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Hesston site of Central Kansas League volleyball
Lynyzi Myrick

HESSTON — Hesston is the site of Saturday’s Central Kansas League volleyball tournament. Pratt defeated Halstead 25-12, 25-19 for first place. Hoisington downed Larned 25-12, 25-19 for ninth place last year.

Hoisington and Larned will compete in Pool B with Lyons and co-CKL champions Hesston and Nickerson. Each team is guaranteed five matches.    



POOL A—Halstead (30-9), Haven (7-26), Hillsboro (12-22), Pratt (29-7), Smoky Valley (15-23)

POOL B—Hesston (32-10), Hoisington (16-27), Larned (2-33), Lyons (20-17), Nickerson (30-11)


9 a.m.—Pratt vs. Haven; Halstead vs. Hillsboro; Hesston vs. Larned; Nickerson vs. Lyons 

10—Hillsboro vs. Haven; Pratt vs. Smoky Valley; Hesston vs. Hoisington; Lyons vs. Larned 

11—Smoky Valley vs. Hillsboro; Halstead vs. Haven; Nickerson vs. Larned; Hoisington vs. Lyons

12:30—Halstead vs. Smoky Valley; Pratt vs. Hillsboro; Hesston vs. Lyons; Nickerson vs. Hoisington

1:30—Pratt vs. Halstead; Smoky Valley vs. Haven; Hesston vs. Nickerson; Hoisington vs. Larned


SEMIFINALS—A1 vs. B2; B1 vs. A2; 1st place; 3rd place

CONSOLATION—A3 vs. B4; B3 vs. A4; 5th place; 7th place

A5 vs. B5—9th place