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Great Bend wrestlers dominate Valley Center meet
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Panther wrestlers win Valley Center meet


VALLEY CENTER – Great Bend champions Jeffrey Spragis (138), Gage Fritz (145) and Alex Randolph (152) captured first place to lead the Panthers to the Valley Center wrestling title. The Panthers scored 192 points and runner-up Newton scored 151 points.

Fritz defeated Andover Central’s Chris Hannon 13-8 for first place. Randolph defeated Wichita Carroll’s Hunter Trail on a forfeit.

Runner-up finishers were Drew Liles (120), Carsyn Schooler (126), Skylar Burkes (132) and George Weber (138). Newton’s Grant Treaster edged Liles 3-1. Carroll’s Matt Gottschalk downed Burkes 9-3.

“I’m super proud of the wrestlers,’ said Great Bend coach Nathan Broeckelman. “We earned tons of bonus points and dominating wins.  We have learning to do. We will look for earing another trophy next week at Douglass.”


1—Great Bend  192; 2—Newton, 151; 3—Wichita Carroll  143.5; 4—Valley Center, 129; 5—Rose Hill , 112; 6—Douglass, 93; 7—Salina South  86.5; 8—Andover Central, 60; 9—Wichita Heights, 39.5


106—Brantley Baldwin GB, 3rd; Weber def. Baldwin, 0:02; Baldwin def. Means, Carroll, 9-1; 3rd Place— Baldwin GB,  def. Means, Carroll  4:24

106—Wyatt Weber GB,  2nd; Weber def. Baldwin, 0:02; Weber def. Rider -Heights  3:47;Weber def. Jones Andover Central,  1:04; Bybee, Newton def.  Webe, 10-3; 1st Place—Colin Bybee Newton def.  Weber, 5-0

113--Avery Wolf, GB, 3rd; Caver, VC def. Wolf, 10-8; Wolf def. Pacha, Carroll, 0:29; Sackett, Rose Hill def. Wolf, forfeit; 3rd Place—Wolf def. Small, Douglass  1:52

120—Drew Liles GB,  2nd; Liles def.  Monty Christo Andover Central, 16-0; Liles def.  Black Rose Hill  4:56; Liles def.  Fisher, Carroll  2:00; 1st place—Grant Treaster Newton def.  Liles, 3-1

126—Carsyn Schooler GB, 2nd; Schooler def.  Beavers, Rose Hill, 14-2; Schooler def. Chastain, Andover Central,  4-2; Schooler def.  Lough Douglass, 16-0; Schooler def.  Mock Newton, 7-3; 1st Place—Alyeus Craig VC def. Schooler GB, 10-7

132—Skylar Burkes GB,  2nd; Burkes def.  Copeland, Salina South, 8-1; Burkes def.  Dean, -Heights. 3:39; Burkes def.  Besco, Rose Hill, 10-0; Burkes  def.  Devin  Delforge Valley Center  3:40;1st Place—Gottschalk, Carroll def.  Burkes, 9-3

138—Jeffrey Spragis GB, 1st; Spragis def. Reynolds Douglass, forfeit; Spragis def. Reeves, Salina South  2:46; Spragis def. Duncan, Andover Central, 5:16; Spragis GB,  def.  Roberson, Newton, 11-9; 1st Place-- Spragis def.  Weber, GB, forfeit

138—George Weber, GB, 2nd; Weber def. Roberson Newton  3:45; Weber def. Faimon, VC, 1:26; Weber def. Husband, Carroll  3:29; Weber def. Reynolds, Douglass  1:50; 1st Place –Spragis GB,  def. Weber, forfeit

145—Gage Fritz GB, 1st; Fritz def. Edson Newton, 12-1; Fritz def. Brown -Heights, 1:44; Fritz def. Schurle Valley Center, 5:01; Fritz def. Hilyard Douglass, 2:16; 1st Place—Fritz def. Hannon, Andover  Central, 13-8

152—Alex Randolph GB, 1st; Randolph def.  Sherwood, Salina-South  3:01; Randolph def.  Filippi, Heights  2:49; Randolph def.  Waldro, Newton  2:11; Randolph def.  Kirk, VC, 1:48

1st Place—Randolph def. Trail, Carroll, forfeit

160—Scott Heilman GB,  4th; Heilman def.  Bannig Valley Center, 8-7; Leck, Rose Hill def. Heilman, 1:36; Heilman def. Hutchison, Andover  Central, 1:41; 3rd Place—Jeffries, Salina South def. Heilman, 1:23

170—Jacob Meeks GB,  4th; Meeks def.  Foulk, Carroll  0:57; Meeks def.  Rodd Andover  Central,  1:57; Meeks def.  Pichler Douglass, 18-9; Harper, Newton def.  Meeks,  2:13; 3rd Place –Scheer, Rose Hill def.  Meeks, 7-0

195—Andrew Wettengel GB, 5th; Hendrickson Newton def.  Andrew Wettengel GB,   1:12

Epley Rose Hill def.  Andrew Wettengel GB,   4:00

Dressler Douglass def.  Andrew Wettengel GB,   0:00

Ownbey Anddef.  Central def.  Andrew Wettengel GB,   4:40

Wettengel GB,  def.  Justin  Meiers -Heights Dec 6-1

285—Kevin Miramontes GB, 5th; Miramontes def.  Manning, Andover Central,  0:27; Caldwell, Valley Center def. Miramontes, 1:48; Lowery -Heights def. Miramontes, 3:03; Miramontes def. Framer, Douglass, 3:36; 5th Place—Miramontes def. Farmer, Douglass, 2:49