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Great Bend swimmers win five events
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Great Bend's girls swim team celebrate a victory with pizza in the park.


GARDEN CITY — Great Bend’s Aubrey Snapp captured the 100-yard freestyle (1:00.54) and competed on two winning relays to lead the Panthers to first place at the Garden City Invitational. Great Bend scored 428 points to outdistance Garden City (268). 

“Garden City is always a tough place to swim,” said Great Bend coach Steve Beaumont. “Today was no different. 

Aubrey Snapp teamed with Zoe Jerke, Rachel Panzer and Monica Lang on the first-place 200 free relay (1:57.0). Snapp competed with Ruth Williams, Rachel Panzer and Katherine Snapp on the first-place 400 freestyle relay (4:20.81).

Olivia Mull won the 100 backstroke (1:10.14) and Zoe Jerke won the 100 backstroke (1:10.14).

Runner-up finishes were earned by Emma Mayhill in the 200 freestyle (2:31.1) and 500 freestyle (6:50.65); Aubrey Snapp, 

50 freestyle (27.94); Katherine Snapp, 100 backstroke (1:16.91); Alexis Ibarra, 100 breaststroke (1:26.03); and Ruth Williams, 100 butterfly (1:13.66).

Great Bend placed second in the 200-yard medley relay (2:10.95) with Olivia Mull, McKenna Cape, Ruth Williams and Monica Lang competing. 

Great Bend swimming coach Steve Beaumont saw improvement in a variety of events. 

“We’re working on learning to compete at a high level every time,” Beaumont said. “We didn’t do a good job to start the meet. But our energy level and focus on racing hard improved after the 50 freestyle. We’re improving, but we have to continue to get better in regard to being mentally prepared to compete.”

Great Bend’s girls have captured 16 consecutive Western Athletic Conference swimming championships.


TEAM SCORES—1—Great Bend 428; 2—Garden City 268; 3—Liberal 234. 4—Dodge City 206; 5—Holcomb 85

50 freestyle—1—Sanchez, DC, 27.38; 2—A. Snapp, 27.94; 4—Williams, 29.36; 5—Boxberger, 29.78; Lang, 31.62; Lang, 31.62; Soupiset, 32.34; Millard, 34.45; Dougherty, 34.69; A. Allen, 35.16; Barton, 35.83; Jones, 36.87; Ringo, 38.13; Muth, 40.4; Reyes, 40.89; B. Allen, 44.74; Molina, 49.1

100 backstroke—1—Olivia Mull, GB, 1:10.14; 2—K. Snapp, 1:16.91; 3—Amy To, 1:20.33; Pedigo, 1:29.3; Reyes, 1:50.92

100 breaststroke—1—Tull, GC, 1:12.64; 2—Ibarra, 1:26.03; 3—Cape, 1:26.29; 7—Boxberger, 1:35.07

100 butterfly—1—Sanchez, DC, 1:13.34; 2—Williams, 1:13.66; 3—Amy To, 1:19.83; 7—Huslig, 1:26.15

100 freestyle—1—Aubrey Snapp, GB, 1:00.54; 4—Jerke, 1:05.17; 6—Panzer, 1:07.94; Ibarra, 1:11.71; Lang, 1:12.86; Mason, 1:22.07; Popp, 1:22.36; A. Allen, 1:24.82; Irwin, 1:29.68; Muth, 1:33.29; B. Allen, 1:43.15; Molina, 1:52.55

200 freestyle—1—Zoe Jerke, GB, 2:16.16; 2—Mayhill, 2:31.1; 5—Huslig, 2:40.88; Mason, 3:03.03; Irwin, 3:19.38

200 IM—1—Tull, GC, 2:26.75; 3—K. Snapp, GB, 2:50.05; 4—Cape, 2:56.68

500 freestyle—1—Salvidrez, GC, 6:36.79; 2—Mayhill, GB, 6:50.65; 5—Barton, 7:26.99; 8—Soupiset, 7:39.84

200 free relay—1—GB A, 1:57.0 (Zoe Jerke, Rachel Panzer, Monica Lang, Aubrey Snapp)

3—GB B, 2:05.19 (Cape, Soupiset, Ibarra, Huslig)

7—GB C, 2:19.54 (A. Allen, Dougherty, Popp, Millard)

GB D, 2:30.48 (Ringo, Mason, Irwin, Jones)

GB E, 2:55.51 (Muth, B. Allen, Molina, Reyes)

200 medley relay—1—GC, 2:10.69

2—GB A, 2:10.95 (Mull, Cape, Williams, Lang) 

3—GB B, 2:21.08 (K. Snapp, Ibarra, Boxberger, Amy To)

6—GB C, 2:38.43 (Pedigo, Dougherty, Popp, A. Allen)

400 freestyle relay—1—GB A, 4:20.81 (Aubrey Snapp, Ruth Williams, Rachel Panzer, Katherine Snapp)

3—GB B, 4:46.06 (Huslig, Soupiset, Mayhill, Mull)

6—GB C, 5;24.79 (Millard, Ringo, Popp, Jones)

GB D, 5:35.12 (Barton, Mason, Irwin, Pedigo)