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Hoisington, Larned wrestlers earn titles
Samajay Alboyd1


LARNED — Hoisington's Noah Deines (9-7, 285); Joshua Ball (25,-0 182), Cole Steinert (170), Evan Foltz (20-5, 138) and Mason Alderdice (7-6, 106) claimed gold medals at Thursday's Larned Round Robin Wrestling Tournament. The Cardinals went back-to-back by winning their Cardinal Classic Friday.

In championship matches, Deines pinned Lakin's Dravin Chavira (1:21); Ball pinned Lincoln County's Nathan Ross (0:14) and (0:26); Steinert pinned Larned's Joshua Kramer (5:01); Foltz edged Lakin's Bly Gosch 6-5; and Alderdice pinned Hugoton's Austin Topliss (1:35). 

Runner-up finishes were posted by Hoisington's Josiah Ball (15-3, 113); Eastin Redetzke (13-11, 120); Deryk Yott (14-8, 132) and Logan Philbern (16-4, 220). In finals matches, Lincoln County's A.B. Stokes beat Ball 9-1; Larned's Dillen Hook (28-4, 120) beat Redetzke 13-0; Larned's Gatlin Hoch (25-5, 132) pinned Yott (2:50) and Larned's Carter Atteberry (23-4, 220) pinned Philbern (3:19).

"The Hoisington Cardinals were outstanding in running away with the championship trophy," said Hoisington coach Dsan Schmidt. "In the Hoisington Cardinal Classic,  I was surprised with our dominance with our girls and boys squads."

Larned's returning state champion Samajay Alboyd (29-3, 160) defeated Lakin's Kade Lovelady 6-2 in the finals.

Stafford's Caden McCandless (12-4, 195) lost 1-0 to Halstead's Kaleb Wise in the finals.

GIRLS DIVISION — First-place champions were Hoisington's Emily Lovett (120/126); Hoisington;s Tally Wikum (138) and Larned's past state champion Ava Mull (19-0, 191). 



106—Mason Alderdice, H, 7-6, 1st; Alderdice pinned Overto, Halstead, 1:22; Alderdice pinned Perez, Lakin, 0:30; 1st—Alderdice pinned Austin Topliss, Hugoton, 1:35

113—Josiah Ball, H, 15-3; 2nd; Ball pinned Poulsen, Hugoton, 1:53; Ball pinned Wilson, Halstead, 0:06; Stokes, Lincoln Christian (LC) def. Ball, 9-1

120—Eastin Redetzke, H, 13-11, 2nd; Redetzke pinned Grant Doan, H, 1:21; Redetzke pinned Trompler, LC, 3:07; 1st—Hook, L def. Redetzke, 13-0; Doan, H, 1-15; Hook pinned Doan, 0:33; 3rd—Trompler, LC def. Doan, 13-5

132—Deryk Yott, H, 14-8, 2nd; Yott pinned Ruddick, Stafford, 0:36; Yott pinned Cruz, Hugoton, 1:40; Yott def. Jones, LC, 12-0; Yott def. Hudsonpillar, TMP, 7-0; 1st—Hoch, Larned pinned Yott, 2:50

138—Evan Foltz, H, 20-5, 1st; Foltz pinned Llanas, Stafford, 0:33; Foltz pinned Levell, LC, 0:28; Foltz def. Geer, Halstead, 15-9; 1st—Foltz def. Gosch, Lakin, 6-5; Micheal Hipp, H, 1-2, 5th; Geer, Halstead pinned Hipp, 3:56; Gosch, Lakin pinned Hipp, 0:54; 5th—Hipp pinned Levell, C, 3:17

145—Quentin Boxberger, H, 14-9, 3rd; Boxberger pinned Wise, Halstead; Schreiner, Kingman def. Boxberger, 7-1; Boxberger pinned Colglazier, Larned, 1:41; Mendoza, Hugoton def. Boxberger , 15-0; 3rd—Boxberger def. Beam, Lakin, 6-4

