolf
138—Micheal Hipp, HHS, 1-2; Wheeler, Buhler def. Hipp 5-0; Hipp pinned Rocha, GB; Purdy, Buhler pinned Hipp, 1:14
138—Ian Doss, HH, 2-2; Doss pinned Mandl Pratt, 3:00; Doss def. Purdy Buhler, 7-0; Perez, Buhler pinned Doss, 2:34; Slothower, SC def. Doss, 5-1
152—Trevan Brown, HH, 0-2; Baker, JC def. Brown, 6-3; Kinsey, Nickerson pinned Brown, 0:51
160—Ian Smith, HH, 2-1, 2nd; Smith def. Busenbark, Buhler, 7-5; Smith pinned Brown, Emporia, 2:54; 1st place—Boykin, JC def. Smith, 5-0; 182—Caleb Birzer, HH, 0-3; Kauffman Emporia pinned Birzer, 0:26; Perez, DC pinned Birzer, 0:47; Slaughter, Pratt pinned Birzer, 0:45
220—Steven Keener, HH, 0-2; Farrah, Newton pinned Keener, 0:40; Rodriguez, DC pinned Keener, 0:26
126—Gatlin Ruddick, S, 0-2; Morales, Emporia pinned Ruddick, 0:39; Mehlhorn, Pratt pinned Ruddick, 3:00
145—Abe Llanas 0-2; Aguilara, GB def. Llanas, 9-3; Arias, GB pinned Llanas
160—Dylan Metzger, 2-2, 4th; Boykin, JC def. Metzger, 9-3; Metzger pinned Ehster, GB,1:27; Metzger def. Brown Emporia, 11-2; 3rd place—Busenbark, Buhler pinned Metzger, 3:36
285—Axel Ortiz, S, 0-2; DeSantiago, GB pinned Ortiz, 0:08; Arismendi, Buhler pinned Ortiz, 0:59
126—Nathan Ochs, N, 1-4; Schreiner, JC pinned Ochs,1:09; Huber, Emporia pinned Ochs, 0:50
132—Mason Smith, N, 3-4
Farley, Mc pinned Smith; Smith pinned Williams, Nickerson, 0:36; Smith def. Salas, DC, 6-0; Rivera-Negron, JC pinned Smith; Carl Williams, N, 0-2; Harold, Mc pinned Williams, 0:29
152—Ian Kinsey, N 3-2; Vazquez, DC 3-1 pinned  Kinsey, 1:01; Kinsey pinned Brown, HH. 0:51; Kinsey pinned Goforth, Lyons. 0:14; Kinsey pinned Watkins, Buhler. 2:56; Palmer, JC pinned Kinsey, 0:05
160—Cage Kelly, 1-2; Kelly pinned  Xavier Ehster GB, 0:17; Boykin, JC pinned Kelly, 1:06; Busenbark, Buhler pinned Kelly, 1:22
285—Logain McDaniel, N, 0-2; Laymon Lyons pinned McDaniel, 0:27; Valle, DC def. McDaniel, injury
138—Cheyenne Carder 2-3 place is unknown and scored 4.0 team points.
Carder Nickerson 2-3 pinned  Elena DeLeon Newton 0-2  3:04
Wikum HH 4-0 pinned  Cheyenne Carder Nickerson 2-3  1:17
SwangoJC  7-2 pinned  Cheyenne Carder Nickerson 2-3  1:26
155—Lauren Kinsey, N, 5-3; Giddings, Mc pinned Kinsey, 0:32; Kinsey pinned Douglass, 0:40; Kinsey pinned Pecina, Emporia, 0:25; Kinsey pinned Martinez, DC, 1:15; Timmons, VC pinned Kinsey, 1:41
155—Shawna Monroe, N, 0-2; Edwards, Newton pinned Monroe, 0:17; Vanaman, GB pinned Monroe, 0:22
155 B—Emma Logan, N, 0-3; Rush, Mc pinned Logan, 1:33; Murry, Newton pinned Logan, 0:10; Escobedo, GB pinned Logan, 0:53
191—Maddi Miller, N, 5-0, 1st; Miller pinned Mooney, Flinthills, 1:12; Miller pinned Harley Lyons, 1:21; 1st place—Miller pinned  Payton Sholander, Douglass, 1:32
113—Jameson Smith, L, 1-3, 4th; Thiessen, Newton def. Smith, 6-2; Spore, GB def. Smith, 17-2; Wainscott, DC def. Smith, 2-0; Smith pinned Teter, Buhler, 3:00
120—Marcus Searight, L, 0-2; Spencer, Buhler pinned Searight; Peterman, Lyons def. Searight, 9-2
195—Landon Ellis 1-2; Jackson, JC def. Ellis, 7-1; Ellis pinned Orantes, Pratt, 0:53
Primrose, Pratt def. Ellis, 12-4