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Three Indians capture gold medals at Herington
spt_hg_Dillen Hook faces a tough Great Bend' Kaden Spragis.jpg

HERINGTON — Larned Indians Dillen Hook (15-3, 126), Kaden Herrman (5-0, 145) and Landon Haney (4-0, 160) earned gold medals at Saturday’s Herington Wrestling Invitational. Hook defeated Wabaunsee’s Miguel Herndez 19-2 in the championship match.

Larned’s Carter Atteberry (16-3, 220) placed runner-up with a loss to Halstead’s Kaleb Wise (3:17) in the championship match. Larned’s Jameson Smith (6-11, 120) placed third with a forfeit win over Chaparral’s Cody Moritz.

Stafford’s Katelyn McCloskey (16-2, 155) cruised to three pins and downed WaKeeney’s Myah Mattheyer 16-2 in the championship match. 

In the junior varsity girls division, Larned’s Herrman defeated Council Grove’s Konner Farr 6-2 in the finals. Haney pinned Clay Center’s Alek Tipsword (3:27) in the championship match. 


TEAM SCORES—1—Clay Center 255; 2—Halstead 146.5; 3—Chapman 144.5; 4—Council Grove 143; 5—Chase County 103; 6—Abilene 92; 7—Hillsboro 91; 8—Larned 84.5; 9—Wabaunsee 72; 10—Jefferson West 83; 11—Herington 60.5; 12—WaKeeney-Trego 58; 13—Inaga 57.5; 14—Bluestem, 56; 15—Burden Central 29; 16—Chaparral 21; 17—Marion 18; 18—Stafford 11


106—Jai-Sean George (6-9), 10TH; Budke, Chase Co. pinned George, 2:49; Kahler, Jeff West pinned George, 5:14; George pinned Dalke Hillsboro, 1:45; Taylor, Abilene def. George, 6-3 

120—Jameson Smith (6-11), 3RD; Smith pinned Gonzales, Abilene, 5:16; Moritz Chaparral pinned Smith, 1:50; Smith pinned Overton, 3:42; Kallivoda CC def. Smith, 9-0; 3RD—Smith def. Moritz, forfeit

126—Dillen Hook (15-3), 1ST; Hook pinned Leasure Chapman, 1:55; Hook pinned Honor CG, 1:19; Hook pinned Preston Chase Co. 0:59; Hook def. Brumfield, CC, 4-0; 1ST—Hook def. Miguel Hernandez, Wabaunsee, 19-2

160—Jacob Colglazier (3-7), 10TH; Hafliger, Wakeeney 10-9 pinned Colglazier, 1:08; Wise, Halstead 13-3 pinned Colglazier, 2:47; Colglazier pinned Havenstein, Wabaunsee, 0:58; 9TH—Neal, Bluestem pinned Colglazier, 2:45  

182—Angel Bowersox (6-7), 7TH; Bowersox pinned Connor Herman Halstead, 1:15; Mayginnes, Onaga def. Bowersox, 15-0; Monihen, CG pinned Bowersox, 2:26; Rogers Hillsboro pinned Bowersox, 2:41; 7TH—Bowersox pinned Nguyen, Marion, 0:37 

220—Carter Atteberry (16-3), 2ND; Atteberry pinned Kewley, CC, 1:03 Atteberry pinned Bonjour, Burden, 0:20; Atteberry pinned Mosley-Cannon, CG, 0:45; Atteberry def. Lexow, Chapman, 13-2; 1ST—Kaleb Wise, Halstead pinned Atteberry  3:17 


101-109—Liliana McKenna (7-12), 4TH; McKenna pinned Herron, CC, 3:38; Rogers CC pinned McKenna, 1:20; Burton, Bluestem pinned McKenna, 2:41;  Pippitt, Burden def. McKenna, 4-0; 3RD—Cowing, CC pinned Liliana McKenna, 3:16

115-120—Reese Watkins (11-9), 4TH; Watkins def. Fagan, Burden, 13-4; Thornhill, CG def. Watkins, 6-5; Watkins pinned Couey, Bluestem, 3:23; Watkins def.  Morillo, CC, 6-0; 3RD—Wynn, Wakeeney pinned Reese Watkins, 5:21

145-152 JV—Kaden Herrman (5-0), 1ST; Herrman pinned Ian Campbell Jeff West, 0:27; Herrman def. Cox, Abilene, 10-1; 1ST—Herrman def. Farr, CG, 6-2

160-170 JV—Landon Haney (4-0), 1ST; Haney pinned Budke, Chase Co. 1:48; Haney pinned Nuss Herington,  0:40; Haney pinned Palenske Chase Co.  1:07; 1ST—Haney pinned Tipsword, CC, 3:27  


145—Abe Llanas (9-14), 7TH; Hayes, CC pinned Llanas, 1:24; Rodgers, CG def. Llanas, forfeit; Widler, Herington def. Llanas, forfeit; Dold, Chase Co. def. Llanas, forfeit; 7TH—Llanas def. Lamond,  Onaga 2-9 For. 

285—Axel Ortiz (6-11), 7TH; Young, CC pinned Ortiz, 1:22; Runyon, Abilene pinned Ortiz, 2:38; Boyd, Chapman pinned Ortiz, 0:27; Ortiz pinned Bitonti, Marion, 3:01; 7TH—Ortiz pinned Duell, Hillsboro, 0:43


155—Katlyn McKloskey (16-2), 1ST; McKloskey pinned Taylor Chase Co. 0:29; McKloskey pinned Morgan Gunter, Stafford, 5:08; McKloskey pinned Branson Jeff West, 0:20; 1ST—McKloskey def. Mattheyer, Wakeeney, 16-2; Gunter (5-6), 3RD; Gunter pinned Branson, 0:23; Mattheyer pinned Gunter, 1:42; Gunter pinned Taylor, 1:26

195 JV—Alexis Garcia (2-15), 2ND; Garcia pinned Garcia-Reyes, Chaparral, 0:13; 1ST—Eli Kormanik, CG pinned Garcia, 1:46