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Indian doubles team leads to first place
nick orth tennis
Larned's Nick Orth - photo by Photo by JANET FLESKE

CIMARRON — Larned’s No. 1 doubles Andrew Bright-Logan DeMond captured first place and the Indians won the Cimarron Tennis Invitational. Bright-Demond defeated Meade’s Gatlin Clawson-Korben Clawson 6-0 for first place. Larned scored 32 points to edge Meade (31) and Cimarron (31) by one point. 

Larned’s No. 2 doubles Britton Herrman-Joe Theis finished second with a 6-5 (7-4) championship loss to Cimarron’s Clay Frink-Cody Frink. Larned’s No. 1 singles Dalton Penka beat Meade’s Joan Vilalta-Bartes 6-4 for third place. No. 2 singles Ian Orth beat Cimarron’s Niko Neel 6-4 for third place.


TEAM TOTALS—1—Larned 32; 2—Meade 31; 3—Cimarron 31; 4—Pratt 30; 5—Ulysses 5; 6—South Barber 2

NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Caden Donnenwerth, P def. Ambrose Shaughnessy, C, 6-1; 3—Dalton Penka, L def. Joan Vilalta Bartes, M, 6-4; 5—Pol Roca, U def. Alex McPhail, C, 6-2; Penka def. McPhail, Cimarron, 6-1; Donnenwerth, P def. Penka, 6-1

NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Jon Unruh, Meade def. Rafe Donnenwerth, P, 6-5 (7-0); 3—Ian Orth, L def. Niko Neel, C, 6-4; 5—Malcob Seal, U def. Caden Rathgerber, SB, 6-2; Orth def. Rathgerber, SB, 6-2; Donnenwerth, P def. Orth, 6-4

NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Andrew Bright-Logan DeMond, L def. Gatlin Clawson-Korben Clawson, M, 6-0; 3—Trevor Greaser-Wyatt Woods, C def. Luis Garcia Jimenez-Hogan Thompson, P, 6-1; 5—Braxton Moral-CJ Raines, U def. Tony Vasquez-Nick Leone, SB, 6-2; Bright-DeMond def. Garcia Jimenez-Thompson, P, 6-1; Bright-DeMond def. Vasquez-Leone, SB, 6-1

NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Clay Frink-Cody Frink, C def. Britton Herrman-Joe Theis, L, 6-5 (7-4); 3—Kendal Henson-Nate Reimer, Meade def. Kadence Riner-Micah Tatro, P, 6-2; Jace Lavign-Alex Acosta, U def. Brandon Webster-Cody Thayer, SB, 6-1;  Herrman-Theis def. Webster-Thayer, SB, 6-0; Herrman-Theis def. Riner-Tatro, P, 6-2