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Great Bend swimmers open season
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Great Bend swimmers start season


SALINA – The Great Bend boys swim team earned a pair of state-relay consideration times and Matt Huslig enjoyed a pair of state consideration times with a third-place in the 200 IM and a runner-up 500 freestyle finish.

The runner-up 200 free relay team of Joel Mellenthin, Daniel Abbott, Prado and Matt Huslig earned a state consideration time.

Mellenthin placed third in the 100 breaststroke.

“I was pleased with how our season started,” said Great Bend coach Steve Beaumont. “Our new swimmers performed well. They’ve already improved so much. We have work to do conditioning-wise, but that is to be expected. Our attitudes are great and we competed hard. I can't ask for more than that.”

The runner-up 400 free relay of Daniel Abbott, Brady Daniel, Allen To, and Matt Huslig earned a state consideration time.

The Great Bend 200 medley relay teams tied for fourth place.

“Both A and B relays tied,” Beaumont said. “I’ve never seen that happen. It was a great swim by our B group.” 

Tyler Stein placed third in the 500 free.

“I was impressed with the times,” Beaumont said, “For the first meet of the season, we had several returning swimmers swim faster than they did all last season. We had swimmers step up and take on leadership roles. We took a huge step in making that happen. Cal Kaiser, Allen To, Daniel Abbott, Jacob Kennedy, and Brady Daniel had great races.”

Beaumont said Mellenthin, Tyler Stein, and Laken Webb showed they are gong to be key contributors for us this season.


TEAM SCORES—1—Salina South 496; 2—Campus 476.5; 3—Great Bend 412.5; 4—Garden City 286; 5—Salina Central 282; 6—Hays 114; 7—Liberal 83


50 free—6—Stein, 26.96; 7—Prado, 27.42; 8—Feist, 27.52; Molina, 30.75; Berbil, 32.99; Feist, 33.39; Garcia, 34.49; DeLong, 35.11; Reyes, 35.6; Cobanoglu, 35.63; Ruiz, 37.83; Stapleton, 39.89; Sasipong-Anun, 41.52; Leyva, 49.38; Bennett, 58.6; Sanchez, 1:04.09

100 back—4—Daniel, 1:09.74; 5—Webb 1:13.47; 13—Reyes, 1:37.54

100 breast—3—Mellenthin, 1:15.69; 5—

Kennedy, 1:19.39; 12—Jacobo, 1:33.04

100 free—5—Mellenthin, 58.02; 7—Abbott, 59.41; 11—Webb, 1:03.83; Molina, 1:11.92; Reyes, 1:21.29

100 fly—5—Kaiser, 1:07,76; 6—Allen To, 1:05.92

200 free—4—To, 2:15.23; 5—Abbott, 2:19.21; 7—Linenberger, 2:26.39

200 IM—3—Hulig, 2:19,23; 5—Daniel, 2:33.2; 6—Kennedy, 2:38.11

500 free—2—Huslig, 5:44.09; 3—Stein, 6:37.53; 4—Linenberger, 6:46.01

200 free relay—2—GB A, 1:42.82 (Mellenthin, Abbott, Prado, Huslig); 7—GB B, 1:51.21 (Kaiser, Feist, Reyes, Kennedy); 13—GB C, 2L18.22 (Garcia, DeLong, Berbil, Reyes); GB D, 2:36.22 (Cobanoglu, Stapleton, Sasipong-Anun, Ruiz); GB E, 3;23.99 (Molina, Bennett, Sanchez, Leyva)

200 medley relay—4—GB A, 1:59.94 (Daniel, Mellenthin, To, Prado; 4—GB B, 1:59.94 (Stein, Kennedy, Kaiser, Feist); 11—GB C, 2:26.45 (Reyes, Jcobo, Webbm Feist) 6:37.53

400 free relay—2—GB A, 3:50.3 (Abbott, Daniel, Allen To, Huslig); 4—GB B. 4:22.21 (Webb, Kaiser, Linenberger, Stein); 8—GB C, 5:02.04 (Feist, DeLong, Molina, Feist)