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Oilers' tennis tandem beats teammates

HESSTON – Central Plains doubles tandem Bryanna Hammeke/Kyla Metro downed teammates. Lauren Oeser/Jennah Jeffrey, 8-5 for fifth place at Saturday's Hesston Tennis Tournament. Hammeke/Metro placed fifth at 3-2-1A state tennis last year.

Hammeke/Metro won three of four matches, losing 8-4 to Wichita Collegiate's doubles champions  Lily Conrad/Ella Graham. Oeser/Jeffrey won two of four matches, losing 8-2 to Salina Sacred Heart's doubles runner-up Isabella Matteuci/Katherine Weiss, Sacred Heart, 8-2.

Central Plains Oiler Ashley Armstrong downed her sister Brooke Armstrong, 8-6 for 13th place. Sacred Heart's Lily Perrin defeated Collegiate's Emma Montovoni, 8-0 for first place.

Wichita Collegiate (90) captured first place ahead of Sacred Heart (70) and Central Plains placed sixth (44).


TEAM SCORES–1–Wichita Collegiate 90; 2–Salina Sacred Heart 70; 3–Hesston 66; 4–Smoky Valley 58; 5–Hillsboro 46; 6–Central Plains 44; 7–Wichita Independent 18


1–Lily Perrin, Sacred Heart def. Emma Montovoni, Collegiate, 8-0

3–Gracie Dawes, Hesston def. Michaela Martin, Hesston, 8-6

5–Kyla Isaac, Hillsboro def. Kiarra Farha, Independent, injury

7–Karee Adam, SV def. Aidan Bhargava, Collegiate, 8-2

9–Reagan Varenhorst, Collegiate def. Kailee Funk, Hillsboro, 8-5

11–Angel Tran, Sacred Heart def. Logan Spencer. SV, 8-6 

13–Ashley Armstrong, CP def. Brooke Armstrong, CP, 8-6

CENTRAL PLAINS RESULTS–Bhargava, WC def. def. A. Armstrong, CP, 8-2; Martin, Hesston def. B. Armstrong, CP, 8-0; Tran, SH def. A. Armstrong, CP, 8-1; Verenhorst, WC def. B. Armstrong, CP, 8-0  


1–Lily Conrad/Ella Graham, Collegiate def. Isabella Matteuci/Katherine Weiss, Sacred Heart, 8-5

3–Karik Elliott/Lena Rauchholz, SV def. Nichols/Tatum Bhargava, Collegiate, 8-2 

5–Bryanna Hammeke/Kyla Metro, CP def. Lauren Oeser/Jennah Jeffrey, CP, 8-5

7–Cassie Albin/Maggie Carlson, Hesston def. Strecker/Sydney Lair, Collegiate, 8-3

9–Riley Ahlstedt/Campbell Gaskill, SV def. Callie Plenert/Callie Barnhardt, Hillsboro, 8-4

11–Ade Easter/Marisol Banda, Sacred Heart def. Cheyenne Funk/Kate Maxwell, Hillsboro, 8-3

13–Emily Friesen/Hannah Bontrager, Hesston def. Yoder/Friesen, Hillsboro, 8-3

CENTRAL PLAINS RESULTS–Hammeke/Metro, CP def. Easter/Banda, SSH, 8-1;  Oeser/Jennah Jeffrey, CP, def. Ahlstedt/Gaskill, SV, 8-7 (7-5); Conrad/Graham, Collegiate def. Hammeke/Metro, CP, 8-4;  Matteucci/Weiss, SSH def. Oeser/Jennah Jeffrey, CP, 8-2; Hammeke/Metro, CP def. Strecker/Lair, Collegiate, 8-2; Oeser/Jennah Jeffrey, CP def. Albin/Carlson, Hesston, 8-5