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Cougars, Oilers qualify at Hill City
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Cougars, Oilers qualify for state

HILL CITY – The Central Plains girls captured the 3,200-meter relay and the Oilers and Otis-Bison Cougars each qualified two state qualifiers at the 1A Hill City track regional.

The Oilers won the 3,200 relay (10:53.98) with  Hannah Redetzke, Callie Zink, Jennah Jeffrey and Monica Short. Oiler Cole Lamatsch placed fourth in the 3,200 (10:46.08) to qualify for the 1A state meet at Wichita State’s Cessna Stadium.

Otis-Bison’s Jayce Kohls placed third in the long jump (20-91/2) and Luke Higgason placed fourth in the shot put (44-4) to earn state berths.1A HILL CITY REGIONAL

Almena Northern Valley; Atwood Rawlins County; Bird City Cheylin; Brewster; Chase; Claflin Central Plains; Dighton; Grainfield Wheatland/Grinnell; Healy; Hill City; Kensington Thunder Ridge; La Crosse; Logan; Natoma; Osborne; Otis-Bison; Palco; Quinter; Ransom Western Plains; Rexford Golden Plains; Sharon Springs Wallace County; St. Francis; Stockton; Sylvan Lucas; Tribune Greeley County; Victoria; Weskan; Wilson; Winona Triplains 


100—1—Verela, NV, 11.48

110 hurdles—1—Darrien Holloway, Osborne, 15.13

200—1—Dinkel, SF, 23.11; 9—Anton Foust, OB, 24.33

300 hurdles—1—Darrien Holloway, Osborne, 40.25

400—1—Verela, NV, 51.06

800—1—Bales, Osborne, 2:02.42

1,600—1—Bales, Osborne, 4:38.39; 6—Lamatsch, CP, 5:08.42; 11—Oberle, CP, 5;28.93

3,200—1—Delaney, Osborne, 10:40.26; 4—Cole Lamatsch, CP, 10:46.08; 13—Sinn, OB, 12:15.68

400 relay—1—LaCrosse 45.0; 6—Otis-Bison, 46.42 (Lopez, Kohls, A. Foust, Higgason)

1,600 relay—1—Northern Valley, 3:32.25

3,200 relay—1—Weskan, 8:52.15; 5—Central Plains, 9:10.04 (Meneal, Oberle, Laymon, Lamatsch)

High jump—1—Havlas, Q, 6-2

Long jump—1—Medina, WC, 21-4; 3—Jayce Kohls, OB, 20-91/2

Triple jump—1—Medina, WC, 42-4

Shot put—1—Johnson, Brewster, 47-3; 4—Luke Higgason, OB, 44-4

Discus—1—Serrano, Cheylin, 149-4; 5—Higgason, OB, 137-1; 17—A. Foust, OB, 106-8

Javelin—1—Bach, NV, 195-1; 8—Holmes, CP, 141-0; 8—Hoopingarner, OB, 141-0

Pole vault—1—Hamel, HC, 13-0


100—1—Conway, Osborne, 13.06

300 hurdles—1—Baird, NV, 15.22

200—1—Baird, NV, 26.84

300 hurdles—1—Baird, NV, 50.51; 7—Zink, CP, 54.21

400—1—Baird, NV, 1:00.62

800—1—Boden, TR, 2;32.21; 9—Short, CP, 2:53.07; 13—Bailey, CP, 3:00.66; 15—Trapp, OB, 3:05.16

1,600—1—Boden, TR, 5:59.78; 7—Redetzke, CP, 6:28.72

3,200—1—Cramer, D, 13:50.35; 8—Redetzke, CP, 14:45.73

400 relay—1—Golden Plains, 52.61

1,600 relay—1—Golden Plains, 4;10.97; 6—Central Plains, 4:43.91 (Thompson, Crites, Jeffrey, Zink)

3,200 relay—1—Central Plains, 10:53.98 (Hannah Redetzke, Callie Zink, Jennah Jeffrey, Monica Short)

High jump—1—Hanzlick, W, 5-2; 6—Gilpin, OB, 4-8

Long jump—1—Miller, GP, 16-91/2; 9—Trapp, OB, 14-61/2

Triple jump—1—Gruenbacher, A, 35-63/4; 5—Trapp, OB, 33-61/2; 9—Thompson, CP, 32-51/4

Shot put—1—Singhaeteh, RC, 37-10; 13—Anderson, OB, 31-63/4

Discus—1—Hennick, WC, 121-0; 17—Anderson, OB, 83-4

Javelin—1—Keith, HC, 130-3; 14—Oeser, CP, 91-6

Pole vault—1—Ayers, WC, 9-0


400m relay—8—Otis-Bison, 46.09 (Kade Scott, Jayce Kohls, Anton Foust)

400m relay FINAL—8—Otis-Bison, 46.09 (Kade Scott, Jayce Kohls, Anton Foust)

1,600m relay—16—Otis-Bison, 3:53.99 (Jayce Kohls, Kade Scott, Jacob Olivarez, Anton Foust)

3,200m relay—15—Otis-Bison, 11:23.47 (Maddie Wiltse, Sheridan Ewy, Cristen Trapp)

Triple jump—13—Cristen Trapp, 32-31/2

Discus—7—Luke Higgason, 140-3