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Larned wrestlers win four titles
Hook pins

HOISINGTON — Larned wrestlers Dillen Hook (7-1, 113), Braydon Lemuz (10-0, 138), Samajay Alboyd (5-0, 145) and defending state champion Ava Mull (8-0, 170) earned first-place finishes in the recent Hoisington Corner Classic wrestling tournament.

Alboyd won five matches, three via pins. Lemuz scored four wins and won a 19-1 decision. Hook won three matches. Mull pinned three opponents. 

Earning runner-up finishes were Austin Armstrong (6-3, 106), Gatlin Hoch (5-3, 126) and Carter Atteberry (7-3, 182). 

Hoisington finished first with 148.5 points and Larned placed runner-up with 128 points. 

STAFFORD — The Stafford Trojans earned a pair of runner-up finishes. Dylan Gantz (14-4, 160) and Daisy Rayburn (6-4, 106). Concordia’s Layton Kindel pinned Gantz in 3:37 for first place. Holcomb’s Amilia Martinez pinned Rayburn in 1:10 for first place.  


TEAM TOTALS—1—Concordia 215; 2—Hoisington 148.5; 3—Larned 128; 4—Eureka 105.5; 5—Cimarron 63; 6—Holcomb 58; 7—Stafford 37


106—Austin Armstrong, L (6-3), 2nd; Armstrong def. Redetzke, HHS, 10-2; Armstrong pinned Garcia, Cimarron, 5:13; Armstrong def. Parr, L, 16-0; 1st place—Kemling, Concordia pinned Armstrong, 1:10 

106—Cade Parr, L (2-7); Garcia, Cimarron def. Parr, 14-9; Redetzke, HHS pinned  Parr, 5:33; Kemling, Concordia pinned Parr, 0:57; Armstrong, L, 6-3 def. Parr, 16-0

113—Dillen Hook, L (7-1) 1st; Hook def. Adkins, Eureka, 10-0; Hook pinned Boxberger, HHS, 3:36; 1st place—Hook def. Anguish, Concordia, 5-3

120— Corbin Weers, L (1-4), 5th; Yott, HHS def. Weers, 11-3; Wolf, HHS pinned Weers, 2:49; Tyler, Concordia pinned Weers, L, 1:22; Harris, Holcomb pinned Weers, 3:46; 5th place—Weers, def. Steinert, HHS, 18-8 

126—Gatlin Hoch, L (5-3) 2nd; Hoch pinned Rubio, HHS, 1:41; Hoch pinned Doss, HHS, 0:29; 1st place—Vines, Concordia pinned Hoch, 1:20

132—Jacob Colglazier, L (3-7) 4th; Colglazier pinned Zach Harmon, Cimarron, 0:33; Munoz, Holcomb pinned Colglazier, 0:49; Foltz, HHS pinned Colglazier, 0:01; Colglazier pinned Howard, HHS, 4:00; 3rd place—Wahlmeier, Concordia pinned Colglazier, 0:43

138—Braydon Lemuz, L (10-0), 1st; Lemuz pinned Anderson, Concordia, 1:50; Lemuz pinned Ardery, Holcomb, 0:58; Lemuz pinned Cosner, Holcomb, 5:34; Lemuz def. Hilton, Eureka, 19-1; Lemuz pinned Johnson, Cimarron, 3:58

145—Samajay Alboyd, L (5-0) 1st; Alboyd def. Yott, HHS, 14-6; Alboyd pinned Hake, Concordia, 4:45; Alboyd pinned Molinar, Cimarron, 0:40; Alboyd pinned Lazano, Holcomb, 1:36; 1st place—Alboyd def. Harrison, Eureka, 9-4 

160—Nathaneal Pfortmiller, L (5-5), 6th; Rodriguez, Holcomb pinned Pfortmiller, 2:33; Pfortmiller pinned Legg, Cimarron, 1:54; Pfortmiller pinned Riese, HHS, 1:14; Gantz, Stafford pinned Pfortmiller, 1:10; 5th place—Harmon, Cimarron def. Pfortmiller, 3-2

170—Josh Kramer, L (3-7), 4th; Kramer pinned Beiring Eureka, 0:12; Seabolt ,Cimarron pinned Kramer, 1:59; Miller, Concordia def. Kramer, 7-2; Kramer pinned Reed Stafford, 0:20; 3rd place—Spoonts, Eureka pinned Kramer, 2:20 

182—Carter Atteberry, L (7-3), 2nd; Atteberry pinned McCandless, Stafford, 1:48; Atteberry pinned Johnson, Cimarron, 0:33; Atteberry def. Boles, Eureka, 12-0; Atteberry pinned Deines, HHS, 3:11; 1st place—Hunter Schroeder, Concordia pinned Atteberry, 0:56


116—Nastasia Robinson, L (5-5) 4th; Robinson pinned Davis, GB, 1:51; Robinson def. Lewis, Eureka, DQ; Grandclair, HHS def. Robinson, forfeit; Miller, Eureka def. Robinson, forfeit; 3rd Place—Serna, GB def. Robinson, forfeit

143—Cacia Sandman, L (1-6); Hoffman, Liberal pinned Sandman, 4:43; Hanrahan, GB pinned Sandman, 0:33

170—Ava Mull, L (8-0) 1st; Mull pinned Garcia, GB, 0:11; Mull pinned Gonzalez, GB, 0:32; Mull pinned Watt, Liberal, 1:34


160—Dylan Gantz, S (14-4), 2nd; Gantz pinned Legg, Cimarron, 2:30; Gantz pinned Riese, Hoisington, 1:11; Gantz pinned Rodriguez, Holcomb, 5:16; Gantz pinned Pfortmiller, Larned, 1:10; 1st place—Layton Kindel, Concordia pinned Gantz, 3:37

170—Dylan Reed, S, (1-5), 5th; Seabolt, Cimarron pinned Reed, 1:02; Spoonts, Eureka pinned Reed, 0:41; Miller, Concordia pinned Reed, 1:52; Kramer, Larned pinned Reed, 0:20; 5th place—Reed pinned Beiring Eureka, 2:25 

182—Caden McCandless, S (13-6), 3rd; Atteberry, Larned pinned McCandless, 1:48; McCandless pinned Deines, Hoisington, 2:49; McCandless pinned Johnson, Cimarron, 1:12; Schroeder, Concordia pinned McCandless, 2:25; 3rd place— McCandless pinned Boles, Eureka, 1:45 

220—Mason Gunter, S (0-5); Giersch, Concordia pinned Gunter, 0:13; Gilliland, Hoisington pinned Gunter, 0:13; Philbern, Hoisington pinned Gunter, 0:42


106—Daisy Rayburn, S (6-4), 2nd; Rayburn pinned Shultz, GB, 1:40; Rayburn pinned Shelton, Hoisington, 0:45; Martinez, Holcomb pinned Rayburn, 1:40; Rayburn def. Pierce GB, 6-2; 1st Place—Amilia Martinez, Holcomb pinned Rayburn, 1:10