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Great Bend qualifies six wrestlers for substate
106- Kaden Spragis (GRBE) over Julius Medina (GACI) (Fall 0-53).jpg
Great Bend's Kaden Spragis (106) pins Garden City's Julius Medina (0:53). - photo by Hugo Gonzalez


HAYS — No. 2 ranked regional champion Kaden Spragis (33-2, 106) led six Great Bend wrestlers into 5A substate wrestling. Spragis defeated Goddard's No. 5 ranked Levi Glover, 8-1 in the championship match. 

Great Bend Panthers John Szot (19-7, 120) and Keyven Schroeder (25-10, 195) earned runner-up regional finishes. Maize's Dan Gomez pinned Szot (4:53) in the championship match. Goddard's Kaden Glass pinned Schroeder (2:44) in the finals.

Placing third were No. 5 Avery Wolf (33-5, 113) and No. 5 Wyatt Weber (26-3, 138). Goddard's No. 3 Jaden Miller edged Wolf 8-6 in the semifinals. Wolf defeated Salina Central's Isaac Phimvongsa 12-7 for third place. Goddard's No. 4 Isaiah Holmes edged Weber 5-3 in the semifinals.. Weber downed Goddard Eisenhower's Chance Holmgren 7-1 for third place.

Panther Gage Reimer (25-9, 170) placed fourth with a 5-1 loss to Maize's Ronan Wunsch.

The top finishers advance to substate wrestling Feb. 20 at Goddard High School.

Great Bend's other wrestlers competing were fifth place Austin Moore (132), fifth place Matthew Johnson (160), sixth place Cooper Liles (126) and sixth place Mario Enriquez (152). Great Bend's Scott Heilman and Blake Davis did not compete.

Six-time 5A state champion Goddard won the regional with 257 points.


106—No. 1 Nick Treaster, Newton, 30-1 vs.McMurray, 18-20, SS; No. 5 Levi Glover, Goddard, 21-7 vs. Jeff Schwartz, VC, 19-11; No. 2 Kaden Spragis, GB, 33-2 vs. Aiden Alfers, Andover, 5-7; Jax Newcomb, AC, 25-14 vs. Hunter Hall, SC, 12-9

113—No. 1 Nakaylen Shabazz, Maize, 28-1 vs. Pierce Moore, Emporia, 16-12; No. 5 Avery Wolf, GB, 33-5 vs. Bailey Steinmetz,  Newton, 16-9; Landry Root, Andover, 22-3 vs. Isaac Phimvongsa, SC, 12-7; No. 3 Jaden Miller, Goddard, 22-8 vs. Sam Gorges, Carroll, 15-12

120—Bubba Wright, KMC, 28-1 vs. Braedyn Blasi, GE, 12-10; Dan Gomez, Maize, 25-7 vs. Adam Maki, Andover, 22-7; Kael Pappan, Arkansas City, 24-1 vs.Cy Vajnar, Hays, 16-7; Colin Bybee, Newton, 25-4 vs. John Szot, GB, 19-7

138—No. 2 Cayden Hughbanks, Maize, 29-2 vs. Avery Dutcher, Newton, 15-9; No. 5 Wyatt Weber, GB, 26-3 vs. Ryan Pacha, Wichita Carroll, 27-5; Gabe Maki, Andover, 27-2 vs. No. 4 Isaiah Holmes, Goddard, 14-5; Kyler Horton, Arkansas City, 20-9 vs. Chance Holmgren, GE, 10-10

170—Nolan Craine, Goddard, 27-0 vs. Cesar Morales, VC, 13-14; Ronan Wunsch, Maize 17-7 vs. Ethan Garate, Emporia 21-10; Nathan Fury, KMC, 35-1 vs. Gage Reimer, GB, 25-9; Andy Husband, Wichita Carroll, 30-6 vs. Mason Levin, GE, 12-2

195—Kaden Glass, Goddard, 3-0 vs. Carter Garza, Emporia, 16-8; Josh Sparks, Andover, 22-5 vs. Ernie Ledesma, Maize, 2-2; Logan Buchanan, Newton, 25-6 vs. Ashton Putz, Hays, 11-8; Keyven Schroeder, GB, 25-10 vs. Broc Eastman, Wichita Carroll, 23-10

5A HAYS REGIONAL—TEAM SCORES—1—Goddard 257; 2—Maize High 227.5; 3—Goddard Eisenhower 126; 4—Great Bend 125; 5—Hays High 99; 6—Salina Central 91; 7—Salina South 90; 8—Maize South 83


106—No. 2 Kaden Spragis, GB, 33-2, 1st; Spragis pinned McCullough, Hays, 0:16; Spragis pinned McMurray, SS, 0:58; 1ST—Spragis def. No. 5 Glover, Goddard, 8-1

113—No. 5 Avery Wolf, GB, 33-5, 3rd; Wolf pinned Augustine, Hays 0:25; No. 3 Miller, Goddard def. Wolf, 8-6; Wolf def. Barratti, MS, 4-0; 3RD—Wolf def. Phimvongsa, SC, 12-7

120—John Szot, GB, 19-7, 2nd; Szot pinned Blasi, GE, 3:09; 1ST—Gomez, Maize pinned Szot, 4:53

126—Cooper Liles, GB, 6th; Liles pinned Demoss, MS, 1:03; Rothenberger, Goddard pinned Liles, 5:11; Hernandez, SC def. Liles, 5-3; 5TH—Demoss, MS def. Liles, injury

132—Austin Moore, GB, 16-15, 5th; Padgett, Maize pinned Moore, 0:50; Moore def. Macias, Hays, 1-0; Matthews, GE pinned Moore, 2:22; 5th—Moore pinned McDonald, SS, 4:54

138—No. 5 Wyatt Weber, GB, 26-3, 3rd; Weber pinned Talliaferro, Hays, 4:57; No. 4 Holmes, Goddard def. Weber, 5-3; Weber def. Garvalena, MS, 7-0; 3RD—Weber def. Holmgren, GE, 7-1

152—Mario Enriquez, GB, 8-21, 6th; Dale, Hays pinned Enriquez 3:11; Miller, SS def. Enriquez, 8-3; 5TH—Gnagy, MS pinned Enriquez, 4:09

160—Matthew Johnson, GB, 21-22, 5th; Cook, GE pinned Johnson 1:38; Forsythe, MS def. Johnson, 15-3; 5TH—Johnson pinned Augustine, SS, 0:19

170—Gage Reimer, GB, 25-9, 4th; Reimer pinned Hall, MS, 2:38; Craine, Goddard def. Reimer, 11-0; Reimer pinned Castro, SC, 5-0; 3RD—Wunsch, Maize def. Reimer, 5-1

195—Keyven Schroeder, GB, 25-10, 2nd; Schroeder pinned Ledesma, Maize 2:43; Schroeder def. Putz, Hays, 8-4; 1ST—Glass, Goddard pinned Keyven Schroeder 2:44


Panthers qualify six for substate


HAYS — No. 2 ranked regional champion Kaden Spragis (33-2, 106) led six Great Bend wrestlers into 5A substate wrestling. Spragis defeated Goddard's No. 5 ranked Levi Glover, 8-1 in the championship match.