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Hoisington Cardinals win Larned Tournament
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Cardinals capture Larned title

LARNED — The Hoisington Cardinals earned four first-place finishes to capture first place with 161 points at the Larned Tournament. 

Cardinals Quentin Boxberger (6-6, 106), Cole Steinert (7-2, 132), No. 5 state-ranked Joshua Ball (11-2, 182) and No. 1 state-ranked Wyatt Pedigo (11-0, 195), a returning state champion, all won their weight divisions.

Cardinal Jessi Kindschner (120-138) won two matches to win her girls division.

Runner-up finishes were earned by Cardinals Nicholas Rubio (7-8, 113), Evan Foltz (8-6, 126), Dante Urban (14-5, 152) and Bailey Sanders (152-170) in the girls division.


TEAM SCORES—1—Hoisington 161; 2—Larned 140; 3—Hugoton 138; 4—Lakin 113; 5—Stafford 70; 6—Hays-Thomas More Prep 48 


106—Quentin Boxberger, HHS (6-6) 1st; Boxberger def. Yarbrough, Hugoton, 0:53; Boxberger def. Tarpley, Lakin, 12-2; Boxberger def. Armstrong, Larned, 0:46

113—Nicolas Rubio, HHS, (7-8), 2nd; Rubio def. Marioni, Hugoton, 2:33; Rubio def. Brozek Stafford, 1:24; Hook, Larned def. Rubio, 2:43

120—Gabe Hipp, HHS (3-16); Pearson, Hugoton def. Hipp, 1:25; Hudsonpillar, TMP def. Hipp, 0:21; Hoch, Larned def. Hipp, 1:53; Doss, HHS def. Hipp, 1:56

120—Ian Doss, HHS (11-10), 4th; Hudsonpillar, TMp def. Doss, 5:19; Pearson, Hugoton def. Doss, 1:22; Hoch, Larned def. Doss, 0:30; Doss def. Hipp, HHS, 1:56

126—Evan Foltz, HHS (8-6) 2nd; Foltz def. Burrows, Hugoton, 2:00 Foltz def. Pfeifer, TMP, 2:51; Foltz def. Vahling, TMP, 0:38; Foltz def. Weers, Larned, 5:25; Beam, Lakin def. Foltz, 1:51

132—Cole Steinert, HHS (7-2) 1st; Steinert def. Chambers, HHS, 0:23; Steinert def. Lang, TMP, 3:30

132—Isaac Chambers, HHS (0-2); Lang, TMP def. Chambers, 1:19; Steinert, HHS def. Chambers, 0:23

138—Aydan Davis, HHS (4-16); Alboyd, Larned def. Davis, 3:48; Lovelady, Lakin def. Davis, 2:36; Enfield, Stafford def. Davis, 8-3

145—Sam Baldyga, HHS (2-21) 3rd;.Lemuz, Larned def. Baldyga, 1:28; Marever, Stafford def. Baldyga, 5:54; Baldyga def. Kraft, Hugoton, 2-1

152—Dante Urban, HHS (14-5), 2nd; Urban def. Schmeidler, TMP, 2-1; Mendoza, Hugoton def. Urban, 3:19; Urban def. Gottschalk, TMP, 0:17; Urban def. Nolde, Larned, forfeit

160—Nolan Wilborn, HHS (11-10), 3rd; Erway, Larned def. Wilborn, 1:08; Cozaihr, Hugoton def. Wilborn, 2:34; Wilborn def. Shuey, HHS, 0:58

160—Levi Shuey, HHS (0-3); Cozaihr, Hugoton def. Shuey, 1:40; Erway, Larned def. Shuey, 0:41; Wilborn, HHS def. Shuey, 0:58

170—Nicholas Long, HHS (3-11) 5th; Long def. Pfortmiller, Larned, 5:03;Maravilla, Hugoton def. Long, 1:20; Christiansen, Lakin def. Long, 1:20; Flock, Larned, 4-1 def. Long, 1:54; Heimann, TMP, 3-6 def. Long, 1:44

182—Joshua Ball, HHS (11-2), 1st; Ball def. Stahlecker, Larned, 0:24; Ball def. Seeman, Larned, 1:00; Ball def. Garcia, Hugoton, 2:54

195—Wyatt Pedigo, HHS (11-0) 1st; Pedigo def. Martin, Hugoton, 0:26; Pedigo def. Aller, Lakin, 1:16; Pedigo def. Kramer, Larned, 3:20; Pedigo, def. Cruz, Hugoton, injury

220—Cade Boxberger, HHS (11-6), 3rd;; Boxberger def. Kraus, TMP, 1:00; Boxberger def. Adams, Lakin, 5:57; Cruz, Hugoton def. Boxberger, 1:19; Shocklee Stafford def. Boxberger, 1:21; 3rd Place—Boxberger def. Lowe Stafford, 3-0

285—Riley Philbern, HHS (10-3), 3rd; Philbern def. Lagree, TMP, 5:14; Philbern def. Rubio, Hugoton, 5:47; Serviss,  Stafford def. Philbern, 0:50; Panzer, Lakin def.  Philbern, 7-0; 3rd Place—Philbern def. Coreno, Hugoton, injury


106-113—Emily Lovett, HHS (3-6), 2nd; Ortiz, Lakin def. Lovett, 4:39; Lovett def. Rayburn Stafford,3:20

120-138—Jessi Kindscher, HHS (5-4), 1st; Kindscher def. Enfield, Stafford, 3:50; Kindscher def. Rosas, Hugoton, 1:02

152-170—Bailey Sanders, HHS (1-3), 2nd; Sanders def. McCloskey, Stafford, 0:44; Mull, Larned def. Sanders, 2:55