152—Ian Smith, H, 12-10, 4th; Smith pinned Vahling, TMP, 0:32; Smith pinned Leis, Kingman, 1:22; Klaus, LC pinned Smith, 4:29; Gutierrez, Halstead pinned Smith, 0:45; 3rd—Klaus, LC pinned Smith, 3:09

160—Hunter Morris, H, 17-11, 4th; Morris pinned Metzger, Stafford, 1:22; Morris pinned Ontiveros, Kingman, 2:13; Hiebert, Halstead pinned Morris, 3:36;, Alboyd, Larned pinned Morris, 2:47; 3rd— Hiebert, Halstead pinned Morris, 4:15

170—Cole Steinert, H, 20-4, 1st; Steinert pinned Keimig, Kingman, 1:29; Steinert pinned Kramer, Larned, 5:02; Steinert def. Moore, ES, 19-3; Steinert pinned Mueller, Halstead, 0:55; 1st—Steinert pinned Kramer, Larned, 5:01

182—Joshua Ball, H, 22-0, 1st; Ball pinned Ross LC, 0:26; Ball pinned Ross, LC, 0:14

195—Caleb Birzer, H, 1-2, 3rd; Wise, Halstead pinned Birzer, 0:41; McCandless, Stafford pinned Birzer, 0:33; 3rd—Birzer pinned Roth, Kingman, 0:58

220—Logan Philbern, H, 16-4, 2nd; Philbern pinned Yust, Kingman, 0:27; Philbern pinned Copp, H, 1:29; Philbern pinned Gonzalez, Lakin, 2:11; Philbern pinned Bonsall, Hugoton, 2:44; 1st—Atteberry, Larned pinned Philbern, 3:19; Elliott Copp, H, 5th; Gonzalez, Lakin def. Copp, 9-0; Copp pinned Yust, Kingman. 0:32; Copp pinned Rener, LC, 0:33; 5th—Copp pinned Yust, Kingman, 2:36; Jacob Umphrey, H, 2-3, 7th; Atteberry, Larned pinned Umphrey 0:51; Umphrey pinned Rener, LC, 0:25; Bonsall, Hugoton pinned Umphrey, 4:41; Yust, Kingman pinned Umphrey, 1:10; 7th—Umphrey pinned Rener, lC, 1:00

285—Noah Deines, H, 9-7, 1st; Deines pinned Francis, Kingman, 0:31; Deines pinned Ortiz, Stafford, 3:10; Deines pinned Chavira, Lakin, 1:21


101/109—Sheena Gocela, H 6-4, 2nd; Josiah Ortiz, Lakin  pinned Gocela, 3:53; Ortiz pinned Gocela, 2:33

115/120—Kiana Grandclair, H, 2-4, 2nd; Isabel Ortiz, Lakin def. Grandclair, 15-0; Ortiz pinned Grandclair, 3:32

120/126—Emily Lovett, H, 8-3, 1st; Lovett pinned Watkins, Larned, 2:38; Lovett pinned Watkins, Larned, 2:59

138—Tally Wikum, H, 12-1, 1st; Wikum pinned Kinlea Reimler, ES, 1:24; Wikum pinned Reimler, ES, 1:59

143/155—Lyrica Orosco, H, 3-7, 2nd; Orosco pinned Gunter, Stafford, 2:17; Orosco def. Caldera, ES, injury; Olivia Flores, Hugoton pinned Orosco, 2:39


120—Dillen Hook, 1st, 28-4, L, Hook pinned Trompler, LC, 1:06; Hook pinned Doan, H, 0:33; 1st—Hook, L def. Redetzke, 13-0

