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Larned tennis wins team title
Katelynn Sanger, Number One Doubles Player, connects for a forehand winner against Ellinwood.jpg
Larned's No. 1 doubles player Katelynn Sanger hits a winner.


LARNED — Larned’s girls captured the Larned tennis tournament keyed by No. 1 singles Kristin Anderson and No. 1 doubles Macy Haas-Katelynn Sanger. 

Anderson won three matches against Colby, Hoisington’s Jacqueline Gonzales 7-1 and Ellinwood’s Monica Hammeke 7-0.

Larned’s Haas-Sanger downed teams from Colby, Lyons, Ellinwood’s Whittney Hammeke-Taryn Robl 7-2, Hoisington’s Emma Mooney-Bailee Bachar 7-0.

Hoisington’s No. 2 doubles Brooke Steinert-Marta Vara Rodriguez placed first with a 4-0 record, beating Colby, Lyons, Larned’s runner-up Cheyenne Lile-Corrie Upson 7-3 and Ellinwood’s Haley Troyer-Eva Plooji 7-5.

Hoisington’s No. 2 singles Audrie Harms (2-1) lost a tiebreaker for first place.


TEAM TOTALS—1—Larned 29; 2—Colby 20; 3—Hoisington 18; 4—Ellinwood 8; 5—Lyons 5

NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Kristin Anderson, Larned, 3-0; 2—Alyssa Kraft, Colby, 1-2; 3—Jacqueline Gonzales, Hoisington, 1-2; 4—Monica Hammeke, Ellinwood, 1-2

Anderson def. Kraft, 7-2; Anderson def. Hammeke, 7-0; Anderson def. Gonzales, 7-1; Kraft def. Gonzales, 7-2; Gonzales def. Hammeke, 7-2; Hammeke def. Kraft, 7-2

NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Mariah Thompson, Colby, 2-1; 2—Audrie Harms, Hoisington, 2-1; 3—Audrey Manry, Larned, 1-2; 4—Tessa Miller, Lyons, 1-2

Thompson def. Harms, 7-5; Harms def. Manry, 7-1; Harms def. Miller, 7-3 ; Manry def. Miller, 7-6 (7-3); Thompson def. Manry, 7-2

NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Macy Haas-Katelynn Sanger, Larned, 4-0; 2—April Swartz-MacKenzie Dodson, Colby; 3—Whittney Hammeke-Taryn Robl, Ellinwood, 1-3; 4—Emma Mooney-Bailee Bachar, Hoisington; 5—Devany Gamez-Tania Silva, Lyons, 1-3

Larned def. Colby, 7-3; Larned def. Ellinwood, 7-2; Larned def. Hoisington, 7-0; Larned def. Lyons, 7-0; Ellinwood def. Lyons, 7-3; Colby def. Ellinwood, 7-1; Hoisington def. Ellinwood, 7-4; Colby def. Hoisington, 7-1; Lyons def. Hoisington, 7-6 (7-3) 

NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Brooke Steinert-Marta Vara Rodriguez, Hoisington, 4-0; 2—Cheyenne Lile-Corrie Upson, Larned, 3-1; 3—Isabel Dixon-Dani Schroeder, Colby, 2-2; 4—Haley Troyer- Eva Plooji, Ellinwood, 1-3; 5—Holla Bryant-Brooke Head, Lyons, 0-4

Hoisington def. Larned, 7-3; Hoisington def. Colby, 7-6 (7-5); Hoisington def. Ellinwood, 7-5; Hoisington def. Lyons, 7-1; Larned def. Colby 7-6 (7-5); Larned def. Ellinwood, 7-5; Larned def. Lyons, 7-1; Colby def. Ellinwood, 7-4; Ellinwood def. Lyons, 7-3 

Macy Haas, Number One Doubles, rushes the net to make a forehand return in their 7-0 win over Ellinwood..jpg
Larned's No. 1 doubles player Macy Haas hits a forehand shot.
Number One Singles player, Kristin Anderson lines up a backhand return in her 7-1 win over Hoisington..jpg
Larned's No. 1 singles player Kristin Anderson hits a shot.
Number Two Singles Player, Audrey Manry, picks up a forehand in a rally against her Ellinwood opponent..jpg
Larned's No. 2 singles player Audrey Manry hits a shot.