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Larned baseball splits with Pratt
Braydon Lemuz snags a hard hit grounder between first and second in game one..jpeg
Larned's second baseman Braydon Lemuz gloves a hard-hit groundball against Pratt.

LARNED  — Larned reliever Dillan Smith retired the final four batters to preserve an 11-9 second-game Central Kansas League baseball victory over Pratt Tuesday. Larned (3-3) lost the opener 11-1.

PRATT 11, LARNED 1 (G1) — Pratt pitcher Kaden Evert struck out seven batters and drove home three runs to dominate the opening game. Larned scratched out a fifth-inning run wwhen Brayden Leumz scored on Mello Bryant’s groundout. Brandon Ceniceros and Logan Erway singled for Larned.

Evert singled home Nate Kolm and Matt Hook for a 2-0 lead and Blake Coss scored on an error. Wyatt Schrag singled home Coss and Hunter Huber singled home Evert and Schrag for a 6-0 lead after four innings.

Zac Shanline hit a two-run single and Evert and Austin Arensdorf added RBI singles in a five-run fifth inning fueled by four Indian errors. Larned contributed eight errors and yielded three walks. 

LARNED 11, PRATT 9 (G2) — Larned reliever Dillan Smith struck out Blake Coss with the bases loaded to preserve a 10-9 lead in the sixth inning. Smith retired three consecutive batters in the seventh inning to earn the save.  

Cecineros doubled three times and drove home three runs with four hits. Bryant and Tristen Burger each drove home two runs.

Pratt's Schrag scored on a passed ball and Shanline scored on a wild pitch for a 2-0 lead. Cecineros doubled home Gunnar Cline for a 2-1 score. Pratt's Hook scored on an error and Huber's sacrifice fly scored Evert for a 4-1 Pratt lead.

Larned's Layton Pleasant and Logan Erway scored on wild pitches for a 4-3 score.  Coss doubled home Kaiser Pelland and Pelland scored on a wild pitch for a 6-3 lead. Centerfielder Brayden Rupp turned a double play on a fly ball with a throw to 3B Cecineros to end the third-inning rally.

Cecineros doubled home Mason Perez and Erway doubled home Ceniceros and Rupp for a 6-6 tie. Burger scored on Bryant's bases-loaded walk for a 7-6 lead.

Cecineros doubled home Perez for an 8-6 lead. Dillan Smith scored on a groundout and Bryant scored on an error for a 10-6 lead. Pratt scored on an error and two bases loaded walks for a 10-9 score. Bryant's sixth-inning single scored Pleasant with a valuable insurance run for an 11-9 lead.

Pratt 030 35 — 11 10 0

Larned 000 01 — 1 2 8 

Evert and Huber. Smith, Pleasant (4) and Stelter. W—Evert. L—Smith. 

Pratt 222 003 0 — 9 6 3

Larned 124 121 x —11 12 4

Arensdorf, Malone (3) and Huber. Smyth, Murray (6), Smith (6) and Stelter. W—Smyth. L—Arensdorf. SV—Smith. 2B—L—Cecineros 3, Perez, Erway; P—Coss, Hook.


Haven 2-0 4-0

Hesston 3-1 5-1

Pratt 3-1 3-1

Nickerson 3-1 3-1 

Hoisington 3-1 3-1

Larned 2-2 2-2

Lyons 1-3 1-3

Halstead 1-3 1-3

Smoky Valley 0-4 0-4

Hillsboro 0-2 0-2


Haven 10-7, 9-3 Kingman

Hoisington 6-1, 11-1 Smoky Valley

Nickerson 13-3, 3-0 Lyons

Pratt 11, Larned 1; Larned 11, Pratt 9

Hesston 8, Halstead 7; Halstead 10, Hesston 0


Pratt 4-7, Hillsboro 0-4

Hesston 10-9, Smoky Valley 4-4

Haven 10-4, Halstead 0-3

Nickerson 8-4, Hoisington 2-5

Larned 3-7, Lyons 0-8

HAVEN (2-0, 4-0)—WW Halstead 10-0, 4-3; WW Kingman 10-7, 9-3; 4-9—Hesston; 4-12—Hoisington; 4-16—at Larned; 4-23—at Nickerson; 4-26—Lyons; 4-30—at Hillsboro; 5-3—Pratt; 5-7—at Smoky Valley

HESSTON (3-1, 5-1)—WW Smoky Valley 10-4, 9-4; WW Chaparral 10-0 11-1; WL Halstead 8-7, 0-10; 4-9—at Haven; 4-12—Hillsboro; 4-16—at Hoisington; 4-23—at Lyons; 4-26—Larned; 5-3—Nickerson; 5-7—at Pratt

NICKERSON (3-1, 3-1)—WL Hoisington 8-2, 4-5; WW Lyons 13-3, 3-0; 4-9—Larned; 4-12—at Halstead; 4-16—Pratt; 4-23—Haven; 4-26—at Smoky Valley; 4-30—at Kingman; 5-3—at Hesston; 5-7—Hillsboro

HOISINGTON (3-1, 3-1)—WL Nickerson 5-4, 2-8; WW Smoky Valley 6-1, 11-1; 4-9—at Pratt; 4-12—at Haven; 4-16—Hesston; 4-18—Ellinwood; 4-23—Halstead; 4-26—at Hillsboro; 5-3—at Larned; 5-7—at Lyons 

PRATT (3-1, 3-1)—WW Hillsboro 4-0, 7-4; 3-29—Kingman, ppd.; WL Larned 11-1, 9-11; 4-9—Hoisington; 4-12—Lyons; 4-16—at Nickerson; 4-23—Smoky Valley; 4-26—at Halstead; 5-3—at Haven; 5-7—Hesston

LARNED (2-2, 2-2)—WL Lyons 3-0, 7-8; WL Pratt 11-9, 1-11; 4-5—at Ellinwood; 4-9—at Nickerson; 4-12—Smoky Valley; 4-16—Haven; 4-23—Hillsboro; 4-26—at Hesston; 5-3—Hoisington; 5-7—at Halstead

LYONS (1-3, 1-3)—WL Larned 8-7, 0-3; LL Nickerson 3-13, 0-3; 4-9—at Halstead; 4-12—at Pratt; 4-16—Smoky Valley; 4-23—Hesston; 4-26—at Haven; 5-3—at Hillsboro; 5-7—Hoisington

HALSTEAD (1-3, 1-3)—LL Haven 0-10, 3-4; WL Hesston 10-0, 7-84-9—Lyons; 4-12—Nickerson; 4-16—at Hillsboro; 4-23—at Hoisington; 4-26—Pratt; 4-29—at Cheney; 5-2—at Smoky Valley; 5-7—Larned

HILLSBORO (0-2, 0-2)—LL Pratt 0-4, 7-10; 4-9—at Smoky Valley; 4-12—at Hesston; 4-16—Halstead; 4-18—at Remington; 4-23—at Larned; 4-26—Hoisington; 4-30—Haven; 5-3—Lyons; 5-7—at Nickerson

SMOKY VALLEY (0-4, 0-4)—LL Hesston 4-10, 4-9; 3-29—SE Saline, ppd.; LL Hoisington 1-6, 1-11; 4-9—Hillsboro; 4-12—at Larned; 4-16—at Lyons; 4-23—at Pratt; 4-26—Nickerson; 5-2—Halstead; 5-7—Haven