126—Corbin Weers, 5-18, L; Weers pinned Reynolds, LC, 1:03; Weers pinned Marcus Searight, L, 1:04; Weers pinned Pence, Kingman, 1:33; Divine, Halstead pinned Weers, 3:2; Binder, TMP def. Weers, 13-5; Binder pinned Searight, 1:57; Divine pinned Searight, 1:04; Reynolds def. Searight, 5-3; Searight pinned Pence, 1:46

132—Gatlin Hoch, L, 25-5, 1st; Hoch pinned Jones, LC, 1:34; Hoch pinned Dyer, LC, 1:37; Hosh pinned Hudsonpillar, TMP, 2;47; 1stt—Hoch pinned Yott, H, 2:50

145—Jacob Colglazier, 7-17, L, 6th; Colglazier pined Harper, LC, 1:16; Schreiner, K pinned Colglazier, 2:39; Wise, Halstead pinned Colglazier,1:32; Boxberger, H pinned Colglazier,1:41; 5th—Wise pinned Colglazier,1:52

160—Samajay Alboyd, L, 29-3, 1st; Alboyd pinned  Thrasher, LC, 0:24; Alboyd pinned Morris, H, 2:47; Alboyd def. Lovewell, TMP, 7-1; Alboyd pinned  Lovelady, Lakin, 0:33; 1st—Alboyd def. Lovelady, 6-2

170—Joshua Kramer, L, 6-8, 2nd, Steinert, H pinned Kramer, 5:02; Kramer pinned Nate Pfortmiller, L, 0:55; Kramer pinned Keimig, , 0:31; Kramer pinned Moore, ES, 0:33; 1st—Steinert pinned Kramer, 0:51; Pfortmiller def. Mueller, Halstead, 6-4; Pfortmiller pinned Adams, LC, 1:12;  3rd— Pfortmiller def. Mueller, Halstead, 4-2 

220—Carter Atteberry, L, 23-4, 1st; Atteberry pinned Gonzalez, Lakin, 1:22; Atteberry pinned Umphrey, H, 0:51; Atteberry pinned Rener, LC, 0:11; Atteberry pinned Bonsall, Hugoton, 1:31;1st—Atteberry pinned Philbern, H, 3:19


120/126—Reese Watkins, L, 6-15, 2nd; Lovett, H pinned Watkins 2:38; Lovett pinned Watkins, 2:59

191/235—Ava Mull, L, 19-0, 1st; pinned Kennedy, S, 0:16; Mull pinned Kennedy, 1:52


132—Gatlin Ruddick, S, 1-14; Yott, H pinned Ruddick, 0:36; Jones, LC pinned Ruddick, 5:56; Cruz Hugoton 2-2 pinned Ruddick, 2:27; Dyer, LC pinned Ruddick 2:28

138—Abe Llanas, S, 2-15, 4th; Llanas pinned Levell, LC, 5:06; Foltz, H pinned Llanas, 0:33; Gosch Lakin pinned Llanas, 0:28; 3rd—Geer, Halstead pinned Llanas, 1:26

160—Dylan Metzger, S 4-19; Morris pinned Metzger, 1:22; Hiebert Halstead pinned Metzger, 1:43; Lovewell, TMP pinned Metzger, 2:52; 7th— Ontiveros, Kingman pinned Metzger, 3:10

195—Caden McCandless, S 12-4, 2nd; McCandless pinned Roth, Kingman, 1:00; McCandless pinned Birzer, H, 0:33; 1st—Wise, Halstead def. McCandless, 1-0

285—Axel Ortiz, S 1-9, 3rd; Chavira, Lakin pinned Ortiz, 3:29; Deines, H pinned Ortiz, 3:10; Ortiz pinned Francis Kingman, 0:27


101/109—Morgan Gunter 3-13, 3rd; Orosco, H pinned Gunter, 2:17; Flores, Hugoton pinned Gunter, 1:03; Gunter def. Caldera, ES, injury

191/235—Cassidy Kennedy, S, 0-6, 2nd; Mull, Larned pinned Kennedy, 0:16; Mull pinned Kennedy, 1:52