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Hoisington boys win Russell track title
Josiah Ball wins two events
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Hoisington boys win Russell title

RUSSELL – Hoisington hurdler Josiah Ball swept the 110-meter hurdles (16.37) and 300-meter hurdles (43.62) to lead the Cardinals to first place with 130 points at Thursday’s windswept Russell Track Invitational.

Caiden Hoffman won the shot put (47-61/2) and Layton Hoffman (119-8) won the discus.

Runner-up finishes were earned by Brier Thompson, 110 hurdles (19.44); Noah Deines, shot put (39-1) and the Cardinals’ 1,600-meter relay (3:55.39) with Ball, Deryk Yott, Kamden Tarlton and Taylen Morales; and 3,200-meter relay (9:38.73) with Yott, Karter Wolf, Jason Robinson and Elijah Lewis.

CARDINAL GIRLS – Cardinal Shellamae Farmer won the 300-meter hurdles (54.58) and Kynlie Crowdis won the 800 meters (2:46.16).

Hoisington's girls won the 1,600-meter relay (4:39.06) with Farmer, Mallory Mooney, Reese Merlau and Kelsi Maier. They placed runner-up in the 400-meter relay (53.93) with Farmer, Hahn, Merlau and Mooney

Kylee Hahn earned a pair of runner-up medals in the 110-meter hurdles (16.82) and 300-meter hurdles (55.14).

“Our seniors displayed great leadership, and were the backbone to a great start 2023 track season,” said Hoisington coach Dan Schmidt. “I was proud of our team's performances. We have talent on both the girls and the boys sides. In many cases we were outstanding considering how youthful we are. The conditions for the meet were windy to say the least, but our kids used the wind to their advantage throughout the day.”


BOYS TEAM SCORES—1—Hoisington 130; 2—Russell 126; 3—Hutchinson Trinity 117; 4—Ellsworth 77; --Lyons 59; 6—Hays TMP 7


110m hurdles—1—Ball, 16.37; 2—Thompson, 19.44; 3—Morales, 20..8

200m—5—Czarnek, 24.27; 6—Smith, 27.74

300m hurdles—1—Ball, 43.62; 3—Thompson, 46.45; 3—Kraft, 49.0; 5—Doan, 51.4

1,600m—4—Tarlton, 5:11.9

3,200m—4—Wolf, 11:25.71; 6—Hipp, 12:36.42

400m relay—4—Hoisington, 47.87 (Alderdice, Robinson, Thompson, Kaiser)

1,600m relay—2—Hoisington, 3:55.39 (Ball, Yott, Robinson, Morales)

3,200m relay—2—Hoisington, 9:38.73 (Yott, Wolf, Tarlton, Lewis)

Long jump—3—Robinson, 20-33/4; 5—Ball, 19-41/4

Triple jump—4—Czarnek, 39-81/2; 6—Morales, 38-23/4

Shot put—1—Caiden Hoffman, 47-61/2; 2—Deines, 39-1; 55—Layton Hoffman, 37-01/2; 6—Birzer, 35-1

Discus—1—Layton Hoffman, 119-8; 2—Caiden Hoffman, 109-7


GIRLS TEAM SCORES—1—Hays TMP 172; 2—Ellsworth 118; --3—Hoisington 89; 4--Lyons 48; 5—Russell 33.5; 6—Hutchinson Trinity 33


100m—3—Merlau, 13.68

110m hurdles—2—Hahn, 16.82; 3—Farmer, 17.55

300m hurdles—1—Farmer, 54.58; 2—Hahn, 55.14

400m—5—Lexus Petersilie, 1:19.51

800m—1—Crowdis, 2:46.16

3,200m—6—Wyant, 18:45.32

400m relay—2—Hoisington, 53.93 (Farmer, Hahn, Merlau, Mooney); 5—Hoisington B, 58.23 (Lexus Petersilie, Ramirez, Schremmer, Moshier)

1,600m relay—1—Hoisington, 4:39.06 (Farmer, Mooney, Merlau, Maier)

3,200m relay—3—Hoisington, 12:58.24 (Crowdis, Wyant, Kassy Petersilie, Kaiser)

High jump—5—Hahn, 4-4

Long jump—5—Mooney, 15-01/2

Triple jump—4—Mooney, 33-4

Shot put—4—Lexus Petersilie, 29-5