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'Hat trick' sparks Panther soccer, 5-0
Alex Galindo beats the defence and finishes with a goalMain.jpg


 Great Bend Panther superstar Alex Galindo was on fire. Galindo fired three goals past Wichita Life Prep goalie Austin Park in a 5-0 victory over the Fire Tuesday.

Galindo scored a lightning-quick goal with an assist by Gustavo Alvarado in the first minute and added two second-half goals. Great Bend (2-8, 0-4 WAC) plays WAC powerhouse Garden City at home Thursday at Cavanaugh Field.

Galindo blasted goals past Park (48:57) and (50:45) off a nifty assist by Diego Soto. He missed an opportunity for a fourth goal when he fired high.

“It was amazing. I couldn’t have done anything without my teammates," Galindo said. "That was fun working with my teammates. We tried a new formation trying to get more goals that worked today."

It was a huge night for anyone named Alex for the Panthers.

The Panthers finished the job when Alex Alonso fed a pass to Alex Alcala (63:12) for a wide-open score. Alex Alonso made it a perfect night for Team Alex with a final goal (70:39).

“It was fun to be able to execute a few things,” said Great Bend coach Chuy Loera. “It was good for the guys for our morale and our chemistry. We figured out a style where we moved the ball quicker. We understand using our whole team offensively.”


Dodge City 6-0 11-0

Liberal 2-1 5-3

Garden City 3-4 7-4

Hays High 2-5 6-5

Great Bend 0-4 2-8

TUESDAY 10-4—*Dodge City 5, Hays High 0; *Liberal 3, Garden City 2; Great Bend 5, Wichita Life Prep 0

THURSDAY 10-6—*Garden City at Great Bend; *Liberal at Hays High

FRIDAY 10-7—Wichita West at Dodge City

DODGE CITY (6-0, 11-0)—W Wichita Carroll 6-1; W Newton 2-1, OT; W Wichita North 7-0; W Emporia 3-0; W *Liberal 5-0; W *Hays High 6-0; W*Garden City 1-0; W *Great Bend 10-0; W Wichita Trinity 8-2; W *Garden City 4-1; W *Hays High 5-0; 10-7—Wichita West; 10-11—*Great Bend; 10-14—at BV Southwest; 10-15—at SM South; 10-20—*Liberal 

LIBERAL (2-1, 5-3)—L Maize 0-2; L Wichita NW 0-1; W Wichita South 10-0; L *Dodge City 0-5; W *Garden City 2-1; W Lamar, Colo. 5-1; W Wichita Life 7-0; W *Garden City 3-2; 10-6—*at Hays High; 10-8—*Hays High; 10-11—at Wichita East; 10-13—at Wichita North; 10-14—*Garden City; 10-18—*Great Bend (2); 10-20—*at Dodge City 

GARDEN CITY (3-4, 7-4)—W *Hays 3-1; W Buhler 4-1; W Goddard 6-3; W Rose Hill 4-3; L *Liberal 1-2; L *Dodge City 0-1; W *Hays High 1-0; W *Great Bend 10-0; L *Dodge City 1-4; W Wichita Heights 4-1; L *Liberal 2-3; 10-6—*at Great Bend; 10-10 to 10-15—at Wichita North Tournament; 10-20—Wichita North

HAYS HIGH (2-5, 6-5)—*L Garden City 1-3; W Wichita West 3-0; W Salina Central 10-0; W Manhattan 3-2; W *Great Bend 6-1;  L *Dodge City 0-6; W *Great Bend 8-1; L *Garden City 0-1; W Junction City 4-1; L *Dodge City; 0-5;  10-6—*Liberal; 10-8—*at Liberal; 10-11—at Wichita Trinity; 10-13—at Wichita Carroll; 10-17—at McPherson Elyria; 10-20—Wichita Classical

GREAT BEND (0-4, 2-8)—L Wichita Northwest 2-6; W Wichita South 7-2; L Maize High 1-6; L *Hays High 1-6; L Maize South 0-7; L Wichita Trinity 1-2; L *Hays High 1-8; L *Dodge City 0-10; L *Garden City 0-10; 10-4—Hays TMP; 10-6—*Garden City; 10-11—*at Dodge City; 10-13—Junction City; 10-18—*at Liberal (2); 10-20—at McPherson