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Hoisington girls, Macksville runner place first
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Hoisington, Macksville girl place first

HOISINGTON – Hoisington’s girls (32) edged Macksville (35) as Macksville runner Madison Butler (22:53.09) earned medalist honors.

Hoisington counted fifth-place Sheena Gocela, 25:08.25; seventh-place Kendall Mason, 25:35.76; eighth-place Kynlie Crowdis, 26:10.39; and 12th-place Kiana Grandclair, 27:22.15.

Macksville counted ninth-place Joselin Garcia, 26:12.82; 11th-place Abigail Ibarra, 26:50.82; and 14th-place Melanie Vargas, 30:40.36.

“The Macksville girls placed second to a good Hoisington team,” said Macksville coach Mike Hulman. “We were too spread out between our runners in order to pick off the Hoisington team.”

Medalist Blake Pierce (18:24.4) helped the LaCrosse boys (23) edge Hoisington (24) for first place. Hoisington counted runner-up Ian Doss, 18:55.92; third-place Karter Wolf, 18:58.69; sixth-place Gabe Hipp, 19:27.78; and 13th-place Bralen Thompson, 21:49.86.

Macksville’s top runner was 12th-place Jesse Nava (21:26.5). 

“The boys ended up in third, but we were missing our No. 1 runner,” Hullman said. “They are anxious to get back to practice to put in the workouts that we need to improve on our times.

The course ran long so the times were not what the runners wanted for their first one.  They were all excited about finally getting to compete.” 



GIRLS TEAM—1—Hoisington 32; 2—Macksville 35

MACKSVILLE—1—Madison Butler, 22:53.09; 9—Joselin Garcia, 26:12.82; 11—Abigail Ibarra, 26:50.82; 14—Melanie Vargas, 30:40.36; 15—Anna Suiter, 30:52.36; 17—Karen Hall, 36:28.41

RUSSELL—2—Camille Dortland,23:32.69

CENTRAL PLAINS—3—Hannah Redetzke, 24:15.82; 6—Monica Short, 25:24.07;

LACROSSE—4—Anni Anderson, 25:06.46; 10—Keadance Kendall, 26:19.97; 16—Dani Wagner, 31:41.32

HOISINGTON—5—Sheena Gocela, 25:08.25; 7—Kendall Mason, 25:35.76; 8—Kynlie Crowdis, 26:10.39; 12—Kiana Grandclair, 27:22.15; 13—Jayla Wyant, 27:36.99

BOYS TEAM—1—LaCrosse 23; 2—Hoisington 24; 3—Macksville 58; 4—Russell 66

LACROSSE—1—Blake Pierce, 18:24.4; 4—Will Rues, 19:16.1; 8—Chase Schmidt, 19:30.01; 11—Rylin Anderson, 21:06.94

HOISINGTON—2—Ian Doss, 18:55.92; 3—Karter Wolf, 18:58.69; 6—Gabe Hipp, 19:27.78; 13—Bralen Thompson, 21:49.86; 18—Alex Mater, 24:43.95

RUSSELL—11—Charlie Krug, 21:20.39; 16—Tyler Lampert, 24:22.72; 19—Hunter Throop, 25:25.47; 29—Jackson Coss, 26:50.76

OTIS-BISON—7—Peytan Butler, 19:29.56; 9—Jayce Kohls, 20:48.28; 21—Ikebahr,27:01.27

CENTRAL PLAINS—5—Peyton Ryan, 19:23.34

MACKSVILLE—12—Jesse Nava, 21:26.5; 14—Alex Mendez, 23:09.98; 15—James Lee, 23:43.98; 17—Thoran Cross, 24:35.68


1—Colton Maneth, L, 20:11.57; 2—Triston Nelson, L, 24:31.65; 3—Ethan Hurley, Central Plains, 24:42.53; 4—Dom Nichol, R, 27:52.91; 5—Marcus Koetkemeyer, R, 8:18.28