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Larned singles players finish runner-up
No. 1 singles

PRATT —Larned’s No. 1 singles Audrey Manry (4-1) and No. 2 singles Ella McNett (4-1) placed second to spark the Indians to a runner-up finish (53) behind champion Wellington (56) at Saturday’s Pratt Tennis Invitational.

Kingman’s No. 1 singles Hannah Pearce (5-0) defeated Audrey Manry, 8-4 in the championship match. Wellington’s No. 2 singles Kami Reichenberger downed Ella McNett 8-4 in the championship match.

Larned’s No. 1 doubles Kathryn Holt/Abby Holt (3-2) placed third by beating teams from Kiowa County, Chaparral and Greeley County. They lost 8-1 to Sterling’s champions Aubrey Anderson/Riley Richter and Wellington in the winners bracket.

Larned’s No. 2 doubles Ava Mull/Sarah Manry (3-2) finished fourth. They defeated Chaparral and two Pratt tandems and lost 8-0 to Sterling’s champions Kate Rowland/Karissa Wilson and Wellington in the winners bracket.


TEAM SCORES—1—Wellington 56; 2—Larned 53; 3—Sterling 35; 4—Pratt 23; 5—Ashland 22; 6—Kingman 21; 7—Lyons 10

NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Hannah Pearce, Kingman (5-0) def. Audrey Manry, Larned (4-1), 8-4; 3—Erin Jackson, Pratt (2-3); 4—Ashlyn Gerten, Wellington (3-2)

Manry def. Gerten, W, 8-6; Manry def. Katie Seipel, Chaparral, 8-2; Manry def. Kyra Nolan, Greeley County, 8-4; Manry def. Jackson, Pratt, 8-7 (7-4) 

NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Kami Reichenberger, W (5-0) def. Ella McNett, Larned (4-1), 8-4; 3—Bella Bryant, Lyons (2-3); 4—Bailey Jackson, Pratt (3-2)

McNett def. Harley Wilson, Ashland, 8-2; McNett def. Jackson, Pratt, 8-4; McNett def. Jade Calvert, Chaparral, 8-3; McNett def. Bryant, L, 8-6

NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Aubrey Anderson/Riley Richter, Sterling (5-0) def. Jensen Lynnes/Lyric Cornejo, Wellington (4-1), 8-3; 3—Kathryn Holt/Abby Holt, Larned (3-2); 4—Raylee Johnson/Jackie Amaya, Ashland (2-3)

Holt/Holt def. Liz Sneed/Liberty Gilkey, Kiowa County, 8-2; Holt/Holt def. Kydrenn Hightree/Stormy Cash Chaparral, 8-2; Holt/Holt def. Payton Walk/Macie Lehman, Greeley County, 8-7 (7-2); Lynnes/Cornejo, W def. Holt/Holt, 8-1; Anderson/Richter, S def. Holt/Holt, 8-1

NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Kate Rowland/Karissa Wilson, Sterling (5-0) def. Olivia Brand/Crystal Ramirez, Wellington (4-1), 8-3

3—Alicia Elliott/Tanith Elliott, Ashland (3-2); 4—Ava Mull/Sarah Manry, Larned (3-2)

Brand/Ramirez, W def. Mull/Manry, 8-4; Mull/Manry def. Gillian Struble/Natalie Graves, Chaparral, 8-2; Rowland/Wilson, S def. Mull/Manry, 8-0; Mull/Manry def. Kasandra Heredia/Hannah Holmes, P, 8-4; Mull/Manry def. Kena Sterling/Karsyn Sharp, P, 8-6